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VanCon 2012: Point Form Saturday

Today was so long, I'm not even sure if I can do a point form post - I only hope I remember it well enough to fill in around my notes when I type them up (Sunday night? Monday?) Anyway, let's give it a go:

-Russ Hamilton is still Russ Hamilton
-Julie McNiven is SO TINY and adorable...but seriously TINY...I don't even know how Jensen didn't break her (okay, that sounded way dirtier than I meant it to.)
-I could listen to Mark Sheppard talk about acting/television/writing/characters ALL DAY.
-Couldn't resist and ended up buying Mark Pellegrino photo-op and Mark Sheppard photo-op. I regret nothing (though, I haven't seen the pictures yet, so who knows, I may end up regretting it.)
-Richard and Matt can work the room just as well as always...very entertaining and great timing. At the end, rather then send questioners back to their seats, they did "speed questions." Also, Richard does great impressions of his coworkers/friends.
-Misha and Jim were also great comedians together - the absolute best though was when someone asked about Gishwhes and Jim suggested to Misha that he find a language that's not on google translate and release the rules to Gishwhes in that language - Misha's face did this WONDERFUL thing...like he had just heard the best thing he had ever heard in his life. I wish I had still had my camera out for it. Also, Misha told some great stories about how awesome his wife is...and how West obviously takes after him. :P
-Cocktail party was...long....and we didn't seem to have as much time with the actors as last year. Also, everyone was exhausted - but we still had a good time. 

Alright....I'm SO TIRED. Tomorrow is Jared and Jensen...and I think more Richard.

Now I sleep.
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