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Merlin: Finally Finished S3

I'd been sitting at 2 episodes left to S3 for quite sometime, but tonight I finished them off.

Watching Merlin always leaves me with a desire for h/c fic. It's like that show was BUILT for h/c - even with the amount it does have, it never seems like enough. 

Plot-bunnies come from the weirdest of places, but tonight, Merlin has put me in the mood for a story about a prince who falls in love with a whipping boy. I don't know if such a fic exists, and I'm certainly not going to write one...but I'm blaming Merlin completely on the desire to read such a thing.

It wouldn't actually work that well as a fic, because technically, the prince is SUPPOSED to fall in love with his whipping boy...but still. 

Maybe I just like saying "whipping boy"....yes, I think that's it. And this is coming from someone who doesn't even like d/s, sm, or any of those type of things.
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