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Quick Reaction: 7x18 Party On Garth

Hello! Okay, so tonight was another Supernatural+Book Club evening. So, I watched the episode HOURS ago, and only now am able to write about it...so, hopefully I haven't forgotten too much....

Uh, there really wasn't any songs that came on my ipod shuffle on the way home that fit the theme of the episode, so...


I know there are some people out there who don't like Garth - but I like him. I like seeing other Hunters, especially atypical Hunters. I love that Garth has a whole origin story and a whole world that we don't know, and my never know. How did he possibly become a hunter? Garth Fitzgerald IV - was it a family of Hunters? Who's his "special lady?" How can he be both a badass AND a completely inept skinny dude?

Anyway...oh, I skipped the kids getting offed in the teaser...let's see...firstly, those two did NOT look like brothers. I have a feeling Dale wasn't the only one who was dipping his pen in the company ink. It's either that or they were adopted...but anyway...yeah...

Oh another funny thing, as soon as I saw the ghost in the teaser, I yelled "Japanese Ghost!" because it was done in the style of the ghosts from The Ring and The Eye and The Insert-Noun-Here...so yeah, when it later turned out to ACTUALLY be a Japanese monster, I was quite amused. 

The whole sequence with Garth investigating and then torching the bones was awesome. I loved it. And then, of course, the brother gets killed, and that doesn't make any sense...so, yeah...call up the Winchesters!

I figure, though, that Garth must only go after straight-forward hunts...because, as soon as the case wasn't cut and dry, he called for back-up. It seemed when Sam and Dean arrived that Garth was just getting a look at the second body then, so he didn't even investigate the second body, get confused, and THEN call Dean. He was just like "It wasn't the ghost? Oh man! I'm calling Dean."

Of course, before Dean and Sam show up, we get the conversation in the car that ties the episodes together. Sam is well rested...but feeling guilty for passing on the crazy to Cas. Typical Sam. It was Castiel's decision, but because it was an act of friendship towards Sam, Sam feels like crap about it. Though, you'd think Sam of all people would respect self-sacrificing decisions...though, yeah, it's probably just that he has a problem with the self-sacrifice because it's FOR SAM and not all of humanity or Dean or Bobby or anyone-but-Sam.

Then of course, they show up at the morgue...and Garth is already there. I liked the way that Sam got pissed when he found out the victims were brothers. It makes me wonder if maybe Sam and Dean stay away from any and all cases where the ghost/monster might be targeting brothers...it makes sense.

Sam and Dean have been getting incorrect EMF readings all season, it seems. I liked the subtly of it...the fact that at first Garth DOES shrug it off and embarrassed-ly admit that perhaps his EMF is broken.

I like how the first thing Sam does when they're left alone is to say "Oh hey, computer in the room...*typity type type*"


Ah, not so easy...Microbrew.

So, yeah, I was really confused for a minute, because at the microbrew plant they started talking about this "Dale" fellow, and I missed who he was and thought he was one of the dead kids...and then they started talking about how his wife was suing and I was like "Those kids are too young for wives!!" And yeah...then I realized that I had missed something and got back with the program...

I loved Dean trying the Microbrew after insisting that all beer was the same. Oh Dean...all CHEAP beer is the same. You have been missing out.

Then we get the kid accidentally drinking her mother's OJ. My grandma used to do that...pour us OJ and then make herself s "special" one. Anyway, it was kind of ridiculous how the girl seemed to take one small sip from a cocktail and then suddenly be plastered...but I realized that it was probably because the censors wouldn't let them show her drinking more and the director/editor just had to work with what they could get away with. Later Dean did say that she "chugged" it...so yeah, I have a feeling it was originally supposed to be more than the one sip.

Sucks to be that dude though...he went from having a family of 5 to a family of 2. It's best not to think of the victims on this show - it gets far too depressing.

The puppet thing was ridiculous, but I must admit, rather hilarious in that cringey kind of way. Also, even more hilarious when you realize that Garth must carry around a sock-puppet at all times. Seriously, I want to know more about Garth - he is a dichotomy of weirdness.

So, they figure out that you have to be drunk to see the ghost. Sam goes to chat up the window...and finds out about the sake. 

And Garth confronts Dean about the EMF. I like the fact that we have another Hunter weighing in. I also like how Dean just shoots him down and insists that they torched Bobby's bones...even though Dean was the one who pointed out the day before that just because Garth torched the ghost's bones didn't necessarily mean it was gone.

Okay, this next part gets a little fuzzy. I can't remember what order things went in...so....

I liked it when Sam and Dean broke into the microbrew place...I like that:
A) When they notice the security cameras, they aren't like 'Oh shit, we're on security cameras!' Instead they are like 'Awesome, we can use these! Wave at the cameras! Fun times!'
B) I love that once they figure out you have to be drunk, they get drunk to look at the camera footage. I love Sam's line wondering if it's even possible for Dean to GET drunk anymore. I like Dean's line "I miss these talks" when they ARE drunk and not being very eloquent about what they are trying to say at all.
C) Both Jared and Jensen are good at playing drunk. I love it. 

I love that they find a Japanese restaurant to ask about the sake! In Kansas! Are there a lot of Japanese restaurants in Kansas? My friend pointed out "Japanese restaurants are all run by either Chinese or Koreans!" Which, in my experience, is generally true...but hey, who knows what happens in Kansas.

I also love how Dean comes back to get the sword blessed and he "creates" a running spring with "spring" water from a bottle. That is basically the story of my life.

I don't know why Sam went to go follow the microbrew lady...did they think that she was a target? 

Then we get the showdown in the brewery. I, personally, loved that Garth got to use all "Come with me if you want to live!" line...classic. I also loved how that poor dude was first hit by the news that his boss was his father, and then he kept getting startled by Hunters who don't know how to arrive together. :P

DEAN'S NOT DRUNK! It's a rare event! 

AND THEN THE SWORD COMES BACK TO DEAN! Listen, I KNOW that ghosts eventually lose it and become evil...but right now, Bobby is hella helpful. (Do people still say hella? Am I old?)

It was an event that not even Dean could deny...yet, Sam somehow manages to talk them out of it, albeit weakly.

But before we get to that...at this point in the evening, we were starting to be late for bookclub, so as we fastforwarded through the commercials, my friend's husband was like "but they killed the ghost, what could be left to do?" and that's when I yelled "THEY HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS!"

Haha, and I was right.

ETA: Also have to say here that Dean's outfit at the end was GORGEOUS! I think that's a new red shirt, and I like it.

But first, HUGS! Okay, they are Garth-hugs, but I still love them...no one gets hugged enough on Supernatural. (Hmm...they should send Garth to see Castiel, PROBLEMS SOLVED)

And then the conversation about Bobby...and Sam insisting that this is just their wacky version of the normal grieving process. And we get Dean using "Swayze" as a verb again...and....


And when Dean came back into the room and said "there you are", I actually did think for a millisecond that he had seen Bobby, until I realized it must just be the flask.


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