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New Icon Idea!

Ok! So, I've been reading metas all day...(yes, my brain is fired and I probably need psychological help)...and I've also been chatting with mizzykitty  about Bobby and John. In the process of chatting, we were talking about our lack of good Bobby icons, and then as I was reading hearseeno 's meta on triangles, I came across the makings off the perfect Bobby icon!

It is half-way through the meta. It is this picture of Bobby with the words "Bobby Ex Machina".

Seriously, I am in love with this idea. Maybe it is because I am a dork who once studied ancient greek literature, but I do not care - this, or something similar, would make the best Bobby icon EVER.

So...Mara? Anyone? Want to help a dork out here?

Tags: i don't have a tag for this, i'm a dork

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