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Merlin Edit Project

So...I've been re-editing Merlin. Don't ask me why....I'm mainly just trying to distill the episodes down to their essentials, so that when I decide to do a rewatch I won't have to sit through filler - even the filler within none-filler episodes. Of course, what constitutes filler all depends on what storyline I'm following. Like the good Merthur shipper that I am, I'm choosing the Merlin+Arthur friendship. Most episodes I've only cut from 45 minutes to 30-35 minutes - so, obviously I'm being very generous. Though, I've only done the first 5 episodes and there is way more Merlin+Arthur time in those.

I just did my initial edit of 1x05  - the Lancelot episode...and I noticed a couple of funny gay things.

1. Merlin and Gwen chatting about who is more dreamy, Arthur or Lancelot....and yes, I know the conversation was supposed to be about Gwen's love for both of them, but all I could notice was that Merlin was way too into the conversation for a straight dude. :P

2. Both Gwen and Arthur accidentally tell Lancelot "I need you" before correcting it to "Camelot needs you." - Guys, this is why threesomes solve everything. Just saying. (I'm actually a Merthur/Gwen shipper, when I'm now a Gwethuralot shipper....hahaha, is that a thing? Arthanceniver?)

Anyway, not really sure how much of this episode I should be including. It's not really about Arthur and Merlin at all. So, I'm thinking I might leave it out altogether.

....I really do apologize for to those who don't care at all about Merlin. I promise to stop going on about it eventually. I just like the show - and actually, rewatching it now, these first episodes aren't as bad as I thought they were when I first saw them. Maybe it's because I'm more used to the style of the show, or more invested in the characters.

Though, on the other hand: all the Arthur/Morgana teases in these first few episodes REALLY squick me out now.

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