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Poll Time: Sherlock Rewatch

Okay, so I rewatched A Study in Pink and I made notes...and I've spent the last three days typing up my notes and thoughts...

...yes, you read that right: 3 days. It took me about 5 hours just to watch it and make notes (I did the commentary too, though I didn't make as many notes, nor pause while I did make notes...unlike when I watched the episode.)

Right now, I haven't even finished typing it up (though I'm NEARLY done), and I'm already sitting at over 13,000 words.

So, um...what should I do?

Poll #1848133 The Epic Sherlock Rewatch
This poll is closed.

How should I post this?

All at once in (inevitable) multiple entries
Post parts of it spread out over a few days
Don't post it at all, no one cares! (Clicking this will hurt my feelings)

Yeah, um...despite the length, don't expect anything fancy. It's just like my Supernatural rewatches...only, apparently because it's Sherlock, I am even more wordy than usual. My typical Supernatural rewatch is 4,000 words. So, if we were thinking 4,000 words per 42 minutes of airtime...then we'd end up with ~8,571 words...so, yeah, I'm definitely either picking this apart more or over explaining myself...or both, but either way...I've worked on this thing since Saturday, it's going up one way or another. It's just a question of how...so all suggestions welcome.

Also, if all the episodes take this long, then I'm only doing one of these per month.
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