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Hitting the road...

I'm taking off for the weekend! Yay! My brother is getting hitched, so it's off for an event-centered family-reunion. Little Sister flew in from Vancouver yesterday, so it's cool having her around again. After the wedding, I am taking off to my brother's house for the rest of the month to look after his pets and house. My brother has a very nice house and a very nice car, so I'm looking forward to pretending they are mine for 3 weeks. (My brother drives a Toyota Prius, just like Dean Smith did! Haha...except my brother's his cooler, because it is red.)

I will have internet at my brother's place, so hopefully stories will still get written and I will still be able to talk to everyone. It'll be a bit busy for the first week, because Little Sister will be with me and we are taking a day trip into TO, and there are other sisters to visit with and whatnot...but for the last two weeks of the month it'll just be me, slowly descending into boredom.

Tonight Supernatural is on! Yay! Unfortunately I don't have a TV, so I'll have to download it and watch it sometime on the weekend. Until I do so, I will be avoiding my flist - so as not to be COMPLETELY spoiled (with the amount of talk and clips released and previews for the finale, I'm already fairly spoiled).

It feels odd to say "Yay!" that the show is on, when I know it is going to leave me crying.

So yeah, there's your little update on my life. Yay to my brother for getting married! Yay to having a nice house to myself for the rest of the month!
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