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The man in the white van says "Get in for the killing." I do. Wait, what?

So, I can't actually talk about The Killing, because I signed this piece of paper that said I wouldn't. But, since I don't know any of the cast or the plot or anything, it's actually quite easy for me not to spoil.

I never like the way they dress me, which is kind of a weird thing to say - because they always dress me in my own clothes. This time though, I got to go into hair and make-up, and they curled my hair a little. As I was walking back to holding, a woman with a broom passed me and said "Pretty!" So, that was nice.

I did meet someone whose wife is going to be on Supernatural (filming tomorrow and a week from tomorrow). When she got the gig (which sounds like a straight-up acting gig), he got his agent to call and ask if they needed extras for any of her scenes - and they did! So he's doing Supernatural next week in a scene with his wife. I thought that was sweet. According to him, Supernatural rarely uses extras - "They're always so tight on their leads." Well, can you blame them?

I thought it was going to be super exciting because there were a lot of "costumed extras" (like specific professions...some of which are exciting), but it turned out that there were two units filming, and I was with the second unit - which had some of the cast (I'm guessing) and not that many extras, and none of the exciting professions. We were just walking around outside of a building. I didn't even have the fun of making up a fun back story for myself (such as the lesbian teenage mother in Diary of a Wimpy Kid III)...because I was just walking across the scene.

First I was between the actors and the camera, and then I was behind the actors on the reverse shot. The actors seemed nice. I rode back with them to the studio after the shoot was wrapped. And I got to hear this fun conversation:

Girl: "Have you been shot before?"
Guy: "Once or twice."
Girl: "Have you died?"
Guy: *answers*
Girl: "I've died. I've got friends who die every single time."

Anyway, it's episode 2x05. I'm wearing black slacks and a brown jacket, and my hair looks like someone tried to curl the ends, but it refused to obey. I walk by the camera really fast (because I walk fast), so I doubt anyone can actually see me. I'm probably on screen for two frames or something. :P
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