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Quick Reaction: 7x20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Well, my icon pretty much sums it up...but please, allow me to be long-winded...

So, that was awesome.

Let's endeavour to begin at the beginning - though, time DID jump around a bit in this one.

Boys in the Montana cabin. Is it kind of weird that I almost prefer the log walls of the Montana cabin to the faded wallpaper of Bobby's house? Yes, yes it's wrong. Bad me.

And Bobby finally spills all the dirt on Roman. It IS about cattle...which is what I guessed when I put together the turducken and curing cancer. It makes sense to keep the lifestock healthy and docile. That's what we do! I also liked the fact that they stuck in that fake commercial to show that they were also going after vegetables (corn), because I WAS thinking "does that mean the vegetarians are safe?"

The email from Frank and the hints of Charlie were excellent. I love the fact that Frank had an automatic email alert for the boys. But right now I want to talk about the line "..they'll know where your car is..." Dean: "Baby?!" Because...well, it broke my heart...because, and bare with me here, because I know that I'm anthropomorphizing a car (but really, who doesn't in this fandom?)...this whole time I was thinking that Dean and Sam weren't driving Baby in order to keep themselves safe. It never occurred to me that they weren't driving her in order to keep her safe...not until Dean said that line just like he said it - like the big bads were about to attack the love of his life. And that's just heart-breaking.

Okay, enough of this - let's cut to Charlie.

Charlie is awesome. I must admit, that this is the first time that Supernatural has cast someone that I know better as a personality rather than an actor. The only thing I'd seen Felicia Day in was Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog...other than that, I know her from being a huge geek personality on the internet...so, I must admit, it did take me a little out of the fantasy at first to see Felicia Day playing a geek...because, it was Felicia Day, not Charlie. But, before Felicia Day reads this and gets all upset, I have to say that that feeling didn't last that long...after a couple of scenes, I had forgotten and was just enjoying Charlie as a character.

And I did enjoy Charlie as a character. I think the Supernatural writers have finally figured out how to make a female character that its fanbase will enjoy - make her a lesbian. There we go. Absolutely no threat to be romantically linked to the boys...she's harmless, and awesome, and we can all enjoy her. 

Her office looked a little like my brother's office. So, points to production for realism. Not that my brother has a Hermione figurine on his desk, but he does have several monitors and a half assembled desktop computer sitting in the corner (that he calls Frankenstein's Monster). Also, he may have a figurine on his desk, I just can't remember who it is. Anyhoo...my brother, though gainfully employed currently and not at all up to illegal stuff, was quite the hacker back in the day. (Back in the time of the movie Hackers...does anyone remember that movie? Angelina Jolie before she was famous?)

I'm getting way off track...basically, I'm saying that I was trained from an early age to find people who knew computers really well attractive. So, I really liked Charlie...she was awesome, and she just kept getting more awesome.

Because, yes, at first, I was worried about how the Winchesters could possibly get her on their side. But then she read the file that she hacked, and that was the first lock to that door. 

I also love how we get to see the Winchesters arrive through the eyes of the person their sneaking up on, rather than through their eyes. As most of you may know (or not) I absolutely love Outsider POV, and in the minutes before the Winchesters reach Charlie, that's exactly what we get...and it's glorious.

I've skipped some stuff...hold on...I love how creepy Dick Roman is even through the eyes of someone who doesn't know he's a monster. I love the conversations between Charlie and her desk-mate. I love how Charlie's hero is Hermione...but now I'm getting ahead of myself again...

Dean and Sam are worried about Bobby turning vengeful spirit. It's interesting, delving into the mythology of ghosts more indepthly. We are getting to see HOW things happen, instead of just being given theories. When Dean was contemplating staying to protect John and Sam, Tess told him that eventually they'd die, and he'd go crazy and turn vengeful in their absence...in Bobby's case, he his "unfinished business" is likely tied to Dick Roman...and it seems getting revenge is his raison d'etre...which means that being in his presence causes a swell of vengefulness that may turn Bobby crazy. Interesting.

Okay, back to conversations in living rooms...I love Sam.

Oh alright...I love how Sam and Dean plead their case but they really do leave it up to Charlie about whether she helps or not. And I love the fact that Charlie volunteers.

I also love that for once the boys aren't the ones on the ground...I like seeing how they handle it. Dean, being the chivalrous guy that he is, criticizing them for staying safe in the van and sending in "the 90 pound girl." Also, is it wrong of me that I find it endearing that Dean thinks Charlie only weighs 90 pounds? Probably, on some level. 

ETA: Also Dean watched Veronica Mars!! (or at least knows of it) I love Dean. :)

I actually liked the split screens. I think that's something that Supernatural has never done before - but correct me if I'm wrong.

Of course, Dean flirting with the guard was hilarious - especially with Sam stifling giggles. I especially love it because Dean's doing the full performance...he's smiling flirtatiously as he says the lines, even though he's just on the phone to Charlie.

Oh! But I skipped a great part - rewind...because the boys have ammunition on each other. Sam reads Harry Potter. :)

Now, part of me hates when they bring up Harry Potter in Supernatural - for the sole reason that every time they do, it makes my Demented'verse that much more non-canon-compliant...but another part of me loves the fact that Sam has read Harry Potter, or at least seen the movies...enough to know who Sirius Black and Voldemort are and who Hermione is and how awesome she is. :)

And of course, Bobby has snuck into the building. Oh Bobby.

Anyway, Charlie gets the emails and finds the info...and part of me was like "why are you looking at it at work! get out of there!" but faster computers, I guess. I think my brother is the same way and does a lot of stuff at work that he can't do with his home computers.

And here time jumps around on us in an awesome way...because we skip time to the point where it looks like the Winchesters missed the package and Charlie is trapped with Dick Roman before completing the necessary data-wipes. But nope! Clever Winchesters are clever...and we get to see Sam and Dean dressed up as airport personnel...and Charlie is very good at erasing data on not letting on that she knows her boss is a monster.

Also, the boys can apparently infiltrate an airport and build a borax IED in a little less than 2 hours.

We also get a little bit more leviathan mythology too...because we discover that they can't copy individuals exactly. Whatever Charlie has that allows her to be a computer genius isn't transferable to a leviathan clone...they can mimic, but they can't be exact replicas. There's a skill/knowledge loss that they can't figure out...which, I find interesting.

We also get to witness Bobby trying to keep it together and protect the girl...which he does do, only he doesn't know his own strength....

And how awesome were the Winchesters doing the whole tuck-and-roll through the shattered glass windows? Super awesome? Yes, that's what I thought.

Also, Dick Roman knows about Bobby now...so there goes that element of surprise...but I did like the fact that he called them both monsters. I mean, it's a horrible thing to say about Bobby, but it's true...and it makes me wonder whether there are ghosts in purgatory...that'd suck.

Sidenote: I am super jealous that Felicia Day got to be carried by Sam.

And we also get an awesome end, with Charlie casually mentioning that this isn't the first time that she's had to move and come up with a new identity. Also, when she shakes their hands, it's like.. Charlie offers her hand, Winchesters both ENGULF HER HAND IN HUGE MAN HANDS!  Seriously, was closely...they are both have gigantor hands in comparison to hers.

And Charlie LIVES! YAY! That means that she could reasonably come back...though, if she comes back, that ups the chances of her dying...and she DID make them promise never to contact her again. Plus, she's probably very good at hiding, so the odds that they'd be able to find her are slim anyway...but still, I'm happy that she's still alive. I really liked her. She was awesome.

Finally, the talk while Bobby isn't around. What do you do with a ghost of a friend who will eventually turn vengeful? And might be turning vengeful sooner rather than later? What do you do with someone who is losing their mind, but won't admit that they're losing their mind?   

I believe this is the first episode that Johnny MacCarthy directed. I think he did a great job, especially for an episode that is 1)mythology heavy, 2)has time-jumps and reveals, 3)has Cyrano de Bergerac type phone conversations.

Anyway, yeah...good episode, you guys. I will say though, that I do think the pacing has been a bit off this season...it feels like we might be building to a run of mythology intense final four-episodes...and it might have been a bit better to pace that out a little more evening over the year. So, there, there's a rare criticism from me.

Personally, I can't wait to rewatch this one. So I think it's a huge winner.

Let me know if I missed anything horribly important that you desperately want me opinion on! 

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