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VanCon 2012: Day 2 - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Day 2 started just after 10am...

Russ Hamilton (Location Manager)
VanCon2012-S&S 003
Russ brought out his "Tequila Suitcase" that he always brings to wrap parties. Since Russ joined twitter, he talks to some fans a lot - some fans that were in the audience...also, some of the crew was in the audience. Because of this, his panel ended up being mostly inside jokes. So, I've distilled the actual information out of it:

Russ gave a very brief breakdown of his job - how he's the one that has to give the director options for what locations to use for each scene/episode, etc. His job is very busy, but he loves it, "Every day is hell and I love every minute of it."

He got the job because he was the only guy available to take it at the time - at least, that's what he says.

His most memorable location is the place they used for Monster Movie - they had to work around a Chinese Lantern festival, so it was difficult, but it ended up being his favourite episode.

His favourite person to hang out with is Jim Michaels. He said that when Jim first got the job (I believe it was S5?), he came up to Vancouver on his own dime to get a feel for the show and the crew. Russ took him around to show him the sights, and they've been good friends ever since. When Jim got back to LA, the following conversation took place between him and Bob Singer:
"Who took you around?"
"Russ Hamilton"
"Oh fuck."

Either the best or the creepiest location is the paintball forest they use occasionally. The most overused location is Riverview - though they've recently made new buildings available, so it feels new again.

The most challenging "location" to find is a place that looks like New York - because Vancouver does not have brownstones.

Any haunted locations: Riverview and three other places that I didn't catch the names of. 

What are the geographical limits of the show? About a half hour outside of Vancouver. Once you are past the "studio zone" then the travel time comes out of shooting time.

Is CGI taking over his job? CGI is happening more and more on TV because it's getting more affordable. Supernatural has used it in Good God Y'all (5.02) and it's always very useful for bloding up buildings...but Russ thinks he'll still have a job.

Julie McNiven
VanCon2012-S&S 009
Julie is TINY, oh my goodness. I don't even understand how Jensen didn't break her. 

Uh, anyway... she's also very sweet.

Julie was asked about the difference between working on SGU and SPN - She died twice on both, so that was the same...and both sets are fun. The main difference was the size of the cast.

Which does she miss more? SPN because it was the first job in which she was given a complete character arc. It's rare that writers give guest-actors such great material.

The hardest shoot? Doing the hand to hand combat for the first time.

Did she research for the role? She researched angels and thought maybe Anna was Annael, but when she got the script, she realized that it didn't matter - what mattered wasn't who Anna might be, but what her current circumstances were. So, Julie just focused on how people in positions of power speak to others - there's a "measured stillness" that she made sure to use.

How does she feel about Anna's move from being good to being evil? Julie doesn't see it that way. She doesn't believe Anna went bad. She thought that she could save the world by killing one man. It made sense.

The difference between acting in "genre" and acting in Mad Men? The clothes! Mad Men was Julie's first real job. She's in awe of the writing in each episode. Mad Men is hard because there was so little written for her to present a full indepth character.

Was she surprised when she saw the finished special effects in her episodes of SPN? She thought they were really cool. For the burning scene, each draft of the script had a more dramatic description of her death.

She was asked about a specific actor in SGU (I didn't catch the name). She said they were wonderful.

If Anna came back, how did Julie think it would happen? Julie liked the scene where she popped into the backseat of the Impala - "Not that one! The other one!" 

Her favourite episode to shoot? The last one, because of the action scene and meeting Amy, who has become a good friend of hers.

How much did she know about Anna's arc when she got the job? When she got the job, she was supposed to be in two episodes and then she'd die. She found out the last week of shooting that they planned to bring her back. 

She talked a bit about goofing off between takes (unfortunately my memory fails me here.) She mistakingly thought Misha was really serious, and told her husband so before she introduced them at a Convention...afterward, her husband was like "what the hell were you talking about?"

Was there any rehersal/preparation for the sex scene in the car? 'So many hours of rehersal" Julie jokes. No, there wasn't any preparation, and Julie had never done a sex scene before. She didn't if she was supposed to use tongue when they kissed, and she was afraid to ask - so she didn't, and it turns out you aren't supppsed to (though she swears some people do). She also didn't know that you weren't supposed to actually kiss in rehersal until her next project...so she can't imagine what Jensen must have been thinking.

It's really easy to remain professional during sex scenes, because there are 30 people watching you - mostly men. With the scene with the hand, she was actually alone in the car. Here, Julie mimiced bouncing up and down in her seat a few times and then putting her hand on the window. It was quite amusing.

Julie was asked about Jared and Gen and that moment in the gag reel where Julie pushes them apart. Julie jokes about how she didn't know at what stage their relationship was at that point, but they were kicking each other! They were definitely flirty. "I was standing between them when they were doing their whole courtship thing." The way Julie said "courtship" translated to "kicking each other" in my head. (My two friends who just got married took a martial arts class when they first got together - they were often found kicking each other in some sort of weird "courtship thing").

Julie talked about how it's been two conventions now where she's had a guy come up to her and sincerely ask "Do you want to see my Impala?" and she's always a little worried, because she's best known for a three minute sex scene in an Impala...but she reasured the guy with the Impala at this years Con that she was sure his intentions were honourable. He called back that he really hadn't meant it like that. Haha, poor guy - awkward.

Her favourite memory from set? She just remembers how much fun it all was over all. The whole experience was positive and she can't pick out just one memory.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I had decided to get a Mark Pellegrino photo-op that morning...you know, just 'cause... so I missed the end of Julie's panel.

Mark Pellegrino Photo-Op
I got a hug and a thank you, and that was nice. He's very muscley and his jacket was soft. :)

Mark Pellegrino and Mark Sheppard
VanCon2012-S&S 025
Once again, I sat down at the front for this one. The original owner of the seat came in just before the panel started, but there was an empty seat on the other side of my friends, so I just moved down. (That seat would actually remain empty the WHOLE weekend. I didn't take advantage of it again though, because I actually liked my central seat that was further back...and I figured that with the way they cram those seats together, the ladies in the front would probably enjoy the extra room.)

I was glad I was sitting in the front for this panel though, because Mark Sheppard did his usual thing of wandering off the stage - but he didn't go very far. So, he mainly just stood off stage at the front of the audience - probably making it hard for anyone in the back to see him. Pellegrino stayed on the stage and spent his time moving back and forth between the two chairs.

Mark Sheppard: "So, Vancouver - I've never been here before - what's it like?"

Pellegrino explained that he watched Rocky Horror every Saturday and Sunday for two years with his friend when they were 15/16. His friend would steal ("borrow" Sheppard says) his mother's car and they'd drive into LA to see the show. Pellegrino said that if he'd known he would have been singing Sweet Transvestite at Karaoke, he would have brought a Frankenfurter costume.

Sheppard was asked about Doctor Who. He said that he was able to introduce Jared and Jensen to the Doctor Who cast at ComicCon. Then he laughingly recalled the story about how Jared was too big to fit into the Tardis.

In a Lucifer vs. Crowley showdown, who would win? Both Sheppard and Pellegrino had a good time going back and forth on this for a fair bit of the panel - both, of course, convinced that their character would win. Sheppard pointed out that Pellegrino's skin had already been falling off, "Yeah, because I'm too powerful!" 

Their favourite scene? Pellegrino - Sweet Transvestite. Sheppard likes the scene where he gives Sam and Dean the colt to kill Lucifer and Sam holds it to his Crowley's head and pulls the trigger and Crowley says "I think you'll need some ammunition." Pellegrino answers seriously by saying that he really liked the stuff he did as Nick, when Nick talks to his 'wife'. Sheppard states that's "dark stuff' - Sheppard continued on to say that the weirdest scene was the "honey scene" where apparently in one take Misha shoved the bag of honey right in his face.

Who do they think is most/least like their character? This actually lead to an indepth discussion between the Marks on the nature of acting - whether there is any part of yourself you put into your character at all, or whether there is. Pellegrino was off the opinion that there's always some aspect of the actor in the character. Sheppard didn't really agree, it's more of aspects that you build on, though he did say that "Good writers observe the things we bring." Some characters change too much over time - like Castiel, who has gone through many different extreme character shifts, or Bobby, who was much different as an angry ghost then he was when he had been alive.

A questioner congratulates Sheppard on not dying. He replies that "They just won't kill me because no one will believe it any more."

Pellegrino was asked about Closer, and said that they're planning to bring him in again. He loved the character.

Sheppard was asked about Superwholock and whether he thinks he'll get a role on Sherlock - No one has made him an offer, and the campaign to bombard Moffat with tweets about casting Sheppard may not be helping. "If it fits then it fits, [Steven Moffat] is not going to fit a square peg in a round hole." Sheppard went on to explain that Moffat casts the best person for the part, and doesn't stunt-cast. He talked about the actress who played Irene and how brilliant she was. "If it happens, it happens."

What would Sheppard do if he encountered the Silence? Sheppard describes the Silence to Pellegrino, who doesn't know Who...and then describes the Weeping Angels. It's clear that Sheppard really really loves Doctor Who and Steven Moffat's brilliance. Sheppard said that his son couldn't sleep for 3 days after the Weeping Angel's episode. "Steven, you're a sick bastard." Sheppard describes to Pellegrino how Moffat is the kind of person who saw a crack on his kid's wall and thought "I wonder if that's a tear in the fabric of space and time?" "He's a true genius." I'm not actually sure if he answered the question. :P

Pellegrino is asked about his work on Dexter and how he was able to play such a creepy character. Pellegrino said that Paul was a "misunderstood guy" who "just wanted his family." Sheppard replied that "that's what makes it creepy." (For those that don't know Paul was a character who, I'm told, repeatedly raped his wife.)

Sheppard was asked about how he used to play the drums, and the requester has found him in old videos on youtube. Sheppard "I was cute back then." Sheppard was really into punk in the 1970s. He had a band at 14 years old. Now, his son is a DJ and he's got a real ear for music (You can tell that Sheppard is very proud of his son). Sheppard played in "every band in Europe that nearly made it big." Sheppard likens music to storytelling, and how that seems to translate well into acting.

Can they do an impression of another cast member? Sheppard "Balls." Pellegrino just talks in a batman voice and then asks us to tell him who it is. They decide to bring the questioner up on stage and force them to do an impression (this would inevitably happen a lot with this particular questioner and her friends during the con). "Yeah, this acting crap's really easy, isn't it?" Sheppard says when they can't really deliver.

Can they describe Jared, Jensen, and Misha in 3 words? Sheppard complains that all these questions are is a version of "You're really great, but tell us about Jared and Jensen?!" (He's not wrong.) Never the less, he indulges them. Jared - Moose, Jensen - Gentleman, Misha - Fluffy. Pellegrino insists that the questioner answer their own question - they do. 

Sheppard is asked about Joss Whedon - He's had the priviledge to work with many good showrunners/writers. Everyone of them is fun. It's hard to balance the vision with what makes good ratings, but really, "they're all exactly the same as us, but with cooler jobs."

How kind of Hell would they create for each other?
Sheppard: "What's hell for me? A place where I couldn't talk?"
Pellegrino: "That's exactly it."
Sheppard: "Hungry annoying cats" who would eventually eat Lucifer's face.
Pellegrino: "That's going to stick with me for a while."

"I have a question for Mark Pellegrino-"
Sheppard: "What's it like working with Jared and Jensen?"

Pellegrino is asked about Criminal Minds - procedurals are a lot of dialogue and exposition and less...human. Sheppard jumped in to agree and talk about Bladerunner, where the actor/director/someone threw out all the techno babble in favour of the message, and how much better that is. Pellegrino thinks exposition can be done only alongside action - not just moving the camera around to try to keep the viewers attention.

What would Crowley and Lucifer's band name be? An audience member suggests "Demon Stompers", Sheppard replies "What's wrong with you?". Pellegrino says that the first tune would be "My Bitch Crowley."

Will Lucifer escape and kill Crowley? Pellegrino - Yes. Sheppard - Lucifer could come back as another actor. The audience boos and Sheppard laughs.

Favourite beverage? Sheppard - Pellegrino, it's true. Pellegrino likes Johnny Walker Blue.

Can they do an evil laugh? Sheppard - no. Pellegrino has the girl come up on stage to demonstrate hers. And they have  little laugh exchange. I would have found it more entertaining if I was sick of inane questions and rewarding said inane questions with stage-time (because you could just tell that these were the type of girls where being up on stage wasn't a punishment, no matter how awkward it was.)

And with that the panel ended. 

Jim Beaver Autograph
Jim Beaver is somewhat notorious for taking a really long time to do autographs - mainly, because he wants to speak to each fan. I know it's been a source of tension between him and Creation in the past. This year, they seem to have worked out a way to fix the problem - they had 3 or 4 different signing sessions with Jim over Saturday and Sunday. I went to the first one. Again, I didn't have anything prepared to say. I just thanked him. He wrote my name and then "I'm just going to add even more Xs" he said, and wrote three Xs underneath his signature. I laughed, "Thanks! I do like Xs!" 

Afterwards, I laughed at myself for the wording I had used. Before I was born, my mother told my late grandmother that she wanted to name me Alix. My Grandmother's response was "You can't name a girl something with an X in it! I don't like Xs!" So...yeah, anyway, I know it was completely down to me for reminding myself of that...but I left the autograph room smiiling, and thankful for my extra Xs. :)

Photo-Op with Mark Sheppard
Mark was so interesting in his panel when he was talking about acting/writing/television...that I could have just listened to him forever. So, I decided to get a photo-op with him. He pulled me right in and layed his head against mine and they took the picture. Afterward though, I realized that I should have asked him to smile big - because his default photo-op expression makes him look like he's drunk...ah well. Live and learn....or serve as a warning to others: Ask Mark Sheppard to smile, if you have a photo-op with him.

Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr.
VanCon2012-S&S 068
Richard and Matt are always great together. There's always part of me that thinks "It's been a while since they've been on the show - I wonder what the hell they'll talk about?" and then they come out and I'm like "oh yeah - it's Richard and Matt! I don't have to worry about a thing."

Matt started the panel by talking about how he and Richard had woken up that morning and ran seven miles together.
Richard: "It sounds gay when you say it like that."
They did the seawall and then got Japadogs. 

Richard told the story about getting Pellegrino to come to Karaoke the first time. Richard does amazing impressions of his fellow actors, and Pellegrino is no exception. Richard described how Pellegrino slowly reluctantly moved from, "No," to "I'll go wave" to suddenly standing on seats singing Big Balls with an accent - and then finally last night doing Sweet Transvestite. Matt adds, "He didn't sing Sweet Transvestite. He performed Sweet Transvestite." Matt says that it's not often he sees a man of Mark's stature working it.

Richard also talked about Julian Richings doing Rebel Rebel. (It was awesome, I have video of it that I might add to my Friday report later). Matt said that it was amazing to see Julian dancing "all knees and elbows" and that it made him intimidated to get up on stage and "jerk it" like usual. Richard and Matt then proceeded to get into a conversation about how Matt is always welcome to jerk it all over the stage...and yeah, I'm sure you can see how funny the exchanges became.

Richard explained about how Tim Omundson is an easy one to get to do Karaoke because he's always up for anything. Though Richard joked about how the first time he came, he had a full unabomber beard and everyone was afraid of him.

Finally, they opened up for questions - which they took while wandering around the audience, of course.

How would Richard like Gabriel to come back? Richard asks the questioner how she would like him to come back, bringing her up on stage...where Matt petted her gently on the head. "Big awesome explosion" was the answer. Richard considered it "A big awesome explosion of awesome...that infects everyone with awesome-" "Which means I would be in the episode with you." Matt concluded, otherwise it wouldn't be awesome enough.

The next questioner was in a "Dirty/Sexy" Castiel costume, which launched Richard into a story about how he had found someone in that costume (maybe the same person?) at ComicCon and tried to tweet a picture of it, only he accidentally tweeted a picture that hadn't been taken right...so it ended up with a tweet saying "look like anyone you know?" with a picture of a fishnet-stockinged knee.

Which part of the duel characters they played did they like most?
Matt said that Young John is awesome, but he loved playing Michael. Richard said that as much as he loved the reveal of Gabriel, he actually really enjoyed playing the Trickster the most.

What superhero/supervillain would they be? Richard - Aquaman. "I'm not kidding! You got a problem with Aquaman?!" Matt asks the audience who says Superman, because he looks like him. They encourage the audience to think outside the box, so someone suggests Wonder Woman. Matt likes that idea, but finally settles on Bain from Bateman...because he looks good/attractive.

Did they play pranks? No. It takes a lot of effort to make the show, so there's no time for elaborate pranks on set. The most they do is goof around a little bit between takes. Richard, Matt, and Jared had dinner last night though, and Matt thinks that Jared has it coming...mostly the stuff that happens between them happens at Cons, not on set.

Favourite dance moves? Richard's favourite dance move is Matt Cohen doing the Jerk. Again, Richard has the questioners come up on stage to demonstrate their favourite dance moves...I'm not sure I like this tactic with stupid questions, mainly because it eats up time that could be better served with more questions. And again, I think there's a measure of delight that the questions get about being put on the spot, so it doesn't really dissuade.

If they could play a different villain in SPN? Richard would say Lucifer, but Mark Pellegrino is too awesome in that role. Matt agrees. Matt says that what Johnny Depp is to Captain Jack Sparrow, Mark Pellegrino is to Lucifer.

Tattoos? Richard doesn't have any, but Matt has one that goes from hip to knee on his left leg. "You're never going to see it." Richard relates the story of him and Matt going shopping for disco clothes and Matt trying on this pair of short-shorts, and he comes out of the dressing room and Richard sees his tattoo for the first time much to his surprise, since he didn't know Matt had one. Matt says that the tattoo is a design he did himself that's a tribute to his family. "You'll see it someday." Richard laughs at Matt from going from "You'll never see it," to "Oh, don't worry, I'll show you" in the span of two minutes. Matt "I'll post pictures."

Who is most/least like their characters? Richard says that Misha is most unlike his character and Crowley is slightly nicer than Mark Sheppard. Also, after last night, Richard knows that Julian Richings is nothing like Death.

Richard tells the story about leaving his phone in the green room at a Con, and coming back and "Jared and Misha took certain liberties with my cell phone." It involved photos, and changing the signature on Richard's emails. "Let's just say, I got a call from my wife, and it was not my wife's photo that popped up." When he told them off for it, Jared was like "Dude, you left your phone, what were we supposed to do?" and Richard had to conceed the point "I would have done the exact same thing!"

Richard talked about the Pepsi Commercial. And that somehow segued into the story they told last year about the woman they ran into in LA who liked the look of Matt and then proceeded to show Matt a photo of her ass. Matt "Super awkward."

Would they do a musical episode of Supernatural - Yes.

A questioner has a serious question and a funny question - first question: If they could change something in the past? Richard would go back in time and stop himself from seeing Matt in short-shorts. Matt would go further back in time and force Richard to see him in short-shorts - this then turned into an argument about time-paradoxes.

"Okay, now the funny question..."
Richard: "That was your serious question?! Oh dear."

What would they do if they turned into hot women for the day? Richard would never leave his bedroom. Matt would get a job at Hooters so that Richard would see his short-shorts. Richard points out that if Matt was a woman, he wouldn't mind seeing him in short-shorts.

Favourite colour? The question completely baffles Richard. He jokes about him and Matt preparing for the day on their run, thinking about every curve-ball question that could come there way - and they never imagined someone would ask them their favourite colour. Richard decides on blue. Matt likes clear and black.

What did Sebastian do? Richard doesn't understand the question, jokingly worries that people are taking the What Would Jesus Do thing and saying What Would Sebastian Do? He warns people against this.
Matt - "Just make your own terrible decision. It will be better than his."

The questioner clarifies and says they just don't understand the references they make to Sebastian, like he's done something wrong. Richard explains, "When a man and a chair, stage, prop, fan, mic, etc. love each other very much..."

Can I touch your moustache? Yes. "Like pat the bunny for adults." Matt purrs and meows every time someone touches Richard's moustache.

Question for Matt - How are you so attractive? Richard answers for Matt, saying how being beautiful is a terrible burden, "God smiled on me. It's a curse."

It's the end of the panel, but Richard and Matt don't let Creation send people back to their seats - instead they declare that they do "Speed Questions!" and they pick a line each and quickly run through all the questions as fast as possible. I actually shot video of this, so I didn't take notes. I may try to upload the video later.

Mark Sheppards Autograph
This had to be purchased separately, but I really wanted it, because I just love him in everything he does. 
Mark: "What have you done to your name!?"
Me: "Blame my mum?"
Someone else: "Yeah, it's the parent's fault."
Mark: "They've messed up the spelling!"
Me *laughing*: "They were crazy hippies."
Mark: "yeah, that's gotta be it. Damn them."

I also got an XO after his signature. :D

Brief pause
I had enough time to go for a quick run to Tim Hortons, where they have free wireless and sandwiches.

Misha Collins and Jim Beaver
Misha and Jim were a little late to their panel. They played some videos while we waited. The first was an emotional Cas vid...I always think it's better to go for funny and/or rocking when it comes to vids at Cons. The second vid they played was one about Bobby that was horribly sad, because he's dead.
VanCon2012-S&S 141
Finally Misha and Jim take the stage. Misha notices the large banner of Matt and Richard in their 60s karaoke gear - "That's how Richard dresses at home."

Someone sings Happy Birthday to Misha and they bring out a cake for him to blow out the candles.

There aren't any chairs on stage, but there are two posters of Jared and Jensen. Misha explains that they're going to be auctioning them off for charity, but first they need to decorate them. Misha asks if there are any artists in the audience. Two women are volunteered by their friends and given sharpies and a pencil case. They get to work.

A questioner wants to ask Misha a question in Russian. She has to repeat it twice (Misha told us at the cocktail party later that she was purposefully saying it really fast to try to trip him up), but Misha understand it - "What would you do if you were a woman for a day?"
Misha: "Play with my breasts. Isn't that what women do all day?" 
Jim: "Invite me over!"
Misha: Invite Jim over to work his magic."

Jim and Misha then both get a bit flustered at where they took the answer. :P

If you were Cas from the End, what would you do? Misha - pretend to be a woman.

If you could have any super power? Jim: "What can't I do already?" Jim decides he would have extendable arms so that he could reach the itchy spot on his back "...and serve humanity."
Misha: "Thank god you didn't pick anything selfish."

A story about an awkward moment with a fan? Misha explains how there's a vending machine on his front yard, and people often wander over to look at it in confusion. One day he was out there with West and there were people looking at the vending machine, and Misha was chatting with one of them and then they mentioned something very specific, and Misha was like "wait a minute, you are not a random stranger!"
Jim: "You have a vending machine in your front yard?"
Misha: "Doesn't everyone?"

A questioner comes up and repeats a quote of Misha's back to him, about how he likes people who do things and don't expect anything in return, and does he know that that describes him? 
Misha: "No, I do expect a lot."
The questioner goes on to say that they raised $2000 for Random Acts.
Misha sincerely thanks her, and says that she shouldn't thank him, but that we're "an amazing community of people to stumble into...I think I speak for both of us-"
Jim: "Yeah, that's like $1000 each there!"

Misha cracks up and then Jim and Misha high five.

To Jim - what did you think when you heard they were killing you off? Jim, sincerely, "I cried a little."
Misha: "I destroyed sets 2 and 3, urinated on the producers desk, and put a dead rat in the water cooler."

Misha is asked about Stonehenge Apocalypse. He describes how they called him Saturday and asked if he was free Monday. He's going to be doing an online commentary for it called "A Very Stonehenge Christmas" - it was Misha's idea.

Who would you like to be closer to on set? Misha and Jim cuddle up together on stage, Misha nuzzles Jim's cheek. They make a show of breaking apart and calming down.
Jim: "Sheriff Mills."
Misha: "You won that round."

If you could switch bodies with Jensen?
Misha: "Visit a plastic surgeon immediately"
Jim: "Spend time with Danneel."
Misha: "You win that round too."

If they could play a consequence free prank on Jared?
Jim: "Amputation"
Misha: "Encase him in concrete up to his neck."

Misha doesn't trust "no repercussions" though. How can he ensure there will be no repercussions? The questioner suggests a restraining order.
Misha: "Do they even have those in Canada!"
Jim: "Do they even have laws!?"
Misha: "Yes, they have one law: Be Nice."

What are you doing in Purgatory? Misha says Cas and Dean are sharing a sleeping bag...an audience member yells out that Cas abandoned Dean. "Oh right, I'm not doing anything. I abandoned him....spoiler alert."

If forget the question that prompted it, but Misha launches into this story about West chasing geese in Stanley Park the other day. Then the geese started to chase West back, and Misha had to hit a goose...but West just thought it was a new game. So Misha tried to explain that it wasn't. Then West picked up some geese shit and went to eat it, and Misha yelled "No, West! Don't do that" except that West always does the opposite of what Misha says, so West ate the shit. So, Misha had to google the health hazards of eating goose shit and apparently it's really hazardous! So now he's waiting for West to topple over. Misha pauses and then looks confused, "Sorry, that's called a tangent."

What's your personal purgatory?
Misha - shooting a scene with Jared.
Jim asks where Purgatory is...Misha explains via hand-gestures. Jim decides his stock answer to everything is going to be "Sheriff Mills."

Where's the strangest place you've ever relieved yourself? (Yes, that question was asked - yes, it's a stupid question...but, wait for it...it leads to the awesomest stories about Misha's wife, so I'm not sorry this question was asked at all.)

Misha explains that he was in Chicago with his wife, Vicki, and Vicki really had to pee. So she went into this bar that was all glass - glass windows on every single side. She asked if she could use their restroom and they said no. So, she went out and peed on top of the steps into the place. This then leads Misha into a second story about how he and Vicki tried to go to a strip club in LA, but they wouldn't let Vicki in, because there were "no women allowed", so Vicki stood out on the street and told people "don't go in there, I'll show you them for free" and flashed people on sunset strip. (Seriously, Vicki is awesome...I've always wanted to pee on a restaurant when they don't let me pee inside.)

Jim can't compete with those stories, he says, but he did pee on his pediatrician's face when he was 2 months old.

Misha then launches into a story about how they were in Tibet and got really sick, and they were going to the bathroom off their second floor balcony, and it was ridiculous, so Misha asked if there was another bathroom they could use. There was an outhouse across the street - but the way it works there is that you go into a trough that carries the waste away, and then you wipe with your hand, and then wipe your hand on the wall. The problem was that Misha's shoulders were too wide and he couldn't NOT touch the wall. (Gross).

How would you like to come back to the show, Jim? "Remember that question about switching bodies with Jensen?"
Misha points out that then Jim would have to work 22 episodes a season. Jim wouldn't mind, he'd be happy if the gave him three. Jim then tries to paint a picture of Sheriff Mills in a bathtub, but Misha derails it when Jim describes bubbles rising, and Misha asks why Sheriff Mills is farting in a bath.

Jim says that he's always wanted to be Frankenfurter in Rocky Horror, but he knows he'll never get to at this point. Misha doesn't know Rocky Horror (gasp!). Jim says Jared would be Rocky.

What job would they have other than an actor?
Jim would coach the girls gymnastics team. When the audience side-eyes him for being a dirty old-man, Jim insists it's because he likes gymnastics.
Misha would like to be president. He admits that he had an overblown ego as a kid and a lot of his decisions until the end of college were based on the idea that he'd one day be president. "Then I ended up here, which is much more glamourous."

What did Misha wish for when he blew out the candles on his cake?
Misha: "Something to do with a  scantilly clad Cas and Dean."
Jim: "Someone should invent a word that's a mash-up of those two names."
Misha: "Yeah, it's too bad there aren't any creative people here."

If Misha could combine two versions of Cas, who would he combine? Leviathan Cas and "Orgy Cas" - it would be a very mixed message. What with all the disguesting goo. 

One of the questioners was dressed as Castiel and had a very feminine sounding voice. When Misha called the questioner female, the questioner corrected him and said that he was a male. Misha - "You were dressed as Castiel, so I assumed you were a woman."

How many takes did it take to kiss Crowley? One take. Misha jokes that Jim and Mark didn't break apart when the director yelled cut, and that Jim held on with is teeth.

Misha apologizes again to the questioner for the "gender confusion" and describes how when he was younger, he had long flowing hair and "I had what I thought were masculine features" but no one else did...and his first passport listed him as female, which caused him some problems when he traveled.

Who would they like to see pole dance?
Misha: Who plays Death?
Jim: "They didn't mean as the pole!" ..."There's a perverse part of me that wants to see Jared."
And then there are Sebastian jokes.

Question abotu GISHWHES - can we pick our teams? "Sort of, but I want to make the process cumbersome and difficult." Misha goes on to describe how they switched databases, and "I've got some more great database jokes for you..." 

Suddenly, Jim has an idea: "Find a language that's not on google translate and then put the rules in only in that language!"
And here, oh I hope someone got a picture of the look on Misha's face because it was AMAZING. It was as though Jim had just come up with the most wonderful idea in the entrie world.

Again, the question with about their favourite dance moves. Misha tries to turn the question back on them just like Richard and Matt had done, but one of the artists on the stage tells him that's already been done. So he names the dance move and forces the questioner to perform it. It's still annoying.

They are asked a question about books...
Jim: "Your wife wrote some sort of sex manual, right?"
Misha: "Yes, that's right."
Jim: "How's that going for you?"
Misha smiles.

Favourite joke? 
Misha: A man finds a snail on his front porch and picks it up and throws it across the yard. Two years later there's a knock on the door. The man opens it to find the snail who says "Hey! What was that all about?!"

Is Jim's father-figure of Bobby anything like how he is with his own kid? 
Misha: "Do you call your daughter an idjit?"
Jim says no, his daughter's too smart. An audience member yells out that he just does make-overs. 
Jim: "You saw that did you?"
Misha wants to know what he's talking about.
Jim: "Just be glad you don't follow me or my daughter on twitter."
Misha: "I have a feeling I'm about to start."

The prize this year for GISHWHES may include an overnight stay at a Scottish Castle. When Jim wants to play, Misha mutters that he'll give him the list in advance.

Is Misha disappointed that S8 isn't what he expected (This question seems to be based on Misha saying that they didn't do what he expected with Purgatory). Misha jokes about how he pictured himself like Charlie in Charlie's Angels. He goes on to say that they once again put Cas through the wringer...like they always do. The questioner, who told him it was her first Con, goes back to her seat, Misha imitates her "But I wanted a real answer!...this is frustrating...why do people come back to these things? They're mean!"

Jim was asked about Breaking Bad, sadly, I don't seem to have taken notes about what was said here.

Misha is asked whether he thinks Jimmy is still inside Castiel, even after Castiel has died and come back and died and come back and died and-
Jim: "That stuff never happens on Breaking Bad"
Misha thinks Jimmy is in his head singing an annoying song, which is why Cas gets increasingly irritable.

At some point the idea of someone acting without knowing they're on TV comes up (I honestly forget how this happened.) Jim jokes that that's how Jared works. Misha jokes about "I showed up and they have me read these lines out and then they feed me, I don't know why..."

Favorite version of Cas? Jim jokes about Misha being an inconsistent actor. Misha settles on Future!Cas (End!Verse Cas). 

Most embarassing story? Misha of course has an answer, but he can't share it...and "the answer is so loud in my head, that I can't think of anything else." So he doesn't answer. Jim, when he was young, once had a twenty minute conversation with his girlfriend while believing that he was talking to a different girl....they broke up. Misha declares that just thinking about the possible answers to that question has made him break out in a sweat, even though he's not going to answer.

Favourite scene? Misha likes the time that Cas and Bobby made sweet sweet love.
Jim: "Bobstiel"

Jim's favourite scene is the goodbye to his zombie-wife scene, because it was rewarding as an actor.

VanCon2012-S&S 154
Posters are auctioned off, but not before Misha borrows an audience member's lipstick, puts it on, and then kisses Dean on the one he's auctionning off. Jim's charity is the John Wayne Cancer Charity and Misha's is Random Acts. Both posters went for far lower than I expected, even though Misha's had his DNA on it "and hers," Misha says, pointing to the woman in the audience who gave him the lipstick, "we shared."

I finally got to try Hell's Pizza on Davie street. It was very good. I had a lovely dinner with missyjack and write_light

I forgot Misha AGAIN! This happened at my first Con too...and thankfully, just like at my first Con, raloria had an extra picture of Misha that I could get him to sign. THANK YOU.

I should say there was also a costume contest during autographs, and there was a group of four girls who did an AWESOME fem!version of the characters (and a separate girl who did human-Impala that was amazing.) The fem!cast was Dean, Cas, Sam, and Lucifer...and the Dean and Cas reminded me a lot of this artist on tumblr...um, I can't remember her name at the moment, but she does these fantastic sort of 20s style drawing costumes too. Ugh, it's going to drive me crazy. I'll figure it out and edit this later.

Richard was talking to the guy ahead of me about what music they'd sing at the karaoke party in Dallas. It was crazy, because all of a sudden Richard had a southern accent - no doubt responding to the guys southern accent. Richard then proceeded to spell my name wrong, realize his mistake, right "I suck" and then spell my name correctly. He apologized. I didn't mind.

Matt was mostly caught up with the guy ahead of me. He was standing to do autographs, which is probably smart health-wise. His thank you to me was sincere and he made sure to look at me while he said it. I kind of like the fact that he was eye-level instead of having to look up.

Misha said thankyou and then gave me a very slow and amazing wink.

Julie really liked the picture I had printed out for her to sign. It was just a screencap of her from OTHOAP (she has my favourite line in that episode). The problem was that the pictures they were selling of her at the Con were horribly blurry...really crappy pictures. Julie asked if I minded waiting for just a second, because she wanted to show the Creation staff my picture and tell them that it was the kind of stuff they SHOULD have. So she disappeared with it for a minute, and then came back. She explained that she was just frustrated on our behalf, because we shouldn't have to put up with blurry pictures. She (or the volunteer beside her) explained that the problem was that Creation can only sell what the CW gives them. "The CW needs to get off their ass", Julie said.

I tripped over Mark Pellegrino's feet, because he was stretching them out over the table.
Me: Sorry, I kicked your feet.
Mark: I was just stetching.
Volunteer: What does your pin say?
Me *thrown*: Hells Half Acre? It's so people know how to find my blog.
Mark *looks at it*: Cool.
Me: Uh, thank you!
Mark: Thank you! :)

Chocolate Martini Time
Seriously, nothing says civilized like a chocolate martini. I once seduced someone with chocolate martinis. Chocolate martinis are a gift from the liquor gods.

Cocktail Party
I took my martini from the downstairs bar to the room for the cocktail party. Martinis always go right to my head, so I knew I wouldn't need another drink.

The music was loud and people were dancing...and that was nice. I was tired and my voice hurt, and it was hard to yell over the music. But K had been to the Jim Beaver M&G and I wanted to hear about it.
-Apparently JIBCon got mad at Jim for "diluting their product" when he hung around with some fans the day after the Con. 
-There was a woman there who was quite obviously flirting with Jim the whole time.
-He originally wanted to be a film historian, but they don't make much money. Then he wanted to be a playwrite but had the same problem...
-Maddie taught herself html when she was 9 years old.
-Jim also told them about how Pellegrino and Misha had gotten deported from Rio, because the Con organizers gave them tourist visas instead of working visas. Jared didn't get deported somehow (maybe because he was out of his hotel room when they did the sweep?). Pellegrino has since had trouble getting into other countries because it's on his record.
-Jim told a funny story about him "fangirling" over a silent movie star once, so he completely understand how we feel.
-When Jim was young, he used to have a schedule for what movies he was watching each week that he'd make when he went through the TV guide.
-Jim started learning Japanese in '95 in night classes. He speaks a bit of German, French, and Italian. He likes to be able to say something to fans in their own language whenever possible.

K also had autograph stories...
-She got Richard to sign the copy of Hellblazer with Gabriel on the cover. He wrote "K- This isn't me!"
-Misha saw Kim's autograph to K in K's GISHWHES book - Kim had written "Misha still owes me a kiss, Asylum didn't count." Misha said "She's right. I need to do it again."

Eventually the actors were brought out to the party. The centre piece competition was first. They made Julie decide. "I'm an indecisive Libra!" (So am I, Julie, and I don't even believe in astrology.)  It seems this year there were more tables and less time with the actors.

Julie - SO TINY. We mostly just made small talk and talked about how overwhelming Cons can be. She asked for drink recommendations and I suggested a chocolate martini (because, like I said, it's made people fall in love with me)...but Julie apparently once drank way too many martini's and threw up all over the place and now can't have them at all. So, yeah, uh, sorry for suggesting it, Julie. :P

Matt - "We've got one and a half minutes of glorious time together, so we can talk, or we can hug!" HUG! I gave him a double squeeze.
We did have time for one question: Why does he do Cons?
"Three reasons!"
1. Loyalty of the fans has already given him opportunities in his career.
2. He misses his coworkers and it's a great way to see them.
3. He wants back on the show.

He thinks the fandom is so important to the show that the writers should really give the fans a fan-driven episode (I personally think this is a bad idea, but I appreciate the sentiment behind it.)

Mark Sheppard - is SUPER nice.
-He was wearing a Leverage shirt, so we talked about that first. He doesn't know if it's coming back, but he hopes so.
-We talked about Sherlock again and how Mark would love to play Moran, but the tweets to Moffat are probably hurting rather than helping. Moffat KNOWS and Moffat hates being told what to do.
-Mark had a flight in 3 hours, but he said that if he didn't - and the next time he does a con- he thinks that he'd like to hang out in a bar afterwards so that he could spend more time with the fans, because this little interaction (minute and a half) was far too short. (I found out the next day that Mark also flew in late Friday or early Saturday morning - so he basically flew in and flew out again...and was pretty dead on his feet because of it.)

Russ Hamilton - asked us all where we were from - turned out that the whole table was pretty much local, except for weimar27 who's from the US. Russ wanted to stay and drink with us rather than doing table rounds...we smiled, but at that point, I really wanted to go home and go to sleep, not hang out with Russ.

Pellegrino - introduced us to a new staring contest game, where you sit really close together and you try to say "I haven't laughed or smiled in seven years" back and forth until one of you cracks. He played it with one girl at the table (I was slightly jealous). Pellegrino thinks that Sheppard wouldn't crack, or Misha.
-K told him how much she enjoyed his Bishop on the US Being Human, and he said that he'll be back again this year. 

-He talked about the question in Russian earlier, and then pretended that he didn't understand english.
-He was wearing a hat that said "Evil Boss" in either Kanji or Chinese.
-His software company that he used to have made educational software. "Cool!" "No, it's not cool."
-One of his fingernails is bruised and all black. We asked what happened. He said he painted it so that he knew which finger to tell people to fuck of with (Okay, I'm not sure if that's really what he said...he definitely said he painted it, and then he said something else that I didn't catch - but doesn't that sound like something Misha would say? :P)

-Jim was wearing a German shirt that translated to "I see more with my eyes closed" roughly and was a quote from a Brecht play. He got it when he tried to see a Brecht play in Berlin, but sadly the lead actor got sick and the play was cancelled.
-Jim was very tired, and he didn't understand how it was that some of the other actors were finishing before him.

-He asked the one guy at our table, Shaun, my seatmate, whether he and K were married (they were sitting next to each other). K said "No!" and then apologized to Shaun. Richard asked if they were dating. K showed him her wedding ring. Richard joked that she was cheating on her husband and said something about him finding out on twitter. "He's not on twitter." "Of course he isn't," Richard said.
-Richard then talked about the social aspect of the Con, and one of the younger girls at our table said that it was definitely special - because she couldn't think of anywhere else where you could sing karaoke and have hundreds of people cheer for you, usually that doesn't happen. Richard agreed, "It's a we society instead of a me society" and then Richard crossed his legs and leaned forward with a serious expression, "The way our government should be!" We laughed. He bid us good night.

...and then we got the hell out of the and went to bed...once again, after 2am.
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  • Last Day

    Alright, for all my talk of having moved on mentally, I have to admit that seeing all the last-day things - the set tear downs, the goodbye messages…

  • ...hi

    I realize that basically since the show went on hiatus back in February(?), I have done nothing but post messages that say that I'm alive and that…

  • What do you mean it's already 9:30?

    See, this is what happens every day. I finish work around 2 or 3 if I'm lucky (a couple of times it's been 5 or 6). Then I think, okay, I have a…