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Thanks to raloria and missyjack for the panda gifts today! That was sweet of you guys. :)

ETA: And mekina! Thanks!

Now I'm going to randomly list my projects so that I have them in a list again...

Fandom related:
1. Merlin/SPN story (in progress, must rewrite a bit to make it more awesome...still don't know where it's going though)
2. Sherlock rewatch (will rewatch S2 after item #3 is complete)
3. Supernatural S7 rewatch/clothes-cataloging (as soon as I get the DVD....)
4. Other project that only borgmama1of5 knows about (ongoing, 1/4 done). 
5. Podficcing...I don't know if I'm going to do this anymore. I've sort of lost interest before I even tried.

Non-fandom related:
1. Novel (1st draft done, on vacation until January).
2. Life...boring.

Did I forget anything vitally important? Have I promised someone something amazing that has completely slipped my mind?
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