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Quick Reaction: 4x20 The Rapture

oh man. I liked this episode. Now, to discuss it in one long messy post, because I haven't the time to be organized:

Jimmy was pretty cool. It was nice to see Misha emote a little bit. I wish they didn't do the weird cut effect on his yelling at Castiel, though, I think it would've been better as a single shot.

Sam doing the addict thing was neat. "I was getting a coke." "Was the coke refreshing?" hahaha...I love brothers...and this episode we got to see Dean brushing his teeth! It's nice they take time to have good oral hygiene.

Anna acts like a human. I mean, I know she just very recently was one, but I kind of wish there was something a little more angelic about her.

I wonder what happened to Castiel in Heaven to make him so mad at Dean at the end. Methinks he must have gotten in trouble for the archangel thing...punished for showing too much sympathy? I don't know. I don't think it's anything specific that Dean did, even though my first thought was "Wow! How did Dean piss Cas off THAT much?!" Then I realized that Heaven probably has ways of punishing disobiedence...after all, this is the Heaven of Supernatural, do we even know who's in charge there? Uriel was able to go a very long time serving Lucifer, that's all I'm going to say...

Is it weird that I don't like Anna calling Castiel "Cas" - I feel like Cas should be a special nickname just for Dean to use.

And then Jimmy gave himself over entirely, which I must admit, given the popularity of Misha, I saw coming - interesting to note that Jimmy IS still alive in there, but the way Cas spoke, it seems like he'll probably never again be in control of his own body - for thousands of years. Still, nice they had him do it for his daughter's sake - though, it would have been quite hilarious to see Castiel walking around as a little girl for S5.

ETA: Oh! And Sam drinking the blood right from the neck and having Dean see him like THAT - brilliant. Also, Dean totally thought Sam was trying to demon-powers him when he raised his hand to deal with Jimmy's wife....and I don't blame him.

The ending...the ending was my favorite part. Sam wanting Dean to be mad at him - "pull the car over and take a swing!" Anyone who knows me knows that I'm fascinated by  any punches thrown between the brothers...so that line was just brilliant. The thing is though, Sam wants Dean to be mad, because Sam's mad at himself. I like Dean's reaction though...the thing is, I don't think he was even just playing it cool in order to impliment 'the plan'...I think he honestly is just tired. He does care though. He's just tired...I've been around people who, though not addicted to demon blood, have similar issues, and after a while you do just sort of get so tired of it that it feels like you don't care.

But as the end indicated, he does car! And that was brilliant! As soon as the brother's arrived outside the Panic Room, I knew what was going to happen...and it's brilliant! I love the shot of Sam though the peep hole...the shot of him turning just as they close the door...mainly because of the SIZE of him. Man, Jared is a Ginormatron.

I'll also discuss the SOON preview...under another cut:

Part of me is thinking: NO! You show too much! Because I usually avoid spoilers...but man, it looks like it's going to be good. Not only that! But but....


Again, anyon who knows me knows that I pay attention to this kind of thing and Sam has NEVER hit Dean unless under the influence of a ghost/siren/demon...the idea that he might actually hit him as SAM....well, geez, that's the final sign that Sam has changed or at least become completely unhinged as far as I'm concerned.

Also, Dean says the fateful words "If you leave, don't you ever come back" and yeah, I think it was established in the Pilot that saying that to Sam is not a wise move. And can I just say...*complete heartbreak*. This is DEAN telling Sam to not ever come back...and the expression on his face, and the fact that he is bleeding on the floor...and this is DEAN...if hell didn't destroy him, this will.

And, it doesn't look like the detoxing of Sam is going to work out...looks like he's fully dependent or something, like there's no cure now...and he just ends up going back to Ruby and getting more...and then the fight with Dean I think happens in the same place...and man, I hope Dean kills Ruby just because I totally think she is evil (not that I dislike the actress or the character), but I don't think he will...unless he does and that's why Sam beats the ever living crap out of him...but still, I'm thinking Ruby lives to see S5 - which is probably good from a plot standpoint, but MAN, she is evil and has Sam tied too tightly around her little finger.

And Dean gives himself over completely to the service of the lord? And there is only one seal? And Alistair is possibly a hallucination by Sam? And Sam somehow gets tortured or something? Man...this should be interesting.
Ok, that's it.


I officially lose my TV tomorrow, so I'll be relying on torrents for the next two episodes....at least they won't have commercials!

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