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At my brother's

Hello people!

So my brother's wedding was a resounding success. Not only did he get hitched to his lovely lady, but everyone had a great time too! My legs are still sore from all the dancing I did.

My brother is now off on his honeymoon, and I am at his house looking after his pets. My Little Sister is staying with me until the weekend. She has already kicked my ass at Kareoke Revolution AND Scrabble. On Wednesday we are driving into Toronto to visit our eldest sister...and then possibly another sister is visiting on Thursday or Friday (did I ever mention that I have a lot of sisters?)

What this means is that for those of you who are awaiting my next instalment of my HP/SPN crossover - you may have to wait until next week. It's bad enough that my sister is sitting around bored while I work for a living...I can't really ask her to amuse herself beyond that as well. I will make it up to my readers by doing a double update next week, or at least a double update sometime before June.

It also means that I might be a little less active with my flist.

I am still alive! I am just busy...busy getting my ass kicked by my younger sibling! Me and Dean have SO MUCH IN COMMON! :-P
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