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SPN Hunt: Popular Location is Popular

So, I got a text from my sister earlier alerting me to a certain sign not TOO far away from where we live. 

As I've talked about before, I don't actually like going out of my way to creep on set. It makes me feel like a creepy stalker - which is not a pleasant feeling. That being said, when they did film in my neighbourhood (literally a half-block away from my current apartment), I had a REALLY FUN TIME hanging out and watching.

So, I figured I'd compromise - I would go check out the shoot, but I could only go if I walked there. (This both stretches the idea of "in my neighbourhood" and forces me to leave my apartment, exercise, and breathe fresh air).

4km later....(2.49 miles)

I found the crew park. They're all jammed into a very tight little spot. The Js trailers are there.

Of course, finding the crew park means nothing - it just means that they're somewhere in a ten block radius (most likely, not always). BUT, the crew park was very close to a popular location for Supernatural...it's so popular, that they were just filming there last week. Because of that, I was skeptical that they'd be filming there again...after all, last week they were filming 8x05 and this week they are filming 8x06...but I figured, since I was in the neighbourhood (*cough*), I'd walk over to the popular location...

Sure enough, that's where they were. They have yet another sign up (different to the one they had last week) which means that they're using the same location two episodes in a row to be two different locations (and it's also a location they've used MULTIPLE times in the past).

They were also tucked around inside and behind the place and there really wasn't any good way for me to hang out and watch them do anything. Furthermore, it was just after sunset - the thing with filming is that people either film before sunset or after sunset, they don't film during sunset. So, I really couldn't tell if they were taking down, setting up, or on lunch, but the crew was moving equipment around, the lights weren't lit, and there wasn't much happening.

So, again, I just did a walk by and then hopped the bus home.

I know I'm kind of a weird fan - I'll walk 4kms to find the shoot, but I won't STOP walking once I get there...but there reallly wasn't any good place for me to stand, and the fact of the matter is that even though I walked there, it wasn't my neighbourhood, so if anyone asked (which they always have every other time I've found them and stopped to chat), I wouldn't be able to point and say "oh, I just live over there and I saw the lights" or "oh, I was just at my sister's place over there and I saw the lights..."

Also, it's Thursday night and I have to work tomorrow - so I couldn't stand there forever (especially since I don't like hanging around strange neighbourhoods at night)....so, yeah, I had to make a judgment call, and my judgment was to smile at the PA guarding the crane light and just keep walking. 
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