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The Legend of Korra

I just finished watching S1 of The Legend of Korra.

For those not in the know, The Legend of Korra is a "spin-off" of Avatar: The Last Airbender. And by "spin-off" I mean "a separate and unique story placed 70 years after the events of A:TLA."

As for my review, well, let's just say: The writing and characters are so good that every other show you've ever seen pales in comparison (even the ones that you really really love). Okay, that might sound like too much praise...but seriously, it's SO GOOD. A:TLA/Korra and Sherlock are currently the best things written for TV in my opinion. I consider them equal in awesomeness.

There's very little to complain about...a few fart jokes that are obviously for the younger crowd, a finale resolution that might seem a bit deus ex machina if you are unfamiliar with the universe. But that's really it....oh, and it was a LITTLE weird to have a voice-actor from A:TLA voice a (related) character in Korra too, but it WAS nice to hear the voice again, so I can see why they made that decision. (It helped that it was the voice of my favourite character in A:TLA).

For those feminists amongst you (which, frankly, should be all of you), if you HAVEN'T watched A:TLA and Korra, you are missing out on what I think are the best female characters on television. No one has come close to writing women as well as the A:TLA writers do....they also really have a knack for heartbreaking father-son story lines, I have to say. 

So, yeah, I won't go into detail about spoilers and whatnot...but geez...such a good show. 

For those who haven't seen A:TLA and/or Korra YOU SHOULD! Also, there might be spoilers in the comments here, so be careful.

For those who have seen it - OH MAN! GUYS! IT WAS SO GOOD WASN'T IT? Being back in that universe makes me miss the original characters like burning, but it also made me fall in love with new characters and want to see more of them too!

I have to go purchase the complete Avatar: The Last Airbender on DVD now. It's blasphemy that I have not thrown more money at these people yet. Lord knows, once Korra's complete, I'll be buying that complete set as well.
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