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A Vid Rec and a Successful Apartment Search!

Firstly, check out this awesome Sherlock BBC Vid...it's friendship, not slash - and you all know how much I love friendship :)



I found an apartment for March 1st. It's exactly what I was looking for: A bachelor apartment with a good kitchen, and parking for my car. It's in a small apartment building, just at the foot of the hill that I currently live on. It's right near the skytrain and a large-chain grocery store. 

The only draw backs are:
1. I will no longer have my beautiful mountain view...but that's okay, the mountains are still there (except when it's raining), this just means that I will actually have to go outside in order to see them.

2. It is floor to ceiling, wall to wall, wood paneling...but I'm thinking some nice wall hangings, and the gorgeous painting of my sister's that I own will help immensely with that.

The bonuses:
1. I actually have a wood burning fireplace in my bachelor apartment. The landlord insists that it's functional. I have no idea where one buys firewood in the big city, and I'm a little worried about when the last time the chimney was cleaned...but even if it's just aesthetics, it's still really cool.

2. It's cheaper rent than I'm currently paying to share with my sister. Also, it's utilities included, which I currently don't have either. And there is laundry in the building, so yay!

Anyway, yeah, I'm super jazzed. 
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