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Today's Wish for Season 8

Okay, so usually I don't do this, but I'm going to share with you a wish for Season 8...

Now, I won't be mad if they don't do this, because just because it's my idea, does not mean it's a GOOD idea. It might in fact be a horrible idea, but I like it. I think it's delectably torturous.

Basically, I want Cas to be psychically connected with Sam. I have reasons:

It would explain, in part, how the transfer of Sam's hell-damage worked. Because as of right now, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sam's SOUL was damaged, and you can't break the soul...so Cas couldn't have taken a part of Sam's soul in with him. So, what if he interrupted the message board between soul and brain? He's diverting the bad calls to his own angel-brain.

This might not be the best fix-it idea, but it DOES lead to some interesting scenarios...

For instance, we know that Cas can partially read thoughts/minds while he is in the same room as the Winchesters. He did so to Dean the very first time he met him. Or at least, he could get a general sense of emotion "You don't think you deserve to be saved." If he WERE connected to Sam, then he could possibly sense Sam's thoughts even when they are great distances apart...like, when Cas is trapped in Purgatory and Sam is very very sad on earth.

And I swear to god, I'm not a Sassy-shipper (not that there's anything wrong with that), I just really like exploring the dynamic between Sam and Castiel, because Cas is predominately Dean's friend, not Sam's...yet Cas has developed a huge respect for Sam, and Sam is/was a Cas fanboy when they first met...and yeah...I'd like some more Cas and Sam scenes/feelings.

I know Show doesn't give us much, because Sam and Cas' friendship isn't actually as tumultuous as Dean and Cas' friendship - mainly because Dean is just a tumult-machine. I mean, compare "You broke my brother and you broke the world and you better fix both AND apologize before I even THINK of forgiving you, you righteous bastard!" to "Well, you broke my head and caused me months of anguish and nearly killed me, but you shouldn't have hurt yourself to fix me - that's too much, man. And you broke the world, but hey, who hasn't? I'm not going to hug you, but I will thank you for accidentally nearly killing us all, and me especially, because I know you did it out of love. :)" I'm telling you, those side-burns are trying to tell us something - Sam is a goddamn hippie. 

Anyway, it would be HORRIBLY torturous, because that connection would only be one way. Cas could keep it to himself or he could tell Dean, but either way, he'd get a front row seat to Sam's grief/desperation on earth...all the while Cas and Dean are trying to survive in Purgatory.

Now, mind you, this doesn't HAVE to be a psychic connection thing...I just favour it because of the problem with 7x17 (as I see it). This same scenario COULD work with prayer. Sam could be praying to Castiel, and Cas could hear him but be trapped and not able to answer. 

Of course, from listening to the commentary on Merlin, I know how hard filming "psychic" events can be...but at the same time, from watching Merlin, I know that it CAN be done.

Mainly, I guess I just like the idea of a one-way message system and how horribly frustrating and heartbreaking that could be.

Anyway, that's my wish for today. I'll probably change my mind tomorrow, or in a couple of hours, and think that it's dumb.
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