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VanCon 2012: Day 3 - Always Stay To The Very End

Day 3 also started at 10am, so I had a bit of cereal before I left my house to tide me over and then I went to go have another breakfast with Jared and Jensen...

WARNING: It's nearly 3am and I am NOT going to take the time to go through this and try to block out potential spoilers. There really aren't that many, and the ones that are there are really small...and won't kill you to read. Also, I apologize for any typos/mispellings.

J2 Breakfast
VanCon2012-S&S 202
I didn't actually feel much like eating when I got to the Sheraton, so I just had a croissant and a cup of tea. It was nice. I didn't really know anyone at my table, and metallidean_grl later said that I looked really lonely...but I did actually chat a bit with the person next to me, and I didn't mind being on my own...it probably doesn't help that my "resting face" looks a little despondent. :P

Jared and Jensen arrived promptly and with smiles at 11am. They did their usual small talk hellos, and then got to talking about filming. Before they had come out, Adam(?) from Creation had come out and raised both mics to different heights...at first, I thought he had put them both way too high, but when Jensen and Jared came out, Jensen commented that finally after all these years, they knew the right height for the mics.

I should mention, that I found with taking pictures, and taking notes, that I was having trouble really ABSORBING the Con and enjoying it, so I decided to take as few notes as possible during the J2 breakfast, and only take a few pictures, so that I could just sit there and enjoy it as much as possible. I'm still going to try to have a thorough recounting, but there aren't going to be a lot of exact quotes and there are small things that probably slipped through the cracks. I figure that the J2 stuff is usually pretty heavily videoed, despite Creation's wishes, so there will probably be other resources out there to supliment mine.

Jared said that he's "finally feeling like I'm filming." 
Jensen: "Now?! We're five episodes in!"

Jensen admits that so far Jared's had a pretty light schedule. It's been mostly Dean. He says we should write in and demand more Sam and less Dean. "It's a double edged sword" Jensen says, because on the one hand he reads the scripts and "It's like, Yay Dean!....uuugh Dean."

Jared starts fiddling with his mic, which crackles every time he wiggles the cord.

Jensen explains that Jared is "...incapable of keeping his hands to himself." He's constantly destroying napkins and coasters when they go out, leaving a mess. Jensen would slap his hands if they weren't in public.

The topic of Jared's hair came up, and Jared said that Jim made him cut an inch of the length off, because there was no way he could pose as an FBI agent with such long hair. Jared laughed and said that his hair has never been regulation length for the FBI, and extra inch wasn't going to matter at this point. He added that if for all the ghosts, demons, angels, and resurrections they've had - if someone raises a fuss about Jared not making a credible FBI agent, then they're doing something wrong.

They talked about the new suped up Impala. Apparently it's so loud that Jensen can't actually hear them when they yell "action." Jared says that if they're idylling the whole thing smells of exhaust - "it's awesome."


Jared's mic stopped working - he can't figure it out. Jensen goes over and turns it back on. Jared laughs at himself for accidentally turning off his own mic.

One of the audience members is there for part 1 of her bachelorette party. After this, she's going to Vegas. Jensen asks what her fiance is doing: "Victoria Secret Show, I hope." 

Jared is messing with the mic again, so an audience member gives him some napkins to rip apart and fidget with instead. Jared doesn't understand at first, and uses the napkins to wipe the mic. Then he gets it and decides that he's going to make snowflakes out of the napkin.

This brings up the topic of snow and Canada. Snowberta (Alberta) or Snowmatoba (Manitoba) is mentioned, Jensen counters it with "Winterpeg" (Winnipeg). Much to the audience's delight, as though it's surprising that after 8+ years, Jensen has picked up Canadian slang.

Jared eventually makes his snowflake, which he holds up to his face when he realizes that it's kind of like a mask. Jensen is secretly amused and makes a comment about doing a panel with Freddy Kruger. :P
VanCon2012-S&S 211

Jared to Jensen: "How many nights have we been in Canada?"
Jensen: How many NIGHTS have we been in Canada?!? What kind of question is that!?! 
(note: not in direct quotes, as I didn't write it down - but he definitely said something along these lines.)

Jared says that he feels a kindred spirit with Canadians, because "I think we've spent more time in Canada..." 
Jensen: "It's been 8 years! I figured that out in Season 1!"

Is Sam going to be driving the Impala? Someone mentions Dean getting out of purgatory, and Jared says "Who says Dean gets out of purgatory?" and then admits that it was a bad bluff when Jensen rolls his eyes and calls him on it.

For some reason, and again, not sure why...a song about spelling Mississippi came up. Jared tried to remember it, "M-I-funky letter funky letter...no, what is it?" Jensen is looking at him in absolute horrified confusion. Finally Jared remembers it's "M-I-crooked/curvy letter" or something and completes the song. Jensen says that his mistake was the use of the words "funky" "Enunciate, my brother!" Jensen says, mispronouncing the word "enunciate" by accident but just going with it. Jared laughs.

This leads to Jared trying to remember a song that teaches you all the states of the USA. Jensen encourages him to sing it, he does. When they get to Texas, both him and Jensen do the part of the song where they wave and say "Hey y'all" - it's adorable. Jared finishes the song, "Somewhere my second grade teacher is crying tears of joy."

Jared wants to know if there's a song for the provinces and territories of Canada. "No, they just memorized them like normal people," Jensen says. Two members of the audience insist that there is a song though, and Jared asks them to sing it - they try to. Everyone else is confused. Jared and Jensen find out that the two audience members are sisters (they aren't sitting at the same table) and then Jensen jokes about how now one of them is saying to the other "You told me that was a real song!" 

Jared has started sweating, so an audience member gives him a fan. This reminds Jared of Osric, who plays Kevin Tran. Apparently, when Osric was a kid, his parents made him take classes in everything...one of which was a martial art that uses fans as weapons.

Someone asks Jensen about his episode. He says that it was hard, because there was a lot of Dean in it too - which he was kind of upset about. Acting and directing are too vastly different mind-sets, and it's hard for him to go back and forth.

Jared says that he's looking forward to seeing episode 4, because it was shot "ghostfacers style" on hand-held cameras. It's very unique, because the hand held cameras capture what they capture, so it's less controlled. Jensen says it's like the movie Chronicle. 

Jensen is looking forward to seeing the completed version of the episode they are filming now (episode 5). Jared says there's some nice brother-conflict in it. Jared also likes what he's seen so far for episode 7.

They ask who is going on the Misha boat, and then joke that they should bring a lifejacket...for Misha, when they push him overboard.

A fan who was in NJ(?) asked Jared if he had an answer for her yet about the French Mistake. She wants to know where the Jared and Jensen of that world went when Sam and Dean took their place. Jared asks Jensen. Jensen says it's a world that Balthazar created, so there is no Jared and Jensen...Jared says that's what he thought. :P

What do they in their spare time? Jensen plays golf. He recently boat a boat too, so he spends time on it. He did NOT name the boat The Captain and Daneel, because Daneel was only on board with that idea for a minute, and then she realized it would be weird if they eventually sold it and her name was still one it. So he called it something else. Jared spends all his free time with his new baby. "So I get pooped and peed and thrown-up on"
Jensen: "And that's just me!"
Jared: "..and then I go home to see Thomas."

And that concluded the breakfast!

I realized that I really should have brought my laptop with me on Sunday, because there was a three hour wait while everyone with photo-ops got photo-ops...but those of us without photo-ops didn't have anything to do. We couldn't even get our photo-ops from the previous day because they were in the photo-op room that was off limits to those without photo-ops. :P

I ended up talking to a woman in the lobby for a bit (who had been my breakfast table mate) and found that she had come in on a General Admissions pass - and she had entered the theatre and someone had come up to her and asked her if she was alone..."yes," she said. Then the person GAVE her a Gold pass, FOR FREE. Because otherwise it was going to go to waste. She said she very nearly burst into tears. The person told her that all they wanted was for her to do something nice for someone else, and she repeated to me that she would - she really really would.

While we talked, an older woman came and sat down and started wiping tears from her eyes. She declared that she was far too old to be affected by such things, but getting her Jensen photo-op had made her cry. "He's such a sweet man."

Impala and Julie McNiven
VanCon2012-S&S 237
I had three hours to kill, so K and I decided to go for lunch...but first, we had heard that there was a fan-Impala at the hotel. So we went out to get pictures. It was super sweet. '67, four-door, bench seat....VERY nice condition considering the age of the car. I've seen the Impala on the show, and I have to say it was pretty spot on. We took pictures with it. :)

While we looked at it, Julie McNiven came by and admired it too. We talked about how nice it was and how we couldn't imagine trying to parallel park in it. I was really tempted to ask her if I could take a picture of her beside it...but then I wondered if that would be weird...you know, given the whole sex-scene thing...while I was wondering if I was being creepy or not, she said her goodbyes and took off, so the decision was thankfully out of my hands.

Shaun joined us at the Impala, and we headed off for Lunch at the Winking Judge Pub. I had a Sheppard's pie and a beer. I probably shouldn't have had the beer - I was already feeling a little bit off, and beer never helps with that...but damn it, I like hefeweissens.

ETA: I forgot to write this part in! But while we were sitting on the patio of the Winking Judge Pub, Mark Pellegrino walked by in his shades and black t-shirt, looking all good. He waved at some people just before he got to us, and then we greeted him and he greeted us back and waved and continued on down the road... :)

We walked down to the Marine Building after lunch to show it to Shaun. It's the building used in It's a Terrible Life, and also Smallville...and it's just a really cool building from 1929/1930...at the very end of the art-deco style, and before what I call "Nazi style" but um, isn't actually called that (Sorry architects!)
VanCon2012-S&S 241
(artistic shot - the Marine building is the one being reflected)
As we walked back, I started feeling even more not great...but I tried to keep it all inside. I figured I hadn't slept well in three nights, and I was busy every hour of the day, and I was just tired and rundown.

When we got back, I went to see if I could retrieve my photo-ops from the photo-op room. I couldn't...but I ran into weimar27 who had been to the Jensen Meet and Greet. I asked her how it was. She said that Jensen is so slim in person...and very sweet and nice. She was very much in a bit of a cloud of Jensen feelings :) 

She recounted that he had talked about acting dynamics, and whether it was different when you had a cast of only two, versus an ensemble show. Jensen had said that the only thing that was different was the work-load, because when you are in an ensemble cast, you still only do scenes with two or three people only at a time.

Jensen also talked about directing and the different "hats". She got the impression that he wasn't interested in directing outside of Supernatural. He also talked about the new producer of the CW and how he is very friendly towards Supernatural and how nice that is. They are currently in negotiations for 9 and 10, but they aren't picked up yet though.

He also talked about the fans - how people watch the show and then go online and find this networked online community. He says the fans and these conventions help with motivation when making the show, because they can see the people that they are making the show for and how much they appreciate it.

J2 Panel
VanCon2012-S&S 333
VanCon2012-S&S 352VanCon2012-S&S 351
Jared and Jensen started the panel by pointing out the crew in the audience so we could all give them a round of applause. (Note: I would love it if Creation broke from their old-school convention practices and actually had panels made up of crew members. I know that some of the crew was mobbed a bit afterward by curious fans...I myself would have loved to have spoken with wardrobe, who was there...but at this point in the day, I was feeling worse and worse with every passing second...and on top of that, I'm just not the type to force people to talk to me.)

The first questioner had a gift for Jared. It was a t-shirt with, as Jared said, "all things Canada and all things Jared" which translated to "a moose and hockey players"...the questioner had one too, so Jared declared them "twinsies!"

Is there a role they regret?
Jensen says that he can answer for Jared.
Jared: "I would devour you for answering for me."
Jensen: "He would devour me in a new york minute."

Is there a role they want? Jared jokes about how maybe he should have taken that Avatar movie. Jensen jokes that in retrospect, the Bourne movie might have been a good one. Jared says that if he had known his love interest was going to be Robert Pattison, he would have taken Twilight. 

They are asked about the different showrunners. Jared says that Kripke had a full five seasons, so he was able to really do an amazing arc, and that Gamble did a great job in keeping the show going...and that Jensen is happy about Carver returning to the show because he wrote some great episodes in the past.

"I have a question about the finale of S7..."
Jared: A problem with "Dean's performance"? ...."I just said Dean's performance, by the way."
Jensen *smiles*, Jared buries face in hands: Aaahhh!
(What's hilarious about this is that Jared went on to call Jensen Dean about three times more in the panel without even noticing.)

The question is actually about the two heads seen in the Impala, even though only Meg gets out. Jensen asks Kevin Parks who is in the audience...the house lights come up enough for Jensen and Jared to see the crew and the Kevin is given a microphone. It's decided that Meg had a blow-up doll ("Sam's blow-up doll"..."No, Jared's") in order to fool the Leviathans.

Did Jared name his son after Thomas Kinkaid? (Weird question, if you ask me... if you're going to ask about Thomas' name, ask if he's Colton after "The Colt"!)
No, Thomas is just a name they both liked. A good "Texas name."   The questioner then went on to keep praising Jared for his acting in that movie and how he was so good about letting the older actors shine and such...and the sincerity and uncomfortable praise was a bit too much for me...but it did lead to some funny moments, when the questioner was asking Jared about what it was like "working with great actors" in that movie and Jensen piped in with a sarcastic "thank you" since she had inadvertedly implied that Jared didn't work with great actors currently. 
Jared gave the woman an equally sincere answer, in which he said that Jensen and he had actually talked about it - about how great actors make you act better etc.

A questioner asked if they could please where Mountie uniforms...so yeah, funny question, okay, but she wouldn't really let it go. She brought up the fact that they had been Teddy Bear doctors, why not Mounties...and Teddy Bear Doctors weren't even real. Jared made a show of being shocked that Teddy Bear Doctors weren't real. Then Jensen pointed out that technically, Sam and Dean are also not real. "How far do you want to take this?"  Eventually, the questioner asked if the wardrobe crew-member was there, "She's actually sitting right in front of you. You two work it out."

Is there a character they empathize with more than their own?
Jared: "Good question. Jensen?"
Jensen - Castiel, because Castiel and Dean have a very unique friendship, and there's a part of that that Jensen likes as an actor. Also, Sam is a given.
Jared - because he's a new dad, Jared empathizes with John. 
Jensen: "Because he's dead?"
Jared: "Castiel's dead too....and Teddy Bear Doctors aren't real!"

Favourite death scene and how would you like the characters to die?
Jensen likes "Do these tacos taste funny to you?"
Jensen still likes the thought of them going out Butch and Sundance style driving into a sea of monsters. An audience member tries to yell out that the Impala "Baby" would also get killed. Jensen and Jared can't hear them though and just hear "Baby" - this then turns into Sam and Dean driving into a sea of murderous babies.

Jensen is asked about Dean's eating habits. He explains about how it was his own fault in S1 and he doesn't like it, and they've cut it back over the years. Jared makes some comment about the caramels.
Jensen: "You try putting 15 candies in your mouth!"
Jared: "Okay!"
Jensen imitating Jared: "Where are they?"

Who does a fan have to boink to get them an Emmy nom?

One thing you lost that you regret?
Jared was on a boat down in Austin with his friends, and his friend ran up to him, patted down Jared's pockets, and then pushed him into the water. Jared came up and was like "haha" but pointed out that the guy had pushed him in with his phone...the guy said that he had checked his pockets first, but Jared said "You didn't check my cargo pants pocket." And he ended up losing two months of Thomas photos.
Jensen decided that he had "not as good of an answer as that, so I'm just going to say that I wish he had his phone."

Would the show be different if Castiel was a woman?
"He's not a woman?"
They don't think it would change anything at all. (Yay!) Jensen points out that they've had female angels on the show. Jared says that angels are "junkless" (ie: genderless) so the vessel doesn't matter. An audience member reminds them that Castiel was in Jimmy's daughter for a moment. So, yes, the concensus is that it wouldn't change anything.

(I am thrilled, because I love the idea that the angels are genderless...also, even though I don't ship them, it always bugs me when people think the barrier to Destiel is the fact that Dean isn't gay...no, the barrier is that Cas isn't HUMAN.)

What's their favourite part of British Columbia?
Jared: "Austin Texas British Columbia"
Jared likes Kelowna (wine-country). Jensen likes Tofino, and suggests that if people haven't gone, they should. When the questioner looks disatisfied, Jensen asks her where she's from. "Prince Rupert" the boys switch their answers to Prince Rupert to make her happy.

Do you have any embarassing stories from your wedding or bachelor party?
"Yeah, tons. Thank you."

Jared offers one - he had his bachelor party in Vegas the week before his wedding. He ended up wrestling with his friends in the hotel room (as you do) and the carpet scrapped up his back...so on his wedding day, his brother had to tape up and glue his back so that Jared didn't bleed all over his white dress shirt.

Jensen explains that his wedding photographer was a fashion photographer named Bjorn, who Daneel really wanted. He was from Eastern Europe and he had spoke like a sailer. They got married in Dallas which is a fairly conservative town, high society, that sort of stuff. And there's the wedding photographer in cargo shorts, crocs, and he's swearing constantly, "...and my poor grandmother! But the shots looked great."
Jared: "F-ing great!"

A questioner must have seen a spoiler somewhere, because they asked Jensen if he ever thought of having his family act on the show...Jensen looked flabbergasted for a second that someone would actually ask that. He said that he had just put his father in the episode he directed this year. His dad had been reluctant, telling Jensen that he didn't want to intrude on Jensen's place of work and Jensen was just like "Dad, get on a plane."
Jared *as Jensen's dad*: "I'll be honest, I just don't want to take your direction."

His dad will play a detective that the guys talk to.

A questioner asks them to have a funny face contest (ugh) - again, they decide to turn it around. The questioner asks her friend which one she should do. Jensen makes fun of her "which one...butterfly attack or suicide bomber?" Eventually Jensen relents and suggests he and Jared could do the comedy and tragedy mask-faces, without missing a beat, Jared smiles and Jensen does a perfect tragedy mask-face - and that's that.

A girl introduced herself and her friend when she gets to the mic.
Jared: "I'm Jared."
Jensen: "I'm Misha"

Favourite way to kill something? 
Jared really thought the Colt was cool, but he's decides on flame-throwers as his favourite.
Jensen liked the particular kind of shot-gun that Jo used on Dean in S2. But Jensen says that there's a new weapon this season that is his favourite, but he's not going to tell us what it is.

Does Jensen's stumble feel like sandpaper? Jensen lets the questioner come up and feel it. Jensen then says that it works really well on decking, he can "sand that puppy right down!" and then he moves his head back and forth as though he's dragging his face across a board.

What's the plural of Moose?
Jared: Meese.
Jensen: A gaggle of Mooses.

It's at this point where Jared notices the posters that Misha had the fangirls deface yesterday. "Why do you have muscles and I have Xs on my nipples?" The fans explain about the auction. Jared thinks that Jensen looks like Margaret Thatcher and Jensen thinks Jared looks like Little Bo-Peep. Jensen says that the jokes on Misha because their production designer Jerry Wanek is in the audience.

That leads Jensen to talk about how Jerry Wanek directed his first episode (Slice Girls) last year, and that Serge is going to direct one this year.

Where did the moose nickname come from?
Mark Sheppard. Jared explains that Mark said it once, but liked it so much he kept slipping it in to other episodes - even if Sam wasn't there.

A questioner says it's her first Con - "Welcome to the madness"

The questioner mentions "organic" writing and wonders if they have any influence on the writing?
Jensen: "I don't think it's organic at all. I think the writers chemically treat themselves regularly." (Organic farming jokes FTW, Jensen!)
Jared says that over the years the writers get more confidence in the actors in later seasons. 
Jensen agrees and also adds that the writers see how they speak and act and write accordingly.
If something doesn't feel right, then they get together before the seen (Jensen and Jared) and they figure out why it doesn't work and how to fix it, since there's such a distance (geographically) between them and the writers, they need to go into any discussions with possible solutions.
They mention how the punch at the end of BUABS was adlibbed. Also, Jensen says that Yellow Fever wasn't written as "big" as he acted it, but Phil was directing and wanted to go big and then pull back if they needed to...and they just never pulled back.

A questioner comes to the mic in costume. Jensen wants to know what she is.
Jensen: "Yum"
*Jared takes his mic* *Jensen acts ashamed of himself.*

What's their favourite place to film in the lower mainland?
Jared - Steveston.
Jensen - Fort Langely. He hates Bordertown. They mention a bunch of other places they've filmed. He mentions Chiliwack, which cases people in the audience to cheer "Chill out, Chiliwack!"

Before the questioner leaves...
Jensen: "What kind of pie are you?"
Jensen: "Yeah, you are."

*Jared takes his mic again* *Jensen looks ashamed again*

Jensen says their about to film on an Island. He can't remember which one. He tries to ask the crew...but they insist that they aren't filming on an island. Jensen insists that they are, because the scene takes place on a beach. The crew yells back that they're filming in Burnaby. Jensen looks horrified "There's a beach in Burnaby?!" ...apparently it's a rocky beach.

Question: "We love you so much, but what's Mark Sheppard like?" (Those who remember the Mark's panel yesterday laugh)
Jared and Jensen both stand and indicate how short Mark is.
Jared: "There's no word in the english language" that describes Mark Sheppard.
Jensen says that Mark loves to be on set. Even when he doesn't have any scenes, Mark will show up and sit around eating craft-services. Jared recounts a story about how his parents came up to visit and while Jared was filming, they talked with Mark. At the end fo the day, Jared was driving home with them and they kept going on about how much the loved Mark. Jared was like "Mark? Mark Sheppard?!" 

A questioner tries to get them to say her favourite lines from the French Mistake. Her favourite for Jensen is "I'm a painted whore."
Jensen: "we live our lives as painted whores."
Jared asks Kevin Parks the question from that morning (and NJcon) what happened to the "real" Jared and Jensen when Sam and Dean took their places? It's decided that they swapped places. Jared and Jensen immediately mime screaming and asking where make-up and wardrobe are.
"So they're dead right now."

The questioner persists with wanting them to say the quotes. Jared does.
Jensen: "Jared's a painted whore."

Favourite blooper? 
Jared likes the snake - how he couldn't stay on the couch because he was afraid of the snake. Jensen shakes his head and reminds us that the snake was coming over Jensen's shoulder with a head as bigger than Jensen's fist - and Jared was the one freaking out. 
Jared also likes the time he was eating chicken and there was a ligament...and then Jared remembered "sulpher for breakfast" and both Jensen and Jared laughed. Jensen says that Jared is a lot less gassy now thankfully.
Jensen likes the Eye of the Tiger blooper...describing it as the time Jared was supposed to come in while he was listening to music, and he didn't "...and then I blacked out for a minute-"
Jared: "and woke up on a roof of a car."

Jared is asked about getting to kill Paris Hilton. He said it was neat, and that she's a friend and it was cool to have her on the show.

Is it hard to transition between roles? Jensen says the hardest was when he did the play A Few Good Men, and had to try not to be Tom Cruise.

If they did a live action version of Batman: Under the Red Hood, would Jensen want to be in it?
Jared jokes that Jensen just wants to wear tights. An audience member yells out that the Red Hood doesn't wear tights.
Jensen *to Jared in a chastizing voice*: "Sit down!"

Then what we didn't realize was the final question, was this really long explanation about how this girl dreams about Sam and Dean and Jared and Jensen and blah blah blah...and she went on for a solid thirty seconds just to get to the question along the lines of: Do you have any recurring dreams?
Jared: "Well that's fair enough."
Jensen: "Really?! That's fair?"

Jensen sighs, and only answers the question with "I'm batman." Jared laughs.

They call a close to the panel, but before they leave, Jared explains how he brought something to action off to charity. It's the gift bag from the 30th birthday party that Gen threw him down in Austin.
Jensen *pouts*: "I didn't get one."
Jared: You were overseas or something...

Jared: All my friends and family got one...
*Jensen pouts*
Jared:"...except those that weren't there."

It took place on a boat, so there's a life vest, and a towel, and a beer opener...and there's a beer opener attached to the life vest.
Jensen: because in Texas, when you are drowning, you are most concerned about being able to open your beer.

Creation tells Jared that he has to auction it off. Jared is nervous and says he's not good at auctioning. He tries, but immediately gets overwhelmed. He turned to Jensen...
Jared: "You talk good."
Jensen: "Oh my gosh, FINE, let's go-" *Jensen immediately launches into being a perfect auctioneer.*

As the price mounts higher and higher, Jared gets more and more amazed - even Jensen is looking amazed. It gets to $7,500, mostly between two or three people.

Jared: "If it gets to $8,000, you get Jensen also."
VanCon2012-S&S 373
*Suddenly hundreds of hands go up*
*Jensen belly laughs*

It goes for $8,000 even though Jensen wasn't actually included. The charity is for soldiers returning home from the US wars. Apparently Genevieve has family currently serving overseas, so Jared really appreciates it on a personal level. Jared, of course, hugs the auction winner and is very very grateful.

Jared and Jensen were entertaining enough, that I hardly remembered I felt miserable while they were on stage. After they left though, and autographs started, I felt unwell again. I couldn't tell if I had a fever, or if the room was just too hot. My throat hurt. K needed to feed the meter, but she couldn't go herself because they were doing re-ups. So, I was thankful for the excuse to get out of the hot room and into the fresh air. I felt better outside, but that didn't mean anything - since whenever I have a fever, I ALWAYS feel better outside.

I reluctantly returned to the theatre and waited to be called for autographs...and tried to power through how shitty I felt. I knew that we just had one more panel and then I could go home.

Jensen - as is practically my tradition now, I got a smile and a thank you from Jensen.

Jared - as much as I had my experiment this year about seeing what the actors did when I didn't engage them. I actually did have a question for Jared. Maybe other people already knew, but I didn't...but I had noticed that several months ago, he started wearing a really beautiful leather and metal bracelet - as consistently and with as much care as he wore his wedding ring. I wanted to know what it was. So, when I was finally in front of him, I said: "I really like your bracelet."
Jared: "Thanks! The woman who made it for me was hear today."
"Yeah, she's our head of wardrobe." *Jared turns the bracelet so I can see it* "She made it for me when Thomas was born. It says 'Thomas Colton, March 19, 2012'"
"Aww" *I cringe inwardly, I hadn't meant to say that.* "Well, thank you."
"Thank you!"

Richard Speight Jr.

Richard came back out for the final panel of the day, once they had called the last row for autographs. I had been worried that no one would stick around for his panel, but a fair number of people had. Richard was his usual people-person/entertainer. He talked to the woman who was having her bachelorette party first for a bit...

Then he just wandered around the audience and took questions from people if they raised their hands. (The microphones people usually lined up at had been removed).

How can we get him to serve as the moderator at ComicCon? Richard liked that idea. He mentioned how him and Rob Benedict had been at ComicCon this past year. Richard said that he had seen the panel, and had noticed that the questions were a bit ridiculous, since the moderator would ask them a question like "What happens this season?" and they would answer "We can't tell you" so the moderator would say "What does your character do this season?" and they would answer "We can't tell you!" and so on and so on, "We can't tell you! Aren't you understanding?!"

He was asked how he would change the cocktail party if he were in charge of Creation. Richard said that it wasn't nice to ask him that question right in front of Gary from Creation...he said that it was hardly like he could say that they were going to change it into another karaoke party...*the audience cheers* (I think 'Oh god, I wouldn't survive two karaoke parties in row!')

What would he do if he encountered a Supernatural creature?  "Run screaming into the night."

He's got a bunch of independent movies coming out in the future. I can't read my own writing in my notes, but I'm sure they're listed on IMDB.

Favourite scene as the Trickster? From an acting standpoint, he liked the reveal as Gabriel - because of the duality of the character and how rare it is that he's given such great material. On a more juvenile level - he liked watching Jensen wrestle with women in their underwear. He liked making out with Kail, and he he liked filming the 'porno'.

Gabriel's fear? Getting killed by Lucifer and never getting back on the show.

It says he's in Independence Day, but he can't be found! - He was cut from the film. Occasionally, he'll have someone tell him that they saw him in Independence Day - "No, you didn't."

Did he know about Gabriel from the beginning? When he signed, he hadn't read the script. He thought he was just a janitor....no, he didn't know the complete arc.

He's asked to sign a girls' shirt that she's wearing. He agrees to. Someone gives him a pen. She stands in front of him expectently. He looks at her chest. "I'm not signing the front!" He says there are sexual harassment rules as he signs the back.

How does he decide rolls? If he doesn't want a roll, he doesn't audition for it or meet the producers about it.

A show he would have loved to have been on? MASH - currently, Game of Thrones, though he knows it will never ever happen.

An audience member comments on his impressive moustache. Richard says it just grows in that shape - "clearly some of us were made for porno."

He's asked about Band of Brothers - it was shot over 9 intense months.

Richard doesn't sing at Karaoke - he tells other people to sing. He does, however, play bass.

Jensen crashes the panel with a "mind if I join you?"

And this folks, is why you should always stay to the end of the Con. The houselights are up, the audience is small(er), there are no line-ups for questions and this panel isn't about Jensen. Jensen just sits casually on Richard's chair on stage, and watches Richard, chiming in with jokes...the whole thing is SUPER relaxed and just...how you WANT to hang out with Jensen.

Jensen gives him an enthusiastic "light this candle!"

How did he get started in acting? 
Jensen: "Do you see that moustache?" They joke that the moustache stopped Jensen in his tracks when Jensen first saw him with it. Jensen says before he gave Richard a hug "and that's a bro-hug" Jensen reached out and touched Richard's moustache.
They agree it's a "shinging beacon of manliness." 
Richard explains to Jensen that he told his Q&A how to grow a moustache - "Grow a beard and then remove everything that is not glorious moustache."

They get back to the question. Richard says that Jensen's story about how he got into acting is the cliche. "Good-looking Texan rides into town"...*Jensen mimics riding a horse into town.* Richard says it was just like that, because Jensen didn't actually have a horse. Jensen says he had two coconut halves that he knocked together. (Monty Python jokes FTW!)

Richard's story is that a production came to town and needed a kid to be in the play Trojan Women. Jensen asks if he had the moustache. 

My note here just says "Old Spice commercial on his face" - but I'm pretty sure this is where Jared also crashes the panel, so maybe it was him who said that? Again, Jared and Jensen are just joking around with Richard, they're aware of the audience, and playing to us, but the whole thing is just about having a good time. Jared pretends to be shocked by Richard's moustache.

Jensen asks if Jared is done signing. Jared says yes. Jensen says that he just came out on stage to kill time while he waited on Jared. Jared walks over to Richard touches his moustache. He starts comparing it to other famous moustaches, but Richard draws the line at Freddy Mercury, because Freddy Mercury's moustache was different. Jared makes a comment about Richards moustache and porno...I wish I had written down what he said, but it was a bit innuendo-y and Jensen was like "whoa!" and Richard declared that "my moustache make Jared a sexual predator."

With that, Jensen asks Jared if he wants to get out of here - and they say goodbye again and exit the stage. Richard says he doesn't even care, because he knows he's seeing them later for dinner.

The audience yells at Richard to finish his story - so Richard briefly sums up that his costume in the play was a loin-cloth and no one told him how to get out of it, so he ended up pissing on stage. "And I've been pissing on stage ever since!"

A woman asks how Gabriel should come back...Richard asks her what her theory is. She says that Kali had the blood sample, so maybe something could be done with that.

Someone askes if Richard noticed that Jensen's seat was higher than Jared. "Do you mean his seat as in chair, or his "seat" - because no I haven't."

What's harder playing an arc-angel/trickster or playing someone real in Band of Brothers? Real is harder.
Richard: "Loki's not going to show up and say 'that's not right'"
Audience: He might!
Richard: "True. I didn't mean to offend the pagans."

Playing real is about removing yourself from the part, rather than including yourself.

He was asked about the research he did for his band of brother's character. Richard told an indepth story about how he at first approached it casually and rather insensitively, because it hadn't realy occurred to him that the pain was still very real for the guy's family and friends. He originally called up an old friend of Skip Muck's and just started asking questions, and the guy started crying and hung-up. Richard felt horrible.

Richard eventually got into contact with Skip Muck's family, which was harder back then because "the internet was new." The family didn't know about the book! They didn't evne know how he died. He eventually had a dialogue with them over months of boot-camp and filming.

He had to tell Tom Hanks that the script had Skip Muck's hometown wrong, and could he fix the line? Tom said he could, so Richard also added the "Hitler bit" - the line was "I was in *hometown* and now I'm here." Richard added "...and then Hitler started this thing and now I'm here."

Richard then told a story about how Skip had once swam the Niagra river and made his girlfriend and mother angry at him. The writers told him he could add it. So he did. When the girlfriend saw the movie and heard her name mentioned. It inspired her to get in touch with his family and return Skip's jump-wings, which he had sent her before he died. Over the years, they've also managed to get his medals re-issued. There is also now a monument at the river where he swam. 

When he swam the river, his friends were afraid that he'd drown, so they had someone row in a boat beside him. That person was Fritz Neland (sp?) who was one of the Neland brothers - the brothers who inspired Saving Private Ryan. Fritz was the one that got pulled out of the war.

Richard's actually going to be bringing Skip's niece to the Supernatural Con in Chicago, because she's a huge fan of the show.

With that amazing story about war heros. Richard's panel came to a close. Richard finished with a sincere:
"I'd rather be here with you people today, then with the best people in the world!"

It's hard not to absolutely adore Richard.

The End.
And thus my VanCon adventure came to an end. I was home by 8pm....and sick as a dog...but it was a really fun weekend, and I really feel happy to have been there when Jensen and Jared came out briefly to hang out with Richard. There was just a feeling in to the event that I can't really describe - and I wish I could. I could TRY, but it'd probably end up being really sappy. :P I will say that overall, Jensen was the most relaxed and happy that I have ever seen him at a Con.

It was a great weekend. To everyone that I managed to catch up with: It was great seeing you again! To everyone I didn't get a chance to talk to: I'm sorry I missed you! I hope we get a second chance to meet in the future!
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