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Poll Closed. Results!

The Results of my Sherlock Rewatch Poll are in! A decision has been made!

Okay, so, it was way more neck-and-neck then I was expecting, but the vocal majority were all in agreement that I should post it in parts over a few days.

What will happen:
3 days, 3 parts.
Parts 1&2 will be 4,000 words, Part 3 will be 5,000 words, possibly 6,500 words if I decide to throw in the commentary.

(You may argue that the episode doesn't naturally break into 3 parts, but I beg to differ...I actually have found a natural ending point for all parts. It seems this is a 3 act play after all!)

This will start either late tonight or tomorrow evening (PST), because I still have to read through it to make sure that it's coherent (and fix all the spelling mistakes)...and I don't know how long that's going to take. It should all be posted by Saturday evening at the latest. 

phamalama also suggested that I post it over at AO3. I always saw that as more of a fic place, but perhaps I should...and I COULD post it over there all in one chunk (thus pleasing everybody). So, let me know if you'd like me to do that in comments please. (Though, I should point out that depending how long it takes me to proofread, you might end up getting it all in one chunk on AO3 on Saturday anyway...so it's not like you'd actually be getting the content faster, which is perhaps what you wanted when you wanted me to post it all in at once.)

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