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PCAs, Ring tones, and Text Alerts

I'm watching a streamed version of the PCAs, because...well, I'm curious if Supernatural actually managed to win anything...and I haven't watched an awards show in forever.

YAY SUPERNATURAL! We won BOTH awards!! WOOO! Sucks that they did it during the red carpet show - even if the boys couldn't make it down because of production, it would have still been nice for them to air the acceptance video during the main ceremony.  Oh man, so apparently, they didn't even get an invite! Just goes to show how much CBS and the People Choice Awards are actually assholes. As it stands, as soon as they won, I stopped watching :P So, yeah, that wasn't a smart way to get viewers to watch your award show, CBS, just so you know. 

So, I guess I STILL haven't watched an awards show in forever, seeing as how I didn't bother to watch the PCAs after all. :P

Meanwhile, I've switched the ring tone on my phone from When the Levee Breaks, to the music box version of the Sherlock theme.

Also, in A Scandal in Belgravia, Sherlock says the line "It's a text alert, it means I have a text" - I NEED to figure out how to make this my text alert. 

Anyway, since I'm just sitting around watching the PCAs, feel free to say hi or something...lalala, bored.
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