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Rewatch S7: Hello, Cruel World (7.02)

Before I get into this week's episode, let's talk about some clothes from 7x01!

Interesting fact #1: The jacket Sam is wearing when he first sees Hallucination!Lucifer is the same jacket he was wearing when he fell into the pit. I highly doubt this helps.

Interesting fact #2: At some point before Sam's episode in the basement, he had the time to go buy a new shirt.

Okay, on with the rewatch...

This one is written by Ben Edlund, who is awesome...and it is perhaps my favourite episode in the entire season.

The black appearing and disappearing veins on Castiel are cool.

Dean: "How many of you assclowns are in there? Hundred? More? You're vessels going to explode, ain't it? Wouldn't do anything too strenuous, in fact, I'd call it a day, head on home, huh?" 
- I love what Jensen can do with his face. He's got Dean's cocky goading voice, yet in the last second, he can completely change expressions and all you see if the fear underneath...for himself, possibly for Cas...for the world?

Hallucifer: "Right, you think this fever dream is reality? You come back, I'm sorry, with no soul like some peppy American Psycho, until Saint Dean glues you back together again by buying you some magic amnesia? You're real, I'm very real, everything between is what we call set dressing."
- Firstly, I love this because it really is set dressing...
- But really, this gives us more insight into Sam...specifically, I'm thinking of the "Saint Dean" reference. True, this could be something Lucifer would taunt Sam with in the cage, but it shows at least part of Sam believes it to be true (or else it wouldn't be a good taunt). Dean is a saint, in Sam's eyes. A saint to put up with Sam? A saint because he can do no wrong? A saint who deserved not to be shackled with Sam as a little brother?

Hallucifer: "You're still in my cell. You're my bunk mate, buddy. You're my little bitch in every sense of the term. Sam...Sam..."
- And I think this is where some people went "Oh shit, I should not have made all those spooning jokes..."

Dean: "Sam, you hearing me? Whoa, okay. Look we gotta button this up, let's get out of here, come on."
- I love the way they transition from Lucifer to Dean's voice...it's forshadowing, I guess? Maybe not. Maybe it's just cool.
- Sam doesn't even know what happened to Cas.
- And again. "button this up" isn't the MOST helpful thing to say to someone in the middle of a psychotic break, but I'll cut Dean some slack, since he's got an unknown number of monsters running around in the body of his best friend.
And Cas goes into the water...

Dean: "Damn it."
Bobby: "You said it. Those...whatever you call'ems"
Sam: "Leviathan..."
- Oh okay, maybe Sam DOES know what happened to Cas...they must have filled him in while they were running for the water.
And the trench coat washes ashore...and I should point out that it was Jensen who decided that Dean wouldn't just leave it there...thus creating his own problem when he had to give it back later, but we'll get to that. :P

Dean: "Okay, so he's gone."
Bobby: "Yup, rest in peace, if that's in the cards."
Dean: "Dumb son of a bitch."
Bobby: "Well he was friends with us wasn't he? Can't get much dumber than that."
- I guess if Sam is "bitch" then Castiel is "dumb son of a bitch" or "child" :P
- But seriously, this is the moment where Dean realizes what it's like to be given hope and then have it snatched away from you...which is exactly what Sam is going through.

I love the how sinister water suddenly becomes.

Hallucifer: "Hey wake up sunshine, up and at 'em [...] Sammy.."
Dean: "Sammy, hey, whoa... that's 12 hours straight, I'm calling that rested. Here, hydrate, and here protein..."
- Again, I love the transition from Lucifer's voice to Dean's.
- Also, when I was a kid, I thought it was "up and Adam"...which I guess tells you what T's sound like in my particular Canadian accent. I thought it was Adam from Genesis (the bible book, not the band) ...and I was always very confused as to what he had to do with getting up in the morning.
- 12 hours of sleep is what I get if I don't set an alarm, fyi. It's probably meant to be a lot here, but to me that's normal. I literally do sleep half my life away...and I would have a problem with that, if sleep wasn't the drug of the gods for me.

Sam: "Breakfast in bed."
Dean: "Don't get used to it. Let me see that hand."
Hallucifer: "Aw, he wants to hold your little hand, how sweet."
Dean: "Ah, you'll live"
- I absolutely love this little snippet of h/c we get - with both Dean and Bobby looking after Sam.
- And you can tell how much comfort Sam draws from it, because of how Lucifer taunts him with it.

Dean: "Now onto our other big problem - how are you doing, and do not say okay."
Sam: "I'm not okay."
Dean: "You think!"
Bobby: "Hey, go a little easy-"
Dean: "There's nothing easy about it, Bobby, he acted like he had everything under control!"
Sam: "I get it. I'm sorry. I didn't exactly want to crack up, you know?"
- Maybe it's just my own biases and behaviour here, but I think Sam is being INCREDIBLY brave, just owning up to everything. If it were me, I'd still be doing the "I'm fine" line...hell, I'd do it right up until the warehouse probably. The fact that Sam owns up to everything, knows how serious this is becoming, says a lot about how mature and brave Sam is. To me, it's more brave to admit to a weakness then to hide it.

Dean: "What the hell happened back there?"
Sam: "Well it's not just the flashbacks anymore."
Dean: "Then what?"
Sam: "It's more like I'm seeing through the cracks."
Dean: "What does that mean?"
Sam: "It means I'm having a difficult time figuring out what's real."
- Sam's face here KILLS me. It's HURTING him to admit to all this...breaking his heart. I don't think Dean really understands that.
- The phrasing is interesting too "I'm seeing through the cracks"...the cracks in the wall? The wall is supposedly gone. The flashbacks were hallucinations too. So, yeah...I don't know, maybe one of you guys knows what Sam means by that line.

Dean: "Hallucinations?"
Sam: "For starters."
- And mind-fuckery.

Dean: "...why would you hide that."
Sam: "I wasn't hiding it, Dean, I was just not talking about it. I mean, it seemed you two had enough going on as it was. Look, I just, I figured try to hold on to the safety bar and ride it out, but it's getting more specific."
Dean: "As in specifically what?"
- Exactly! It's not like Sam knew that it would escalate to quickly, instead of going away. He figured that he could ride it out...and as Bobby points out later, that's basically Dean's MO too, so Dean can't get all uppity about it.

Dean: "What the hell, Sam?"
Sam: "I told you."
Dean: "No seriously, how do you argue with that?"
Sam: "I know, it's a problem."
- I love how Dean's response isn't "Don't be an idiot, of course this is real." Instead it's "Hmm, that's a tough mindfuck to work through..."

Dean: "Wait, I got it, why would the devil holodeck you a whole new life when he could just kick your ass all over the cage?"
Sam: "Because, as he puts it-" *Hallucifer speaking with him* "You can't torture someone who has nothing left for you to take away."
Hallucifer: "Very good, Sam."
- And seriously, how heartbreaking is that? This gives us insight into Sam's final days in the cage - the fact that Lucifer may have RUN OUT OF THINGS to do to him.

Dean: "But this Malibu dream mansion that he makes for you to take away is this post-apocalyptic mess?"
Hallucifer: "It had to be a mess, Sam, or you wouldn't believe it was your life."
- And this is the part where Sam's face starts breaking my heart anew every second that I look at him.
- Focusing on the words though, again, this gives us a look into how Sam sees his life - for all his optimism, he sees his own life as being fundamentally and irreverisbly a complete mess.

*Bobby and Dean both realise Sam is looking at a blank spot in the room*
Dean: "Wait, are you seeing him right now?"
*Sam nods*
Dean: "You know he's not real, right?"
Sam: "He says the same thing about you."

*Dean looks to Bobby*
Bobby: "I'm going back to work"
- Really helpful there, Bobby. What the hell? I mean, I more than a lot of people, know how absolutely uncomfortable psychotic breaks are to be around...but, you suck it up and you help, geez.

TV: "Scientists have no explanation for what astronomers can only describe as a surprise eclispe." 
- oh Edlund, I love you.

There's a Biggersons commercial right before Dr. Sexy promo, when the little girl is watching TV. It's for their all you can eat "pie bar."

Bobby: "Well, at least he's not curled up under the sink"
Dean: "Yeah, no, he's just sitting there silently field stripping his weapon."
- I'm with Dean on this one. Field stripping weapons is more disconcerting then being in the fetal position under a sink.

Bobby: "What are you doing?"
Dean: "Turning on his GPS, in case he decides to fly the cuckoo's nest."
- I love Dean's thinking here. Mainly, because it's so protective, and I'm a sucker for that.

Bobby: "And you, how are you doing?"
Dean: "Seriously, Bobby, it's ain't like he's hexed, you know. I mean, what if it's the kind of crazy you can't fix?"
- And Dean is completely focused on Sam, which is true to his character. I think he's probably used Sam's mental state as an excuse not to think about Castiel or anything else. 
- I would have loved if they had actually had a non-supernatural problem that they had to work through in the season...a non-supernatural problem with a non-supernatural solution...but then, I guess if I wanted that, I shouldn't be watching a show called Supernatural. But, this is the thing with me - my favourite parts of the show are the parts when they are brushing their teeth.

Bobby: "Yeah, I'm worried too, but humour me for a second - How are you?"
Dean: "Who cares? Don't you think our mailbox is a little full right now, I'm fine."
Bobby: "Right, and weren't you pissed at him when he said the same thing just a couple of hours before he spilled his marbles all over the floor."
- Sam and Dean are a lot alike...and I love the fact that Bobby calls Dean on this. Sam was dealing with his personal problems the way he had been taught by John... you just shove all that down and focus on killing things... and Dean is doing the exact same thing.

Dean: "Yeah, well, I'm not Sam, kay? I'm keeping my marbles in a lead friggin' box. I'm fine, really."
Bobby: "Of course, yeah. You just lost one of the best friends you ever had, your brother's in the bell jar, and purgatory's most wanted are surfing the sewer lines, but yeah yeah, I get it, right, you're fine." 
- I was reading a meta the other day that suggested that this line was actually a little out of character, since Bobby previously had told Dean to stop acting like a princess and get over his angst and deal with situations... but back in those instances, Dean WAS angsting openly and complaining about his personal problems. I think Bobby is realizing that Dean hasn't done that yet, and that maybe Dean needs to. Especially since we're dealing with two of Dean's biggest crisis-triggers: death of a loved one and something-is-wrong-with-Sam.

Dean: "Good."
Bobby: "Course, if, at any time, if you wanted to decide that's utter horsecrap, then I'll be where I always am, right here."
Dean: "You want to do couple's yoga or do you want to get back to hunting the big bads?"
Bobby: "Shut-up" *Dean smiles* "Idjit."
- And we do get to see the parenting side of Bobby here... I forget who it was I was talking to, my mother perhaps, and we were talking about what makes a good parent, and the conclusion was that as long as you felt you could count on them to be there when you needed them (emotionally), then that was the main thing.

SHERIFF JODY MILLS! I loooooooove you. I actually forgot that she was in this episode! Geez.
..and her annoying hospital roommate. Her, I don't like so much. :P

Sam: "...which leaves you to follow this up."
Dean: "Sam, you're in the middle of a psychotic break."
- And I love Dean for this. I love the fact that he's putting hunts on hold until Sam is better.

Sam: "It's a couple hours drive, Dean, and it could be a leviathan thing."
Dean: "If you think I'm leaving you here alone-"
Bobby: "Hey, what am I? Chopped brains on toast? I can handle the kid, go - work off some of these nerves on something useful."
- Firstly, I love the phrase "chopped brains on toast", I'm totally going to start using that.
- Secondly, I love that Bobby calls Sam "the kid" and in the previous episode "sport"... it's something only Bobby can get away with, because Bobby knew Sam from when he was... four? That we know for sure, anyway. Again, we're getting more Parent!Bobby, rather than Hunting-Colleague!Bobby.
- Thirdly, I love that even though Sam doesn't even know if this is reality, he still thinks it's important that PossiblyFake!Dean kills the PossiblyFake!Monsters.

And we get our first mention of "the boss" in this conversation between Edgar and the little girl.

The rules of leviathan are kind of weird...they're sort of part shapeshifter. I mean, I guess they're the first beasts, so they're probably a conglomorate of features that were then divided out amongst the other beasts more sparingly.

Levi!Doc: "I'm Dr. Sexy, you're surgery is when I say it is - " 
- Haha, I also love how he looks back like he's a kid getting away with something.

Jody: "Huh, not weird at all."
-Oh, Jody. Did I mention that I love you? (FYI: I don't know if it's Jodie or Jody, but I see Jody more often...and typing out Sheriff Mills all the time is too long.)

Dean: "Hey, how're you doing?"
Sam: "You know, okay."
Dean: "Okay, well hang in there alright."
- See, here, Dean is all very caring in his Dean way...and how can you not love this episode. It's got so much brotherly love in it that it makes me want to visit my brother. (Our quality time usually involves sitting in a room together in silence, because, as my brother says, "We are Spock." It's awesome.)
- Of course, that all being said, Sam is obviously defaulting to the "say you are okay, even though you aren't" mode.

Hallucifer: "Just okay? Man, I'm having a great day!" *stabs nice into table*
- Awesome. I just love the way Pellegrino does Lucifer. How he's kind of...well, perfectly psychotic about it.

Jody: "You can kiss my ass, Doctor Monster Face."
- Haha, I love that line.

Sam: "If this is some dream and you have power over it. Why don't you just end it?"
Hallucifer: "End it? This? You not knowing what's real - the paint slowly peeling off your walls, come on man, this is the sweet spot, why would I end it? It's not like we have HBO in the pit, all I have is you, floating over the coals, and half a hope that  you're going to figure it out. There's only one way to figure it out, Sam. It's up to you. It ends when you can't take it anymore. I think maybe that's why we're cleaning our guns."
- And here's the first mention of Hallucifer's end game...or rather, Sam's end game, as the case may be.

Sam: "Shut-up. I said SHUT-UP"
Bobby: "Hey, Sam. You, uh, having a little bag-lady moment."
Sam: "Sorry."
- Because giving a mentally unstable person alcohol is always a good plan. It's a good thing Sam probably has the alcohol tolerance of a sidewalk.

Sam: "You know, after...everything. All these years, all that we've been through..."
Bobby: "You beat the devil before kid."
Sam: "It's kind of different."
- And you can tell it's Sam's end game here, because if you read between the lines, what he's saying is "after everything, I think this is what's going to be the end of me."

Bobby: "Not really. You'll get a handle on this too. You're not in hell anymore, you're here with us." *Hallucifer stabs Bobby through the chest* "You hear me, Sam?"
Sam: "Yeah, I hear you, Bobby."
- I love this whole sequence. Firstly, Bobby's finally address Sam directly instead of leaving the room, and he's doing so in a positive encouraging manner. Secondly, Jared plays the panic and fear in Sam's eyes so well...seriously, he's a good actor. Thirdly, the whole stabbing thing kind of distracts Sam from what Bobby is saying, or negates it, so it's kind of tragic, because Bobby's big motivational speech kind of has the opposite effect.

Bobby: "Who is this?"
Jody: "It's Jody, Jody Mills."
Bobby: "Jody?"
Jody: "Sheriff Mills!"
Bobby: "Gotcha"
- I love how Bobby doesn't recognize her under any other name.

Jody: "I can't exactly call a deputy here. When you and I killed zombies that one time, I know you handled this kind of thing..."
- Another fantastic "our lives are not normal" line.

Edgar: "Why can't they scream?"
Levi!Doc: "Oh, I severed their vocal chords of course..."
- To me this is the most horrific thing in the episode. Severed vocal chords creep and horrify me the hell out.
Hallucifer!Dean arrives...and takes Sam's beer, and this is awesome on many levels, because we get to see 1)how Sam sees Dean "as someone who would walk in and take his beer" and 2)we get to see Sam's fears when it comes to Dean...

Hallucifer!Dean: "..and I need back-up and that means you."
Sam: "Wait, you sure about that?"
Hallucifer!Dean: "I know, you're bonkers. But luckily, I just need you to keep the engine running and wait by the back door. Just don't let Satan change my presets."
- Does the impala even have presets? I don't think it does. It's got a dial radio.
- Focusing on the main point though - Immediately, Dean starts using unsympathetic, derogatory language towards Sam. Up until this point, Dean has only referred to Sam (to his face) as having a "psychotic break", he hasn't used any of the slang terms for the mentallly-ill... and all of a sudden he does, because that's what Sam fears - that Dean will deride him.

Jody: "Bobby Singer, my hero."
Bobby: "That's the roofies talking."
- Aww, Jody and Bobby... we should have known this was the beginning of the end.

Hallucifer!Dean: "How you doing, Sam? In the head region - devil still riding shotgun?"
Sam: "Not right now, but yeah."
- I like this line, because it's a hint - that yes, the devil IS riding shotgun, because Sam is driving, not Dean.

Hallucifer!Dean: "Maybe we oughta get you some-"
Sam: "Some what? Professional help? What are they going to do Dean, just stuff me full of pills. No, we'll figure out some other option."
Hallucifer!Dean: "Okay, but what are your other options? Remember when Martin took his nose-dive and started shooting at nothing. His sweater unraveled fast."
Sam: "I'm not Martin."
Hallucifer!Dean: "Yeah, but you are crazy. That don't wash off, you get that right? You are never going to be okay, Sam."
- Again, we see Sam's fears 1)That Dean will lock him up, like Martin is locked up. 2)That there's no hope... that Sam will never be okay. 3)That this is something that will make Dean leave him.

- I can't believe this is the last time we see Bobby's house in one piece. I'm just... I just...need a moment...there's a branch in my eye.

Hallucifer!Dean: "Listen, when we get in there, you have to keep it together. Because if you're seeing Lucifer, you could be seeing all kinds of crap, okay? You just don't know."
Sam: "How is this helping?"
- Haha, I absolutely love how Sam delivers that line.
- Also, we get the keys in Sam's hand, which is our other clue that things are not what they seem.

Hallucifer!Dean: "I'm just saying, Sam, you're out of control"
Sam: "I'm dealing with it the best I can"
Hallucifer: "Dealing? Haha, sorry, that's just funny to me. I mean, how can you deal? You think this is an office building, right?"
- I like the touch of having the upsidedown pentagram star and "Morning Star" being the name of the company.

Sam: "Where the hell are we?"
Hallucifer!Dean: "Oh, you think I'm Dean, right?" *morphs into Hallucifer* "You poor clueless son of a bitch."
- Awesome.

Sam: "Stay away from me."
Hallucifer: "You're world is whatever I want it to be, understand?"
- I love this line, because I think it's something that Sam has heard countless times before... that the real Lucifer said that to him in the cage, as he thought up torture after torture for Sam.

Hallucifer: "You want to point that gun at something useful, try your face. You want to know the truth, you want to skip to the last page of the book? You know where to aim, cowboy."
- And bam, the end game. I really think this is perfectly done, because Hallucifer has basically been that voice in Sam's head that tells him all the wrong things, brings up all his fears, takes away all his hope... Hallucifer is the perfect "embodiment" of mental-illness at this point. He's depression - He's that voice in your head that says things like "You know who doesn't have to decide what to have for dinner? Dead people." And it's true, it's just not a good thought to have. But even taking away that extreme, he's the part of Sam that ISN'T a hopeful optimist. 
- Also, it makes sense because - if you remember back to 6x22 - when Sam!Sam found Hell!Sam in Sam's head, Hell!Sam was sitting at a table contemplating a knife. Everything about the scene was very much a neon sign saying that Hell!Sam was suicidal. It makes sense that that kind of emotional state wouldn't just drop away so easily, it had to go somewhere, it had to be worked through.

And Bobby's actually the first one to see a leviathan...

Dean: "Sam? Sam!"
Hallucifer!Dean: "Oh look, another me."
Dean: "Sam, what are you doing?"
*Sam points gun at him*
"Whoa whoa!"
Sam: "I thought I was with you, Dean."
Dean: "Okay, well here I am."
- Again, praise for Jared's acting. I love how absolutely lost Sam sounds. Praise for Jensen's acting too, because I love how he immediately bring Dean down to a "let's keep calm, everything is going to be okay, Sammy" tone of voice.

*Sam shoots Hallucifer*
Dean: "Sam! This discussion does not require a weapons discharge!"
- I love this line too. Seriously, it's really hard to pick a favourite line from this episode, there are so many good ones!

Dean: "Look at me, come on, you don't know what's real? Look man, I've been to hell. I know enough about torture. Enough to know that it feels different then the pain of this... this regular stupid crappy... this."
Sam: "How can you know that for sure?"
Dean: "Let me see your hand" *Sam raises his right hand in confusion* "No, the gimp hand, let me see it."
- I absolutely love this scene, SO MUCH. Firstly, it's acted brilliantly. Secondly, Dean is using his experience in hell to HELP SAM. I have been waiting for this since the beginning of S6. The fact that both brothers have been torture victims, and can actually UNDERSTAND each other on a level that no one else can. Thirdly, I know it's not a good word to use, but I love the fact that Dean uses the word "gimp"...I have a friend who can only use one hand (and has a pronounced limp) and she always uses that word with this kind of weird affection that I can't explain. So, I have weird positive feelings about that word rather then the negative ones.

Dean: "Hey, this is real. Not a year ago, not you in hell - now. I was with you when you cut it, I sewed it up. Look!"
*Dean squeezes Sam's injured hand. Sam winces and raises gun. Dean prevents him from lifting it.*
- I love Dean's face when he stops Sam from raising the gun, it's this brief look of "really? You're going to try to shoot me. You're that far gone?"

Hallucifer: "We've done a lot more with pain."
- I like this line, you almost miss the implications of it.

Dean: "This is different, right?  Then the crap that's tearing at your walnut. I'm different, right?"
Sam: 'Yeah, yeah, I think so."
Lucifer: "You sure about that bunk-buddy?"
- And when Hallucifer is losing, he brings out the big guns to try to stay - Sam's mind is building a case for things not to be real. It's reminding Sam about all the horrible things that Lucifer had done to him, so of course, when Dean's getting through, it will go to the most horrible.

Dean: "Hey, I am your flesh and blood brother, alright? I am the only one that can legitamately kick your ass in real time. You got away. We got you out, Sammy."
- I just love the way Jensen delivers these lines. It would make me cry if if I had a soul.

Dean: "BELIEVE IN THAT. Believe me. You got to believe me. You've got to make it stone number one and build on it, okay?"
Sam: "Yeah, yeah, okay."
- I do love how Dean dealt with this. I mean, yes, it's not the best to use pain as a crutch, but the fact of the matter is that Dean is saying "Forget having to prove it - BELIEVE that you got out and work from there."

Dean: "Look, when we get back to Bobby's-"
Sam: "It's okay, Dean, I'm good. No white rabbits. I'm not seeing anything."
Dean: "Okay. Baby steps."
- I'd love to know what Dean was going to say before Sam interrupted, but I guess I never will.
- I absolutely love this scene contrasted to Hallucifer!Dean too, because we see the VAST difference between the two - between Sam's fear for Dean's reaction and Dean's actual reaction, and how unfounded Sam's fear was - because Dean isn't shipping him off to the funny farm, he's not saying it's hopeless...he's saying "baby steps" which means "this may be a long and difficult process, but we'll get through it." And it BREAKS MY HEART BECAUSE IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL.

Bobby's house is gone! Oh god. WHYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... though, in fairness, I did always laugh at Kripke who wanted to have these two brothers without a base, who BURNT DOWN the Roadhouse because he didn't want them to "have a base" and then he turned Bobby's into a base. And then, Sera burns down Bobby's, and I'm like "okay! Someone is finally making them homeless! And then they turn around and give them Rufus' cabin! I mean HONESTLY. They just took a step down in luxury. (Seriously, when you think about it, Bobby's house was SWEET. It had (arguably) rooms for all of them and a panic room! Lord help them if they ever need a panic room again.

Dean to Bobby's voicemail: "You cannot be in that crater back there, I can't- If you're gone, I swear I'm going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and I'm going to drive us off the peer. You asked me how I was doing, well not good. Now you said you'd be here, where are you?"
- You know, it was Dean breaking my heart while on the phone that made me fall in love with this show - and 7 seasons later, nothing has changed. There's so much to love about this message. I especially though, love the sentiment of Dean commiting suicide WITH Sam...apparently, with or without Sam's concent... and that's probably horribly dark of me, but I don't care. I also love the fact that Dean describes Sam as "my Beautiful Mind brother", which of course is a reference to Sam's apparent schizophrenia, but Dean could have chosen any reference and he chose the one where the mentally-ill person is a genius.

Edgar: "Winchester. Congratulations, apparently you two were compatent enough to warrant annihilating, I'd take it as a compliment."
- I take it as a compliment as well. It's why I like Crowley. At this point, any monster/demon who KNOWS of the Winchesters, should know not to underestimate them.

Dean breaks his leg... I'd have loved to see exactly how it happened better. Also, I'd have prefered it if they didn't have the blood on the jeans, because it makes the next episode incorrect. If the bone had broken the skin, they would have had to wait for the puncture to heal before they casted the leg.

Sam punches a leviathan in the face. How badass is that? I think this is the only time they get close enough to do so? Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but yeah...I thought it was pretty cool. You hurt my brother, I'mma PUNCH YOU IN YOUR MONSTER FACE.

I also love how Sam knows that Dean would haul himself back to the control for the car-lift.

Dean: "Sam, Sammy? Come on now. I'm the one with the broken leg, you've got to carry me. Sam!"
- I love Dean's VOICE with this line. Just the whole way he says it. I also love how it's practically implied protocol. Sam needs to be conscious to carry Dean, because he ALWAYS carries Dean when Dean can't walk. This episode has so many h/c aspects to it. No wonder I love it so much.

Dean: "Sam? Stay with me, you hear?"
- I love how Dean's sole focus is Sam.

Hallucifer: "Hey, so maybe I'm not real, but I'm not going anywhere."
- This was such a good promise of things to come, and then there was just no follow through...and I understand that Mark Pellegrino had stuff to do and was/is probably expensive, but they could have easily written around that.

Paramedic: "Yeah, he's seizing, copy that, we're just pulling into Sioux Falls."
Dean: "Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls general? No no no, you gotta take us somewhere else, please!"
Paramedic: "Yeah, okay, buddy."
- I love how the paramedic is just like "Blah, 'nother day at the office" meanwhile Dean's WHOLE WORLD is falling apart.

And thus ends 7x02... coming (probably late tomorrow), will be 7x03. Let me know in comments if there's anything about the episode I did not talk about that you think I should have.
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    Okay, that was pretty awesome... I love how they made it a Victorian special while keeping it NOT a Victorian special. I love the meta, the fact…

  • Quick Reaction: Sherlock 3x03 His Last Vow

    GUYS!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Quick to the cut.... We begin out little program with Magnussen, who is super-duper creepy and I might be spelling his…

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  • How're things?

    Was going to do a rewatch on the weekend, but ended up not... was going to do it tonight instead, but only got 5.5 hours sleep and so am too tired.…

  • Quick Reaction: Sherlock - The Abominable Bride

    Okay, that was pretty awesome... I love how they made it a Victorian special while keeping it NOT a Victorian special. I love the meta, the fact…

  • Quick Reaction: Sherlock 3x03 His Last Vow

    GUYS!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Quick to the cut.... We begin out little program with Magnussen, who is super-duper creepy and I might be spelling his…