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Quick Reaction: 7x13 Slice Girls

Hello! So, this one is a little later - because once again I had to juggle Supernatural with Book Club...so, yeah, I actually watched Supernatural hours ago and then talked about books for a long time...so we'll see how much I remember.

BRUTAL MURDER! Man, it didn't register right away that he was missing his feet and hands - but that's super gross and awful.

The Winchester part of the episode opens with Sam driving! And they have a car that is at least SIMILAR to the Impala...in that it is black and has that nice little curve over the back wheels...but yeah...Sam's driving and we get the classic "there are no leads on the main plot, so let's do a MOTW" line.

So, does anyone know who played the coroner/cop? He looked SO FAMILIAR. I liked Dean going on about their prescription coverage - hilarious. If there's one way to sell that you belong to a profession, it's to go on about the medical plan. (At least in the States, anyway).

I also liked the little tribute to the old "I guess it's our kind of thing" line...and I love Sam's reply of "'not anything human' usually does it for me." - Haha, I just realized that that line out of context can actually be taken two ways...and both are true for Sammy.

Anyhoo, Dean goes off to drink and Sam goes off to actually work. It's an interesting dynamic in the 7th season, because we have these character traits that are so ingrained that they aren't ever going to change...Sam will always be hyper focused on the current hunt, and Dean will always be more likely to goof off if he's not personally invested in whatever they are doing. We also get this interesting dynamic this season where Dean is pretty much self-destructing, but Sam isn't going to call him on it, because Sam has to pick his battles.

Like in Defending Your Life, I sort of get the feeling like Dean is going through the motions - because he's doing the whole "fake it 'til you make it" thing, which, coincidentally is the advice Frank gave him anyway. But he seem to figure that his best strategy is to "act like Dean" and then no one will notice the whole self-destruction. The problem, of course, is that we all have a very different self-image than what we actually are...so Dean is basically turning into a caricature of himself.  And you can see it in the way he seems to get rather depressed with his own lies.

I also thought it was interesting that he spoke Japanese to the girl, and said he knew enough to get by. Japanese was Bobby's thing.

Sex scene! Awesome! Oh, wait, before I get there....the music in this episode was awesome. I liked the use of Louden Swain song in the bar, and the use of AC/DC over a Dean sex scene is always approved. Also, Dean's chest! 

And it was really cool to have the sex scene spliced with a gruesome murder. Very neat way to show exactly what mistake Dean was making.

And then stuff happens...and Dean forgets Bobby's flask...and Sam is amused that Dean was turned down by a woman...and then Dean goes to the womans house, and Sam sees that all the victims went to the same bar as Dean and phone's Dean to tell him he "dodged a bullet" - odd thing for Sam to assume :P

The kid is cute. As my friend said, that kid is going to have HUGE EYES.

Oh, I forgot to talk about the "Expert" - My friend and I were both rather distracted when Sam and Dean left his office and walked down that hallway - we both recognized it as the hallway in the PCA video...and were distracted by the fact that up until the very end, anyway, the boys legs weren't in frame. So we were both giggling to ourselves, picturing them doing it pants-less.


The professor dude added a nice comedic aspect to the episode - and also served as a reminder of just how much the boys are missing Bobby, not just for his fatherlyness, but also for his expertise and efficiency. I have to say that I also love the stuff that Jared and Jensen do with facial expressions alone. When Sam says they need to get in touch with an expert and Dean says "Our expert is dead", Sam's facial expression really says it all.

Blah blah blah...kid grows up...oh! THE PAPERS! 

Okay, so we finally find out that Dean and Sam DID burn Bobby - so they don't believe that he can be a ghost. HOWEVER, they say this while sitting in a room full of his possessions....furthermore, they say this after Dean went to great lengths to get Bobby's flask back...a flask, need I point out, that Dean has become VERY sentimentally attached to very quickly. All I'm saying is that Bobby's ghost doesn't need to be bound to the world by his bones...

Sam goes to the professor dude, because neither he nor Dean can read ancient Greek. They should really learn. I guess they have Latin down, and it's my personal fanon that Dean's proficient in Hebrew.

And finally Emma attacks. I like the way she bluffed Dean... it shows cunning. Also, it's a great way to play Dean, because he has a weakness for both children AND family. Just jumping back here, I loved how when he saw that Lidia has a kid, he immediately walked right over to the crib and interacted with the baby...Dean said it back in Dead in the Water and no one believed him, but he really does love kids.

Oh, jumping back again here, I love the fact that when Sam gets mad at Dean for sleeping with the monster - he doesn't get mad at him for sleeping with the monster, he gets mad at him for not having safe sex. Such a good message there - not sex negative, just unsafe-sex negative. ;)

I also love that Sam rationalizes that it can't be Bobby's ghost because they WANT it to be. That's epically heartbreaking. 

Anyway...yeah, so I like the way Emma bluffed Dean. I also like that her little suitcase was bright pink.

I liked Sam bluffing the Amazon-cop lady and shooting her in the chest...and I loved Dean pulling that gun out of the fridge and not getting duped. And, I like how it came full circle to Dean trying to talk Emma into running and not killing him, and Sam coming in and killing her for him. Sam isn't going to win any World's Greatest Uncle awards anytime soon, but he'll still win the World's Greatest Brother awards, so it balances out.

Which brings us to the end of the episode - when Sam is once again driving...and that's gotta be a sign of something, doesn't it? 

Sam tells Dean that he doesn't care how Dean copes or what Dean does, but Dean just can't get killed or die on him...and that's really the battle that Sam is picking. Sam needs Dean alive. He doesn't need him sober. He doesn't need him happy. He just needs him to be alive. I think Sam has been putting up such a great front with the Hell-hallucinations thing that Dean has forgotten that he is Sam's Stone #1. And I think that's going to go come back and bite Dean  (and Sam) in the ass in the future.

I must say, that although this was yet another MOTW, I enjoyed it because it built up the issues the boys are dealing with in a subtle way that informed us how things are effecting both their day to day life, and the relationship between the brothers. (I also liked it, because unlike in a lot of people's fic, the show didn't turn Sam into a nagging-wife character... it actually showed him dealing with Dean's issues in a much more realistic and true-to-character way.)

Okay, so, I'm sure I missed stuff....but, it's nearly 1am, so please forgive me. 
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