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Other thoughts on the finale

Two things under the cut to avoid spoilers...

I forgot to mention how cool it was that they played Carry On My Wayward Son over the THEN part. Seriously, I know Supernatural doesn't have an official theme (besides the end theme), but Carry On comes pretty close.

Also, do you think the Dean+Burgers were like the Persephone+Pomegranates? Maybe I'm reading too much into the fact that Castiel showed up just when Dean was about to eat a burger and hastily swiped it out of his hand, covered his mouth, and pushed him against a wall...but maybe there was an unwritten reason why Zachariah wanted Dean to have a beer or a burger. Just a thought. It's not like Dean could leave anyway.

Oh, also, random question: Zachariah, and arguably the upper management of the angels, wanted Lucifer to rise, but told Dean that he would still kill Lucifer. So, where they holding him there to make sure that Lucifer would rise and that Dean WOULDN'T kill him? Or where they holding him there to make sure that Lucifer would rise, wipe out humanity, and THEN they would let Dean kill him so that someone else could be in charge?

My Lil' Sis thinks it's the latter. I'm unsure.

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