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VanCon 2012: Day 1 - Lucifer never moved his hips like that!

(I'm sorry these reports are so late this year. You'll see, as you read, just how much of the day the con takes up...but in addition to that, I was unfortunate enough this year to contract a cold while I was at the Con, so I'm not working at peak efficiency at the moment. If the Supernatural cast gets sick, I swear it wasn't me...I'm just a fellow victim.)

Vancon2012 started MUCH better than last year, by the simple fact that I did NOT start the day by spraining my ankle. Instead I started the day by getting my paycheque in the mail, yay!

But nobody cares about that, let's get to the Kim Rhodes, Steve Carlson, Death, and Secret Sex Gods....

I met metallidean_grl,raloria and risenshine22 in the lobby of the hotel and we all said our hellos...and then headed down to the Grand Ballroom (aka: the Theatre...at least, that's what I call it. I was VERY surprised to find that I was sitting next to a man! Not only that, but he was a man who had come alone, was straight, and this was his third convention! His name was Shaun, I decided that he was a very nice (and I'm not just saying that because I gave him the address for this blog...hello Shaun!)

This year they had crammed more seats into the ballroom somehow. It was actually a bit ridiculous. The chairs are already too small for the adult-human ass...and I'm not even talking about the "curvy" ladies...but they seemed to have made the aisles almost non-existence...INCLUDING the distence between the stage and the first row. I was in Row H, so a fair bit back...but I was also in the centre, which actually was perfect picture taking position...as long as I could aim over the top of the head in front of me. And I actually had a half-decent camera this year, so I was looking forward to trying it out.

Kim Rhodes
Kim Rhodes
The into to Kim Rhodes' panel was a vid made by risenshine about Sheriff Mills. It was very fun, and Kim seemed to like it too, because she came out and started dancing to it. 

I actually forgot to take notes - I was really not on the ball this year. Kim was wearing a cute orange dress with shorts underneath to be safe. She warned us that she had friends in the audience who were going to tweet her any questions they overheard...and also tweet her if we said mean things. If we did say mean things, she warned us that she would track us down and cry at us.

Kim, unfortunately, has not been called yet for S8.

Her favourite quote is "don't make me use my mom voice!"

The best/worst advice she ever got? The worst was her dad's sex-talk, which consisted entirely of "tell him to whack it against the steering wheel." The best advice she ever got was not to play something if it was written on the page - instead, add something that's not. (Example: "I love you" - is it said with fear? anger? etc...the words are on the page, but the meaning isn't.)

Is Supernatural a boys club? - Kim says that the person who handles all the guns on SPN is a woman. It's a testosterone heavy set, but it's not anti-estrogen. There's no bullshit on the set, and no bullshit means no bullshit for anyone regardless of gender.

The favorite place she ever visited? New Zealand - she went before her and her husband started trying to have a baby.

She was asked how Jody (Jodie? How DO you spell it?) reacted to Bobby's death, since we didn't get to see her hear the news on the show. Kim thinks Jodie was "devastated againt her will". Kim explains that when Sheriff Mills lost her first family, she was losing an ideal - but what she had with Bobby was a more "real", she recognized herself in him.

Someone asked Kim to say something in her "Mom voice" - so she gave a full performance of what she actually sounds like as a mother...it ended in "Don't bite Mommy. Your teeth hurt Mommy. Mommy needs a time-out."

She was asked about her blog and what it's like writing such personal things and having thousands of people read it. Kim explains that she always had writing asperations."Writing is an experiment in being honest with myself." She's explains that it's amazing the number of people who give support when you are honest...who recognize themselves in what you say, and say "me too, I'm broken that way too." The blog is an artistic practice in writing and a spiritual practice in connecting with other human beings.

She was asked who was most like/unlike their characters (this was to prove to be a "every panel" questioner). Kim says that Steven Williams is like his character (Rufus). Jim Beaver is as lovable as Bobby "and Mark Sheppard is evil." James Patrick Stewart (Dick) is least like his character.

Her favourite story from offset? Kim talked about "the boys" and how beautiful they were - and how she wanted to make sure they knew that she wasn't after them. It wasn't like she could just go up to them and say "Hi! I'm not trying to fuck you!" because that would be "uncouth" ...so instead she mentioned her age when she was in the make-up trailer talking to someone else, saying that she was old enough to be Jared's mother. From the other end of the trailer, Jared suddenly asked 'wait, how old are you?' and Kim answered  "42"...there was a long pause in which Jared just looked at her, and then he said, "Good for you!"...and then after that it was nothing but cougar and oedipus jokes. "So it was all good."

She was asked about her roll on Voyager and how hard it was to learn a made-up language. Kim said it was very difficult. She's had to learn lines from a language she didn't know before, when she had a roll where she had to speak Chinese. Even though the language on Voyager was made up, she still had to get it right, because they do a lot of research for that show - so she couldn't just make sounds, because then they'd say "I'm sorry, that language belongs to a different alien." 

Her favourite person to hang out with off-set? Jim Beaver. She also likes going out for drinks with Guy Bee.

Kim was a very animated speaker, and she walked back and forth across the stage quite a bit. On one of her passes, she tripped over a light and knocked it off the back of the stage. "Ah! I broke the set! ... They're going to take back all of the $20 they're giving me!" She then beant down and fetched the light and set it up again. "Aren't you glad I wore the shorts?"

What would Sheriff Mills have done if she's seen Ghost!Bobby? Kim thinks she would have fallen apart. She thinks Jodie's mindset is "Dead. Move-on." but if the person comes back, then all the pain would just come back too. Also there's the fact that her kid came back from the dead and "ate her husbands intestines!" When Kim lamented "why can't she get one win?" an audience member yelled back "You're on Supernatural, nobody wins!"

Someone asked her how it was that she got into acting, if she had writing-asperations. Kim honestly replies that it's because she discovered that if you are an actor, you get applause. Basically, she liked the attention...she continued on to explain that she's since had therapy. ;)

She was asked if she was happy with her storyline? Kim says that she'd like to come back! She'd like the boys to have a real connection with a woman who says "Hi! I don't want to fuck you! ...I think it'd be good for them."

She was asked about her experience on CSI. She said it was great...though there was this really complicated shot with all this camera rigging and stuff, and she was blowing the take, and she got really upset about it, and Georgia helped calm her down.

Would Jody become a Hunter? YES! She doesn't know why she hasn't. "If there was a suicide mission, she would be like 'I got this, Peace Out!' ... She would die for those boys now." Her biggest fear is that you'll be watching Supernatural and "one day you'll hear Sam say '..and when Sheriff Jody died...' and then, from Los Angeles, you'd hear 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo............."

Kim would like to kiss Bobby, but she loved the way they played that last scene they had together where they didn't kiss.

She was asked what the strangest fan gift she ever got was. Kim's never gotten a fan gift...but she said that once this guy called her agents office and said he was going to kill her, and he left his number and asked her to call him....worst murderer ever.

Kim would like to have 15 minutes in a room with Crowley...I kind of forget what the question was here, to be honest.

Some of the questioners were calling her "Jodie" by mistake. Kim was very amused and cool with it. One girl was embarassed because she said she had been standing there thinking "don't call her Jodie, don't call her Jodie..." and of course had then called her Jodie. 

Pranks? Nope...but Kim told a funny and absolutely adorable story about Jared. Her kid really liked Finding Nemo, and in that movie there's a starfish that clings to the side of a fishtank...at one point, there's a kid banging on the glass and the starfish starts falling off the glass backwards (Kim of course demonstrated) and the starfish starts saying "Fina a happy place, find a happy place!" Kim likes to act it out occassionally for her own amusement (probably when she needs to find a happy place)...and it really confused Jared, who I suppose is unfamiliar with the movie. So, Kim tried to explain about the starfish, and eventually just gav e up and said "It just amuses me, okay?" ...later, they were filming a scene and Kim screwed up - and Jared suddenly strikes the starfish pose and starts saying "Find a happy place, find a happy place!" 

Someone asked how Kim was able to play "fresh out of surgery" when nothing was wrong with her. Kim cheated. She has chronic abdominal pain and is on medication for it...so she just didn't take her meds. At one point, she says that the director (Guy Bee?) told her that she didn't have to play it so pained...THAT was hard.

Kim talked more about playing what isn't on the page when she told a story about the scene where Sheriff Mills shows up at Bobby's after having busted Rufus out of jail. She says the words on the page were "I hate you, I don't know why I'm doing this." and her and Jim changed it through unspoken-acting to "You got me. I'm on your side." Jensen (Director) really liked it on the day, but it was practically edited out in post.

What was it like going from The Suite Life... to Supernatural? Trying to be diplomatic, Kim reports that it was like going from McDonalds to Filet Mingnon. They are both good at what they do, but what they do is different. Kim thinks kids are smarter than Disney gives them credit for.

Kim thanked us all for coming to her panel and admitted that she was afraid there would only be 11 people there, since she was opening the con. She was very touched and surprised that there were way more than 11 of us. :)

K (my local friend), S (a non-local friend), missyjack tried to go down to the gallery, but sadly it was too busy...so we ended up eating at the deli in the supermarket. Ah well. Although I won the trivia contest last year, I skipped it this year - because who needs $250 of Creation merchandise? And also, I wanted to eat.

Steve Carlson
(I didn't have my camera out for Steve's panel - so here's a picture of my notes:)
VanCon2012 021
I'm always a bit skeptical/worried about non-SPN panels at Supernatural Cons. The topic had come up when I was talking with some other fans too - about how Creation doesn't put together the panels-of-awesome that they could - such as a panel with Jim Michaels, Serge Ladoucer, Kevin Parks, etc. ...I mean wouldn't a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes information on Supernatural be way more interesting than "Bit-part #234" and "Musician Friend of *blank*" ? And you could definitely see that a lot of people felt the same way, since the panel wasn't that heavily attended (in comparison to other panels, anyway.)

That all being said, as I listened to Steve's panel, I sort of realized that it wasn't the "Steve Carlson" panel, it was the "Jensen's private life" panel...and I'm not saying that Steve talked only about Jensen, he talked about himself and his plans...but the thing is - who you have as friends says a lot about what kind of person you are. So, in a way, I think any Jensen fan would have loved Steve's panel, because it really inadvertently painted a picture of what Jensen is like as a person. Now, of course, this is a Supernatural Convention, not a Jensen Convention - so the original argument against panel's like Steve's still stands - but I'm just saying that Steve's panel isn't without its own merits from a fan point of view.

Anyway, let's get on with the actual panel. Steve started by introducing himself, who he was, what he does, etc. He explained that he used to be roommates with Jensen and that they like to write songs together. 

He's got an album coming out that has Jensen singing the lead vocals on one track. Jensen wanted to do it, Steve didn't force him. It was actually Jensen who came to Steve with the idea. It's going to be an album of cover-songs.

Steve is also working on another album that's a conceptual piece of original music. Jensen is writing it with him. They started writing it in March when Steve "was up hanging with Jensen."

Steve then turned it over to the questions lined, but stated "before you ask, don't ask me anything more about Jensen singing because I'm not saying anything else!" (This would prove to be only partially true.)

Steve enjoys all aspects of being a musician/songwriter. He would be fine with selling songs to other artists, because his biggest rush is writing the songs. He does like recording his own songs though, because when he's recording he knows that no one has ever heard those songs before. He gets emotional when people sing along to his songs at concerts.

He was asked how it works when he works with others (such as Jensen). Steve explained that people have different strengths. Steve thinks that his strength are words and lyrics. "I really like working with Jay." 

(Did you catch that? For those of you who read a lot of J2 fic, this will mess with your mind - but Jensen's nickname is actually "Jay" amongst his friends. Jensen has mentioned this before at a Con, but both him and Jared both respond to "Jay" as a nickname.)

Music was everywhere when he lived with "Jay", they had instruments all over the place and were constantly playing together. Steve really wishes there wasn't a stigma attached to actors who sing. It didn't used to be like that. It used to be part of the job of acting was singing. Steve explained that Jensen grew up singing and grew up with music. They write really fast and well together. Jensen has a very visual brain - and that maybe comes from being an actor. 

Jensen's song is going to be an album-only track. That means that when the album is available on iTunes, you won't be able to buy just Jensen's track, you'll have to buy the whole album in order to get it. Steve went on immediately to explain that this WASN'T a cash-grab/trick to sell albums. It's because if he let people buy only Jensen's track, then Jensen's track would get higher in the iTunes rating then Steve's stuff...and the problem with that is that it wouldn't have Jensen's name on it - it would have Steve's. So people who didn't know either Steve OR Jensen, would see the track that says "Steve Carlson" and listen to Jensen sing, and think that Jensen was Steve. So, it would be false advertising for Steve, if anyone were to buy his albums based on listening to only that track. (This makes perfect sense to me....also, I love covers, so I'm planning to buy the whole album anyway.)

Steve originally went to culinary school and wanted to be a chef. It remained his back-up plan, if music didn't work out. It's still a passion of his and he does want to open some restaurants. The restaurant business is really fickle though. Steve laughed at himself for picking two of the riskiest professions.

He was asked whether if someone bought his song, he would want to be part of the recording process. "If Justin Bieber wanted to do one of my songs, I don't need to be part of any part of that process."

Steve was asked if he had any weird/funny stories from the recording studio. Steve said that he was once recording this girl singing, and there was this really weird whistling sound and they couldn't figure out where it was coming from...finally they had to stop her singing and tell her they were having technical difficulties. Steve, confused, asked her if she possibly had anything in her mouth...and sure enough, she was wearing a retainer. Steve shook his head, confused as to why on earth someone would wear a retainer while singing.

His other story was about recording with Jensen. They recorded the song in the ADR trailer at Supernatural, on set, between takes! Steve explained that it really was his dream recording equipment. While they recorded, Jared walked around them and filmed it. About a week after they were done, Jensen called Steve and told him that the ADR trailer had blown-up and burned. Steve said it was very scary, but once he knew everyone was alright and that insurance was going to cover it - he felt okay about joking "We set that thing on fire, man! We burned that thing to the ground!"

What songs have most affected him? Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band - he first heard that while he was touring with Kane. He also likes Somebody That I Used to Know, but he knows it's overplayed.

A questioner came up to the mic and said "my goodness you're a little hottie" - Steve said that "no one ever tells me that." 

Did Jensen lie about not wanting to write because he second guesses himself? Steve thinks that Jensen meant that he didn't want to write on his own. Jensen is comfortable with Steve, because Steve has experience. He and Jay only recently had a talk where Steve tried to convey how much joy writing brought to his life. The questioner joked about telling Jensen that Steve said that Jensen took over the writing process or something...and Steve said that Jensen knows that Steve is too much of a control freak to let Jensen take over.

risenshine22 asked whether there be videos? Yes. Steve said that he's seen the vids that people make of his songs up on youtube - the ones with the slideshows of pictures of Jensen and him hanging out. He wanted to give people something better - mainly, because as much as he appreciates the work that goes into them, Steve finds the slideshow videos really boring. Jensen was on board, so that's why Jared was filming them as they recorded. risenshine22clarified that she wasn't just asking about the Jensen song, she wanted Steve to know that she would like any videos from him...which I thought was nice of her to add, since I'm sure Steve probably expects that we really only care about Jensen.

Steve talked about how he never sleeps. He has several projects constantly on the go. He mentioned jewelry, cooking, and learning two foreign languages.

Is there a lyric or word that he would like to work into a song? Steve likes working in cool words. He's proud of some of them - inebriated, legacy, misconstrue. The newest one is a foreign word, but he's not going to tell us what it is. It's in a song that he and Jensen wrote together. He loves putting in words that are unexpected.

A questioner pointed out that Steve seemed like a romantic guy, and they wondered what his ideal date was. Steve admitted that he's a dreamer and less of a realist, and that's not necessarily always a good thing. He likes spontanity and gestures in general - opening doors, being courteous, etc. Not many guys are aware of it anymore, but Steve thinks it's important. He knows that it might be old fashioned and that some women don't appreciate it, but even if he knows that you can open the door for yourself, he still wants to do it for you. Steve thinks that probably his date would involve cooking at some point.

At this point, I heard a member of the audience say, "Yeah, okay, I'm sold."

Are there any songs or genres that make Steve cringe? "It saddens me greatly that everything moves at such a quick pace that no one takes the time to appreciate art." He used the examples of movies like The Shinging and Carrie, with their long set-ups. They wouldn't be made today. People want the hook faster. "What brothers me now is a whole lot of repetition in music." Steve explains, "people are working really hard for their money and people don't have a lot of time to cook or sit down and listen to music." For things that are unnecessarily repetitive, Steve uses the lyric "Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York [...]" - "How many times do I have to hear it for New York?!"

House music is like that. Steve thinks there's a time and a place for house music. He says that he was once driving at 9am and a car pulled up beside him blasting house music. "Maybe if I were out with my friends...on a table with a bottle of vodka, and it were my birthday..." but not at 9am in the morning.

Who did Steve listen to as a kid? Who would you drop everything to see? Steve would love to see Tom Petty (and with that, Steve had successfully won me over completely - I love Petty.) Tom Petty is actually a large influence on Steve's music, just for the Americana alone. He also liked Dire Straits, Sting, Paul Simon, Prince... "I haven't said a girl's name. That's sexist. I just can't think of a girl I've been influenced by right now...I love women!" Steve then laughed at himself for thinking that saying "I love women" someone made up for the fact that he couldn't name a female musical influence.

And with that, Steve's panel came to a close. I thought Steve was funny, charming, and a really decent guy...and since the people you hang out with reflect who you are as a person, that goes for Jensen too. :P 

So, Creation had their first auction - I'm always amazed at the amount of money that gets spent at these things. That being said, less money was actually being spent this year...I guess it's a sign of these hard economic times. One of the items being auctioned was this huge banner of Jensen that was obviously an on-set photo. raloria and I were trying to figure out what episode it was from. I finally figured out that it was from 7x01, and started pointing out to raloria how I knew...she immediately slapped my hand down, because I had completely forgotten that they were in the middle of an auction and it's probably not a good idea to start raising my hand :P So, yeah, that was kind of funny.

Julian Richings
VanCon2012 060
Sometimes, people just don't show up - even when they have gold tickets. I discovered that there were two empty seats up in row C by raloria, metallidean_grl and K...so for Julian's panel, I stayed up there.

VanCon was only Julian's second con - so he promised that he wouldn't ask why people were lining up at the microphones - as he did at his first con. 

Supernatural has taught him what a powerful fanbase is like. Julian is a character actor and isn't used to being recognized, but now he walks down the street sometimes and hears "It's Death!". He says that sometimes people can be a bit intimidated by his character, so he has learned to recognize the look of someone who recognizes him but is slightly afraid he might kill them if they say anything.

How much did he know about the character ahead of time? It was supposed to be a one-off, he thought, so he didn't know it would recur). He read the scene and saw the subtle humour of it...the act of Death eating a pizza. Jensen and he hit it off immediately and played well off of each other. "I kept a bit of menace in there - you must remember that I can do nasty things."

His favourite quote? "I'm old." He likes that line because it's an excuse and a threat at the same time.

Julian talked about how he tends to play Death a lot. He jokingly re-enacted a conversation with his mum:
"Hi Mum, I got this part-"
"You aren't dead again , are you?"
"-yes, Mum."
"Do you speak Shakespeare?"
"No, Mum."

He was more of a traditional Death character in Percy Jackson. He's also played the Grimm Reaper. He's happiests with the Supernatural role, because Death on SPN has a lot of power, but doesn't take himself too seriously. 

He talked about an old roll (I didn't catch the name of the thing, but it was directed by John Woo), where he played a hitman. Both him and the second hitman had very large noses - and they used to play up their profiles to make fun of it. The first episode was shot in Vancouver and the rest in Toronto. It was a bit campy. He regrets that it didn't keep going.

Someone asked him if he's been to Hell's pizza in Vancouver yet. He hadn't, but he said there's a place on Granville he likes, because the slogan is "Fast food, snappy service" - "And they're very rude to you."

He talked about how he sometimes has to do his own stunts. Because of his bone structure, they can't find a stuntman that looks like him. He's currently working on a show based on The Transporter...he had to do his own stunt in that one, but he can't give the details. He also talked about how sometimes doing the stunts is his own fault. He was called to do a western...
"Can you ride a horse?"
"Yes, I can ride a horse?"
*He then makes a face that says clearly 'I cannot ride a horse'.

He was asked what his favourite movie quote of all time was. He doesn't have a head for quotes, that's not how he watches films - but he really likes Night of the Hunter, which is done in the old tradition of silent film, but not silent - and there's this very creepy scene when two characters are singing sort-of duelling hymns.

A questioner asked him about his talks at Humber College in Toronto. He talks about how he likes to speak to aspiring actors, and pose the question of "what is success?" It's picking different projects, that there are different paths...it's not you make it or you lose - win or die. 

He's asked how it is that he can play so creepy when he's obviously a delightful human being: Less is more. Here, Julian put on an overthetop creepy-act, and said if he did that, all you'd walk away with is "He's trying really hard!" Julian also points out that he had help - "It's beautifully shot and carefully written." The humour mixed with threat is the key, "Nice pickle chips, by the way."

He was asked about his character's entrance. Julian didn't know about it ahead of time. He "showed up and they said 'you're going to drive this white Cadillac.' 'You're kidding me!'" He had to drive it around lighting rigs and equipment, and the steering on it was really lose, and he was absolutely terrified that he was going to crash it. Julian also says that his entrance was helped by "beautiful use of music - I'm just the beneficiary."

What's his greatest fear? Flopping, and forgetting lines. "Terrifies me when things might fall to bits.... that got strange and psychological."

Julian talked about Misha's crazy antics - how he crashed Julians panel at his first con, and he instructs us to "make sure he behaves!"

He doesn't know if he'll be back on the show. "I hope so, but part of the reason my character works is that I haven't been overused."

Is there a character you would like to kill or something you would like to do as Death? "Castiel - he's a pesky thing. [...] stupid little soldier." (he smiles). As for something to do..."A song and dance routine?"

His favourite place on earth? Canada. And he's not just saying that. He's Toronto based. He came to Canada for the first time in his 20s with a theatre company, and he just loves all of it. In Vancouver, he likes English Bay.

What would be his last meal? Beer and Stilton Cheese.

Favourite character and can he do an impression of that character? He laughs. He interacts the most with Dean. Julian starts to say "He's most people's fav...well, Sam too. I'm not going to start a war!"

Julian then went on to describe how Jensen knows when to eat on camera and when not to. "He's so clever." Julian laughed and reminisced about the look in his eyes of "No way, buddy, I'm not going to eat one of those."

Advice to young actors? Keep going. Fame is a separate thing. We all act. If you love acting, then act.

Inspiration for his evil characters? Well, Julian grew up with two brothers. You can't take yourself or life too seriously...he was lucky to grow up in a warm and dynamic family and that's an inspiration.

Do people ever get surprised that he's really nice? "All the time, 'He smiled!!'" Bad guys have fun too. ;)

How hard is it to keep a straight face? VERY hard. The way the dynamics of the character/scene work though is that you need a straight man - he and Dean switch back and forth with deadpan deliveries.

He was asked if he's ever worked with the major theatre companies in Ontario - such as Stratford. Julian explains that he's mostly interested in new work and with new playwrights, which is why he stays in Toronto rather than joining other companies. He went on to talk about how he's currently working on an adaption of a Yann Martel work (Beatrice and Virgil...FYI: I do not recommend it, it's not a good book.) 

If he could be a horseman, would he stick with death or switch to one of the others? "I am the most powerful."

Who would be his ideal Shakespean villain to play? Iago from Othello. Julian likes how Shakespeare could embrace both good and evil in one character arc.

Role he regrets taking or not taking? Some he's missed - he missed a roll in Still Seeds. Originally, a character was written JUST for him, but then that part of the story ended up coming out in a later edit, so it never even made it to the final script. Julian also laughs a bit at the question "It implies that actors like myself have a big choice in what we do. We take what's out there." He likens it to any self-employed profession - it's feast or famine. If you take one contract, you are going to miss out on other ones.

The next questioner thinks that Julian has a wonderful voice and wonders if he's ever done audiobooks - No. He likes SPN because he can play with his accent. He has a British accent, but he's a little purposefully softened it after years of living in Canada. With SPN, it doesn't matter, so he can use it.

I'm not sure what the next question was - something about what actors can do in terms of making interesting choices, maybe? Julian talked about understanding what your final product is going to be and keeping an open mind. But listen to your radar that tells you 'this is gratuitous' or 'this is exploiting victims' etc... He's seen things where he's had to say "this is not for me."

What's been his favourite role? He tells the audience about Hard Core Logo (and here is where I know my friend K is extremely happy!) and how his roll in that is one of his favourites. He played Bucky Haight, a washed-up former rocker. Julian pushes his hair forward and gets into character "a bit like Keith Richards."

Someone asks about War of the Worlds series he once did. Julian describes how it was very cold and filmed in Toronto, and they all had to wear skimpy clothes. They would kill people with something that looked like a dill pickle, and it felt ridiculous. (Here, he gets up to demonstrate - and it does look ridiculous). Julian describes this disasterous shot when they had a fan going to make wind and they threw bits of newspaper into the fan and one of the pieces got caught on his nose.

What was his weirdest experience in the theatre? He talks about about "essential" or "simple" theatre - where there isn't much set-dressing/costumes. There was one time he was wrapped in a town standing on a table, and the only lighting was a candle at his feet. He suddenly hears someone making noise in the audience, and after a minute, he realizes that the towel has caught fire. He had to escape, because he was naked underneath!

Julian walked to the edge of the stage for the next question and noticed the large screens! "Oh that's me!" He quickly retreated back to a place where he couldn't see them.

Is it a challenge to eat while acting? It's easier actually, because you are actually doing it. You don't have to pretend.

And thus ended Julian's panel.

K ran off to her photo-op with him. She had him pose as Bucky Haight, and was thrilled. (For those interested, Hard Core Logo is a very interesting Canadian film, but don't listen to any DVD/Bluray box that tells you it's 'hilarious' - it might be filmed mockumentary style and have moments of hilarity, but like most Canadian films, it's very dark and disturbing in the end.)

For some reason the autographs took forever. Last year, because I had been in Row B, I had always gotten my autographs fairly quickly, but this year, being in row H, it seemed I had to wait two hours before my row was even called. They were personalizing, which is great, but always adds time (which is why Jensen and Jared never do it...I was actually surprised they had Misha personalizing this year.)

If you'll remember last year, I tried to think of things to say to the actors when they were signing my name. This year, I decided to see what would happen if I didn't say anything at all...mainly, because I couldn't think of anything to say. Julian was making sure to engage everyone that came up. He asked where I was from and then defaulted to asking about hockey (a standard small-talk line in Canada ;).

Kim was smiling and laughing with everyone. I can't remember what she said to me, perhaps it was just a thank-you exchange - but she was extremely smiley and lovely.

It was 8pm by the time I was done my autograph's done. I tried to wait to go out with missyjack and some others, but I realized that they didn't plan on attending Steve's concert (at 9pm) and I did. So, I took off alone to get some sushi. I'm glad I did, because I think I really needed a minute to myself to regroup and recharge a bit. My introverted nerves were frazzled..and I really wanted to perk-up enough to enjoy the concert and the karaoke party that was still to come.

Steve Carlson's Concert
VanCon2012 077
It was just him playing accoustically. I sat in the front again with raloria et al. Steve was playing Jensen's guitar (one-of, I'm sure) - I was very intrigued to see it was actually a classical guitar. Him and Jensen had been playing the night before, Jensen was playing Steve's guitar and Steve was playing Jensen's (kinky)...and Steve really liked Jensen's guitar and asked if he could borrow it. Jensen said sure - Steve warned him that he was going to sweat all over it.

Steve had a great joking/casual stage presence. He chastized us for not singing along after finishing up a song, so he repeated the chorus again so we could. 

People would call things out and respond to him - or shout requests...and Steve joked about how musicians aren't supposed to have hecklers. 

Between songs, he talked a bit about how he and Jensen very seldom perform together. Steve joked that it was because Jensen performed with him at one of Steve's first concerts and it was a bit of a disaster, so now Jensen's afraid to do it again. 

Steve kept repeating about what a good mood he was in - how he was really excited tonight. He joked that he's in a good mood tonight, but "otherwise I'm an asshole."  Good things have been happening in his life recently. (methinks the man has a new girlfriend.)

He couldn't play the new stuff, because he didn't want it going up on youtube before it gets properly recorded/copywrited.

To point out how humorous the audience could be - at one point Steve couldn't hear his guitar in the monitor:
"I don't hear my guitar."
Audience: "You have a guitar?!"

At one point, the audience yelled out that he could sing the ABCs and they'd be happy. Steve responded that he had a song that was "better than the ABCs - melodically and lyrically." 

He did a really lovely cover of Cry Me A River...I hope it's on the cover album.

Overall, I really liked Steve's concert - but I'm a sucker for the simple acoustic guitar singer-songwriter stuff. It's what my sister does too. I listened to Steve's album stuff a few years back (the one with Wasted Jaime on it) and found it a bit too country-sounding with the full band...but I liked him just unsupported. I'll probably give his stuff another listen though, and see if maybe the country-quality to it doesn't bug me as much any more.

Karaoke Party!
VanCon2012 100
And at 11pm the fun begins! Booze is expensive at the hotel, but they give you a lot of it at least. Anyway...the karoake party was even better than last year. Me and K were seriously exhausted and before it started, we were like "We'll stay for another hour...just another hour." and then it started...and MAYBE we could have stuck to our plan...but then Richard called up the next person to sing, reached into the audience to help the person up on stage...and the person he pulled out was Mark Pellegrino!

I talked to another fan the next day, and she said that she had seen Mark in the audience and thought "Wow, that's an attractive blonde guy - funny, I don't remember seeing him at the Con earlier" and then she realized who it was....but I digress.

Mark started singing Big Balls...and I believe it was K who said something along the lines of "My god, he's a secret sex god!" ...because damn. Anyone who reads this blog knows that Pellegrino does absolutely nothing for me on screen - I don't find him attractive at all, but in person...in person and DANCING in a tight black t-shirt...well, that's another story.

Suddenly, me and K went from being exhausted to dancing up near the front of the stage...and really, that's what Dick and Matt's Karoake experience does to you every time.

But, it got BETTER...because, god bless Steve Carlson, he's a Rocky Horror fan. Steve came out to sing Time Warp...which, yeah, awesome...but you could just see Pellegrino's eyes light up. As soon as Time Warp was done, Pellegrino wanted to sing Sweet Transvestite...and yeah, attractive men performing Sweet Transvestite is basically my kryptonite. Thankfully, someone got video of it:

What I love about this one is that it captures how HAPPY Steve Carlson is...I love the fact that he runs over again to sing Brad's part and that he comes up and gives Pellegrino a hug afterward...obviously, two Rocky Horror fans had found each other. ;)

We couldn't quite believe how attractive Pellegrino looked - but in fairness, as K said, "Lucifer never moved his hips like that."

Richard also invited Tim Omundson from Psych and the Rekha Sharma (Kali) to the stage. Also, Mark Sheppard came out, and Richard made fun of him for always saying "no" whenever Richard asked him to do anything (like sing). Mark Sheppard mainly just hung out at the side of the stage and laughed in disbelief at his coworkers.

Next thing we know it's after 1am, and Pellegrino has left the stage, so me and K think "okay, okay, let's go home..." and we go back to the back of the theatre to get our stuff...and I'm putting away my camera when I hear K say, "oh crap, we aren't leaving..." Sure enough - Pellegrino has retaken the stage. We shrug and run forward again...and I'm glad we stayed, because we got to hear Lucifer help belt out Carry On My Wayward son...which, was the finale of the evening.

I got home at 2am. Sent an email to my mother to let her know that my sexuality was confirmed two days ahead of schedule and I'm still heterosexual, and then I set my alarm for under five hours later and went to sleep.

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  • Ficlet: Wringer Washer

    MONTHS ago, I solicited prompts, because I was going to spend Canadian Thankgiving writing... but then I only actually wrote two of the prompts. So,…

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