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Quick Reaction: 4x20 When The Levee Breaks

Wireless at the hotel, yay!

Ok, so, maybe not so "quick", since I watched this episode last night at 2:30am after drinking wine all evening out by a bonfire with my family...My Little Sister was still drunk when she watched it...so we discussed it at length afterwards to make sure we understood. The following is what we came up with:

LS and I discussed Bobby at length, because he seemed like a bit of an idiot in this one, and Bobby NEVER seems like an idiot. LS and I both worried that he was possibly possessed when he kept trying to convince Dean to let Sam out of the cage. Then LS had a stroke of brilliance, because she had been repeating that up until now, Bobby never acted unless he was SURE of his actions, and Bobby was ALWAYS sure, and then LS said, "I think maybe it's not that they wrote Bobby poorly this episode, I think it's just that this is the first time that Bobby is in over his head, the first time he really doesn't know what is going on or what the best course of action is."

I thought that was pretty spot on, because I realized that Bobby is the Winchesters' Resident Expert (sort of like Giles in the early years of Buffy)...he lives in a house full of demonology books, and probably knows them all cover to cover...and sure, he has field experience too, but not even Bobby has dealt with this before - so what do you get when you present Bobby with a horrible problem that he has absolutely no knowledge about AND it's affecting his closest family? You get out-of-his-depth-Bobby, who actually does have to let Dean take point (also something Bobby has never really done in the past).

The other thing we discussed at length was how absolutely stupid Sam was in that conversation with Ruby. Now, mind you, I haven't rewatched this scene yet, and I was still buzzed and a little sleepy, and LS was still drunk, but we are both pretty sure that Ruby basically explicitly said:A HUMAN was the key to the last seal. And then Sam's like "So Lilith has to do it herself!!" Wait, what? No you, idiot! Lilith is a demon, YOU are a human! So, I think LS and I missed something there, because Sam can't possibly be THAT stupid. As soon as Ruby started talking, LS and I were like "Shit, friggin' SAM has to break the last seal". But I do admit that a dude who was watching the show with us made us pause and try to explain our reasoning, so I guess he didn't pick up on it either - but it seemed pretty damn obvious to LS and I.
Ok, so, we WERE drunk. Completely misunderstood Ruby. Our bad.

Also, Ruby's face when Sam said that he just wished that afterwards things could go back to the way they were between Dean and him...man, I know a lot of people (*cough*crazy-teeny-fangirls*cough*) have a problem with Genevieve, but I think she's brilliant for what the part needed this season...between that and the smirk when Sam drank her blood the other day, we know what side of the war she is on without her even having to say anything at all.

As predicted, our little hearts were broken. LS was shocked, because she was sure the "If you walk out that door..." line was going to be the final words of the finale, not the final words of THIS episode. Which means that the Finale is going to be so much worse...but damn.

It's not the words "If you walk out that door..." that destroyed the relationship between Dean and Sam. It's the words "You're a monster." Because I'm going to argue that Sam's greatest fear, that has been ever present since S1, has been that Dean will think that he is a freak or a monster - and this was Sam's fear even BEFORE he found out that he had demon blood in him. Then, to have Dean actually say it...well, yeah.

Then LS pointed out that you should never tell people what they are, because it's self-fulfilling, especially if you are an authority figure to that person. If the one person whose opinion you value already thinks you are a monster, why continue to fight it? Why not just accept that you are a monster and act accordingly? I'm not saying that Sam will do this. I'm just saying, it was not a smart thing to say on many levels.

Again and again and again, and then threw him through a wall....I have no words for this.

I am so goddamn worried about Castiel (wording intended), because he is obviously taking his orders from the wrong people - meaning that Zacharias is evil? Someone else? He is OBVIOUSLY taking his orders from the wrong people and he OBVIOUSLY knows it, but whatever they did to him, he is TERRIFIED...and now he's sad, and guilty, and confused...and man...for someone who doesn't emote very much, he sure emotes WELL. Because I just feel so bad for him, and I'm so worried about what they are going to make him do, what following the wrong orders is going to do and Cas will blame himself...I just hope he snaps out of it soon, but I don't know...I don't want them to set him up as another bad guy, and so far he isn't...but damn.

This move on Dean's part pissed me off, because it was pointless...the angels didn't even help him afterwards, and when Cas told him to swear, it was OBVIOUS that Cas didn't actually want him too. For godsakes Dean LOOK AT HIS EYES!

Diving into Sam's psychology through hallucinations! In DALDOM, we got to see a little into Dean's head, and here we get to see into Sam's...with figures from his family (and one enemy). We get to see the war going on inside of Sam - ashamed of himself, but feeling that he needs to protect Dean and that this is the best way to do it...his fear that Dean will think he is a monster and not love him anymore...his own self-loathing. And hey, how was it to have Colin Ford and Jared Padalecki do a scene together!!! TOTALLY AWESOME! They really struck gold when they found that kid. He is so great.

Everyone makes mistakes, some more grievace than others...the Winchesters function best as a team - and the bad guys know it - the seals are breaking, and Lucifer is rising...

Those be my thoughts, fool! Now I gots to shower and put on a pretty dress and watch my brother get married, and then drink wine at yet another party with my whole family. FUN TIMES TO OFFSET ALL THIS SUPERNATURAL SADNESS!
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