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SPN Hunt: The Wrong Side of the Tracks

Guess who is filming in my neighbourhood!

If you guessed "That show that you meticulously timeline and track the wardrobe," then you guessed correctly!

Not much to tell, and I'm not going to give any spoilers. But the "set" (location) looks fantastic! Not only that, but they are actually filming in an area that I have always wanted them to film in, because it looks PERFECT for the show. Of course, that also means that it's very creepy to walk around in at night, and so I didn't stay long. As I told the PAs - it was all well and good while I was standing with the crew, but it wasn't like any of them were going to walk me home at the end of the day. Plus, I'm still scheduled to be on The Killing tomorrow and I probably have to get up ridiculously early.


First, I walked completely the wrong direction and didn't find them. So, yay for an extra half hour of exercise!

Then I had the bright idea to walk to the crew park and see which way the trucks were driving away from it. So, I did that. (You might remember that the last time Supernatural was in my neighbourhood, they fooled me by filming more then 10 blocks away from the crew park). The crew park is on this gorgeous hill that has an amazing view of Vancouver, so once I was there, it was actually quite easy to see the HUGE MOVIE LIGHTS at the bottom of the hill. So, I walked down there.

Now, like I said above - NOT the best neighbourhood. I used to walk in it all the time, but only with my sister...it's really creepy to walk through it on my own. Even though I recognize that it's creepy because it's empty, not because it's filmed with rapists - but still...it might be filled with one hidden rapist, and that's too many rapists for me.

The first person I ran into was a very attractive lighting/electrician/PA guy who was in charge of looking after a crane light. He told me they were filming on the other side of the building, so I thanked him and wandered over there. 

The next person I saw was Russ, so I said "Well, I recognize you, so now I know what's filming for sure." And that creeped him out possibly, until I told him I had gone on his location tour in the summer and one of his associates pointed out that he's also on twitter. Russ was his usual charming self - telling me that the boys weren't filming, that the show hadn't filmed in years, that it was all CGI and they just came out and stood around with lights in order to keep up the facade. 

Then he left for the night...and I tried to charm the PA into telling me the truth. He told me that there wasn't any good place to watch and that nothing exciting was going on. Which you know, is probably what they are supposed to tell people....but then, he also kept reminding me that the really good gelato place was just around the corner - and maybe I should go get a gelato, and he wished that he had been assigned to watch the light by the gelato place...and isn't gelato good, even though it's cold?  So, I thought "Hmmm...are these hints, or does this guy just really like gelato?" 

The only solution was to make the ultimate sacrifice and go buy some delicious gelato. 

Sure enough, the lighting rig next to the gelato place had a GORGEOUS view straight down the set. I talked to the electrician there - who was a really nice guy. He's an ice cream man and doesn't much like gelato. His favourite flavour is chocolate. Anyway, he doesn't read the scripts, so he couldn't tell me much of what was going on, besides the fact that it's episode 7x17...and that they were filming action shots that night. We had this really confusing conversation where I tried to find out if they were driving the Impala again, and then got confused as to whether his answer was relating to reality or the show. Then he wandered away. I was MANY YARDS away from set. Like...a good block and a half - so although it was a great view of the set, it wasn't an amazing close-up view like that time that I hung out right behind the cameras.

I talked to the PA that was standing there, and he said that they were between shots and it'd probably be a while. He told me that they were going to be there until 1am. I could see Jared getting ready to film his action scene (I recognized him by size and jacket-colour...it's the green panel coat, I believe...yes, I can now spot wardrobe from a block and a half away, don't judge me.)

Anyway, like I said, it's not the best neighbourhood (awesome gelato place notwithstanding), and I probably have to be up early tomorrow - so I made the decision to go home while it was still relatively early and therefore safer. Action scenes, although awesome to see on TV, aren't that interesting to watch being filmed - unless there are ridiculous stunts involved, but from the sounds of it, there wasn't going to be (and the one where it could possibly be cool was probably one where they'd clear everyone away within a certain radius and I wouldn't be able to see anything anyway...and they weren't going to do that one until later).

So, I said goodbye to all my PA/electrician friends. They understood about the bad neighbourhood thing. (A couple of them had already expressed a bit of worry about me walking around on my own.) As I walked by the main crew trucks, I saw my man Ted, but I didn't go and say hi, because he was inside a crew tent, and I didn't want to freak people out by just walking into a crew tent.

I got out of the bad neighbourhood and started walking home...and as I once again passed the crew park...I passed this pretty golden dog sniffing around just outside the fence. Then I saw it's big ears perk up as someone just inside the fence said "Sadie, get back in here. Come on, Sadie-girl!" And well, there was my celebrity sighting of the night. The crew member looking after Sadie also had Gen's little spaniel dog, Indy, on a leash, and another dog that I didn't recognize (looked like some sort of schnauzer.)

Anyway - not that thrilling a report compared with last time, but it was still fun. :)
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