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Locations: Fort Langely

I went out to Fort Langely the other day to buy a hat. Besides a fantastic hat store, Fort Langely also has a very large number of Supernatural location per square kilometer. 

I went to take a picture of my favourite one and discovered that the Fraser River likes it too...so much so, that the location is currently under at least a foot of water...

On the way to the hat store..and then when we stopped for delicious milkshakes, I walked by two other locations. Both featured in 7x16 Out With The Old.

The first is the Lampliter Cafe:

Which looks MUCH bigger on TV, my goodness.

The second is (I believe) the antique shop...which is actually only a few doors down from the Lampliter:

In other news - I have a fancy new camera with a great zoom lens. So, I might actually be able to take pictures at VanCon this year. Sadly, I still don't have a ticket for VanCon. I'm still warring with what my priorities are: getting a Gold ticket or saving money.

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