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The Status of Things

I'm still a horrible employee (in my opinion), but it looks like my current contract is going to be extended until September, so that's good news. I really would prefer not to be unemployed again. (While the not-having-to-work was fun, the poverty was not).

I only wrote 2k of the 4k words that I needed to write this weekend. Hopefully I can pull off the remaining 2k before Wednesday - this is all for The Novel Project, of course. On the upside, I may have found a way for Chapter 7 to suck a little less - but it hinges on that 2k words that I still need to write.

On Wednesday, I will be fighting aliens. More details on that to come, but I've been booked to run around like an idiot in the background of a series called Falling Skies.

I still don't have a place to live in March...but the month is still young. Hopefully there are some landlords out there who are very slow to list their amazing affordable places. I haven't started packing yet. I need to procure some boxes.

Now I should really stop procrastinating and eat some lunch. (You know you have a problem with procrastination, when you procrastinate eating even though you are starving.)
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