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Movie Review: Starbuck

Tonight I went and saw a film! Yay! 

Starbuck is a film from Quebec, staring awesome actors from Quebec (and a lot of good-looking 22-24 year-olds, my goodness.)

It's about a guy who donated a lot of sperm from 1988-1990 and due to a weird mix up, ended up fathering 533 children...and well, he only finds out about it 22 years later. The question is: What do you do when you have 533 children? As you can guess, it's a film about fatherhood.

It's a REALLY GOOD FILM, you guys. I recommend you all see it. It's hilarious, and touching, and really really well done. 

It's so well done, that Steven Spielberg has actually hired the same writer/director to write and direct an American version. Now, my friends and I all think that Spielberg is going to end up ruining it somehow, even though the writer/director is obviously awesome. We believe this because A)I don't like Spielberg, B)The studio (in this case DreamWorks) is probably going to force him to make changes for the American audience (like, remove the jokes about abortion, and the fact that the main character is attempting to have a grow-op in his apartment). Personally, we think changing anything would make the characters less real - because I think that's where the charm is in this film, the characters are all really very real and therefore very very awesome.

Also, why does there have to be an American version? Last time I checked, Americans could read. But that's a rant for another day, I suppose.

In all seriousness though, if you have the means, see the film. It's a delight. :)

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