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Dreamwidth Back-Up

I backed up my stuff at dreamwidth late last night (I was procrastinating sleep). Right now, it's just a straight import of my LJ. I don't have crossposting set up - and I don't know anything about dreamwidth or how to use it. I'm not planning to move over there either...but, given recent changes to LJ and the seemingly rather poor attitude towards their users, I decided that I should have a back-up, just in case.

The clothing catalogue is over there too, but of course all the links in it link back to LJ...so, if I were to ever move over there completely, I'd have to go through 186 entries and relink them all properly. So, yeah...don't expect that to happen any time soon.

Anyway, you can find me at http://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/

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