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Nap Dream

It's The May Two-Four here in Canada (otherwise known as Victoria Day). So, although I'm self-employed and federal holidays mean nothing to me, I decided to slack off like crazy today. I woke up long enough to check my email and have breakfast, and then I had a nap.

I dreamt that I was living in a semi-basement apartment, with a bedroom window that looked out onto a busy street with lots of foot-traffic. So, I could usually see people from the waist down. An old friend had made me a shirt, so I stood away from the window in order to try it on. Just as I was about to take off my bra, Howard from The Big Bang Theory and Jared Padalecki walked by my window. I heard Howard say "Oh my god! This actually works!" and I looked and they were peering through my window...to look at my dresser mirror, which was reflecting the mirror that I was standing in front of...so, even though I wasn't standing by the window, they could still see everything.

Smiling, I walked over and flipped them off. Jared looked horrified and stood up and walked away briskly, pulling Howard with him. Then I felt bad, because I wasn't really that offended...and in retrospect, I should have just treated them to a show. :P

Later, a very gorgeous black-haired woman came by and I told her about it. And I said, "The stupid thing is that if they wanted to see my breasts, all they had to do was ask!" and she said "Can I see your breasts?" and so I showed them to her. She nodded. And then gave me a demon in a cage and a basket of sandwiches to keep in my closet until the next day. My closet already had two cats living in it. They were sleeping on top of my old-fashioned typewriter. 

I have no idea what any of that means - but it was certainly entertaining.
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