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Poll Closed. Results!

After 24 participants, I've closed my latest poll. (Polls are like a poll in themselves, because out of the multitude of people who have friended me, only a very small percentage seem to engage with me...though, don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing them. I'm quite the lurker myself, so I know how it is.)


My new list of priorities is...*drum roll*...

1. Finish the Demented'verse Timestamp and post it. People are going to be sorely disappointed, because it's such a long time coming, yet it's going to be so short and pointless...but hey, you said that you didn't care if it sucked. (I'd love to do a post-S7 piece, but I have to wait until S8 starts first...so this piece will be a mid-S7 piece.)

2. Do a Sherlock rewatch.

3. Write Merlin fic/meta - This was a surprise of the poll. WAY more of you watch Merlin than I thought. Currently, I have no idea what sort of Merlin fic I would write. I've figured out how to do a Supernatural/Merlin crossover...so, that's an option. Unfortunately, the Merlin fic that I like to read is horribly cliched stuff (h/c, social-class, magic reveal, episode tags/fix-its)...so, yeah, I don't know if anyone is as much of a cheese monkey as I am, so maybe you wouldn't be interested in the usual tropes, in which case I don't know what to tell you. Mind you, in my opinion, fanfiction should be written for the author not the audience...so maybe I shouldn't give a crap what you people think! Ha! :P As for Meta, I'll probably post something in the coming months with my feelings on the Merlin+Arthur friendship, including how Gwaine and Lancelot influence/illuminate it.

4. Do a test run on the podficcing thing, so that you guys can tell me if it sucks or not (and I can see if I enjoy doing it or not).

So, there you have it! That's vaguely what the summer around here is going to look like, methinks.

(And if you are distressed by the lack of Supernatural in the above list...just wait for the fall, my friends. I've got PLENTY in the works).
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