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My DW now has more entries than my main LJ

Back in the day (2009 and earlier) I had a different LJ - it still exists, but I don't update it anymore. It was actually just about me...not devoted to fandom or anything in particular. It was just my writing and my life and me trying to deal with my quarter-life crisis (which, I realize now, is just my life crisis because it all still applies 5 years later.)

I decided to import that other LJ to DW, just so that I had it backed up somewhere...since I don't update it anymore, I figure it's only a matter of time before LJ deletes it on me.

Anyway, although the entries are extremely personal, I've left them public....so, yeah...enjoy! You can find them by looking at the tags over at DW and comparing them to my LJ tags.

So, yeah, you don't HAVE to read them - but there's bits of fiction and non-fiction writing over there now that I'm actually quite proud of. There's also a lot of insight into the way my brain either does or does not function. Also, if you are interested in my failed attempt to live in Montreal, there's a bunch of entries about that too. I also used to post some of my favourite photography there...so, that's fun!

You get things like this picture: 

(which I took in Newfoundland in 2006)

Or this one:

(Which is me way back in 2007...in my PJs with dirty hair and bored out of my tree)

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