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Damn Third Weekend in May!

I completely forgot today was a holiday and did 3 hours of work before I realized. (This is a drawback of working from home - there is no one to put a sign on your office door saying "Dude! It's Victoria Day!")

Also, I had planned to do my grocery shopping today, but the grocery stores are closed! Thankfully, the drug store was open and they have a small food section - so I now have frozen pizza for dinner and something to eat for breakfast tomorrow. I also bought gummy bears. It all reminded me of living in Germany where everything is closed on Sunday except the gas stations. So if you run out of food on the wrong day, you have to figure out how to make a meal out of Coke and keks....good times.

Seriously, isn't Victoria Day supposed to be NEXT weekend? Whose bright idea was it to switch it up this year? Or maybe the month of May is to blame for starting on a Friday. Sigh...

In other news, I spent a half an hour weeding the lawn and the only difference is that now my back hurts. I think I'm definitely going to have to mow it tomorrow. I should buy myself some beer and sit on the porch afterward and freak out the neighbours by waving at them cheerily....or I can be honest and say that mowing the lawn does not bring me as much joy as it brings Dean Winchester. Seriously, if Dean Winchester wants to come over and mow my brother's lawn, I think that would be a far far better scenario than me doing it myself.
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