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Random Merlin Post

Update to previous post: My day on The Killing has been pushed back another day. So, I'll be doing it Thursday instead.

So, Merlin is still a very gay show. I'm watching S3 now. The lesbians have radicalized. They've decided that violent protest is the only way to gain equality. Merlin, meanwhile, stays true to his belief that the most effective way to change the law is to work slowly and quietly in support of future politicians that may be sympathetic to the cause. Meanwhile, Merlin tries to demonstrate through his own actions/life that being gay does not prohibit you from being a valuable member of society.

I just watched 3x05. It really pissed me off. I mean, seriously, Merlin should have just let Morgana die. That was ridiculous. He doesn't want to make people sad? Really? I wonder how sad they'll be when Morgana kills everyone? How about that servant dude that Morgose killed? Doesn't he have a family? Geez Merlin. I think they would have been less sad thinking that she died a good person, rather than knowing that she's likely to kill/betray them. 

In Merlin related news: I discovered the other night that Colin Morgan is in fact Irish. I am now also devouring youtube clips of interviews with him so that I can hear his adorable accent.

Now it is time for me to eat cookies.
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