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Quick Reaction: Sherlock - A Scandal in Belgravia

Watching it live may have failed me, but my IP mask came through brilliantly afterward and I was able to watch it on the BBC iPlayer. Yay!

The showdown at the pool

Well, this turned out to be a non-event! That was a surprise. In the past year, I've been picturing bombs and diving into pools - I've been picturing Mycroft swooping in like a Deus Ex Machina....I did NOT picture a cheesy ringtone. I, however, am not disappointed in the slightest. I wanted the unexpected, and even though I had over a year to come up with every scenario possible, they still managed to surprise me. 

Also, they still managed to have Moriarty be terrifying. Seriously...if I ever ran into Andrew Scott on the street, I would probably run away out of instinct before my rational brain kicked in and reminded me that he's just a very good actor.

And that slow walk by Irene into the room....man, that woman really is sex on legs.

But, let's move on from the teaser....

I love the passage of time, and seeing John's blog take off, and Sherlock's annoyance with it.

I also love how they worked in the deerstalker!! Brilliant! 

The main plot...

I love how brilliantly WITTY this show is. Seriously...it's GOLDEN. The lines are so quick, you almost miss them - but they are absolutely brilliant. 

I love John and Sherlock giggling in Buckingham palace. I think where a lot of shows fall down (and I'm not just talking about Sherlock adaptations) but all shows...is that they forget to show the audience why two people love each other so much...but to actually just have the two main characters trading childish jokes and both laughing at them...it's just, refreshing to see. Especially since they could have written John being scandalized that Sherlock wasn't wearing any pants - but instead he finds it hilarious, and OF COURSE he would find it hilarious, Sherlock is his best mate...they HAVE to get along on this level, or else John would have left eons ago. The fact of the matter is that John LOVES Sherlock's insolence just as much as Mycroft hates it.

Oh and Mycroft...such good moments with Mycroft here..."the queen" and
"I'll be mother"
"There's a childhood summed up in a sentence"

Not to mention the other lines "Get off my sheet, Mycroft!" and the line about how Sherlock looks tall because he has a good suit and a short friend. Brilliant.

And then Sherlock actually steals an ashtray for John...oh friendship. Like I said, I love the fact that we SEE it with this series. 


This is what I love about John Watson - he was both a soldier and a doctor, and most people forget the first part. "You ought to remember, Sherlock, I was a soldier, I killed people." "You were a doctor" "I had bad days!"

John just didn't kill people in the war though - he killed someone the very first night that he met Sherlock, and with absolutely no remorse, I may add. I mean, I know it "wasn't a very NICE man", but I think even killing a bad guy would have SOME effect on most people - but not on John Watson.

And then we get to Irene...

And I like the fact that they kept true to the book, with Sherlock trying to fool her into thinking he's a poor attacked man...and her seeing through the "disguise"...I also like the fact that she doesn't play along. 

Also, I love that he can't deduce a naked woman...or, rather, a naked Irene - because he can still deduce John from the state of the skin on his face.

I also love her line "somebody loves you" about how John avoided his nose and teeth when he punched him in the face.

So far (I'm typing this up whenever I have to pause for a bit for the iPlayer to load more) I like what they've done with Irene. They've kept her true to the original Irene, who did not act with any particular malice, nor was she a criminal...they've also made, her, I think, a good reflection of the audience - smart is sexy. Though, I do which I looked like her - at least when it comes to her ass.

And she's dead. Ouch. Well - now I'm sad. Poor Sherlock.

Mycroft and Sherlock...I love the scene in the morgue, the cigarette - the conversation about whether there is something wrong with them because they don't care. 

But first let's talk about Christmas...Sherlock not remembering the John's girlfriend's names - awesome. Lestrade! Yay! And then Sherlock tears into Molly...Molly's quite the poor whipping boy in this series, I find. I do like the fact that he apologizes sincerely afterward. I like the fact that his infatuation with Irene (which, at this point, I don't think is sexual - I think it's the same as his infatuation with John or Moriarty - only, Moriarty turned Sherlock off by being evil, whereas Irene was just protecting herself and being brilliant in the meantime)...sorry, that was a long brackety bit...what I was saying was: I like the fact that his infatuation with Irene has broadened his horizons a little bit, I think. He has John, but Irene is someone he cannot hang out with, even though he very much wants to - and I think, because of that, he did understand Molly in that instant. Molly can't have Sherlock, because Sherlock doesn't want Molly - and Sherlock can't have Irene, because of her profession and his brother's disapproval, and the fact that, deep down, Sherlock wouldn't mean the same to Irene as Irene would mean to Sherlock, I don't think. Irene is lovely and brilliant, and I think she does fancy Sherlock's mind a little - but unlike Sherlock, she doesn't ONLY fancy the mind, and she could hold other partners in just as much esteem.

Anyway...I'm getting completely off topic.

I love the fact that Mycroft, John, and Mrs. Hudson have a plan for "danger nights" for Sherlock. I love the fact that in this adaptation, the drugs are an addiction that is fought against, rather than an acceptable tool. 

As a complete side note: Benedict has to work on his fake violin playing a little. As a violin player, I did cringe a bit. For the most part he's good though, and it's remarkably hard to fake, so I do give him points for the effort.

John loses another girlfriend to all this of course. These girls just have to get used to the fact that they're always going to be second fiddle to Sherlock Holmes. I wouldn't have a problem with it, personally...I do wish John weren't fictional, I'd be off to England on the next plane.

And Irene's Alive!!

Yay! Not sad anymore...also, AWESOME that they used a fake Mycroft kidnapping - haha, I've seen that done once or twice in fics, but never thought that they'd do it on the show. I know I said at the beginning that I was happy they didn't do a solution that I'd read in fics, but I kind of love this ploy, so I don't mind this one.

Also, heartbreaking that John just wants Irene to tell Sherlock that she's alive so that he won't be sad anymore. *hugs them*

Oh man...

I just...Sherlock....

Mrs Hudson

I love how they do this - the way Sherlock sees it all unfolding. The way he walks in and immediately upon seeing that Mrs. Hudson has been hurt, he doesn't deduce the American's occupation and lifestyle, he instead imagines the ways in which Sherlock can injure him.

And I love that John leaves Sherlock alone with the man, probably knowing full well what's about to happen.

Man, I love how much Sherlock cares for Mrs. Hudson - did I talk about that scene earlier when Mycroft told her to shut-up and they both got mad at him? That was brilliant too.

So, I have this thing where it's very hard for me to recognize women if they change their hair style - especially if they are white brunettes. When Sherlock discovers Irene in his bed, my reaction was not "Oh, it's Irene" it was "Who's that?...Um...maybe Irene? Is it? Ok, next scene...and yes, yes it is. Okay." I really hate that fault in my face-recognition ability. It makes for very awkward times, I basically become like Sherlock with John's girlfriends :P

Oh man...Moriarty's been playing with Mycroft.

Man, okay...just watched straight through to the end without break...so, Irene is KIND of a criminal? Not really? I'm still not sure what her motivations are - she wanted protection, but she only needed protection because of the information. She wanted to get the email decoded and give the information to Moriarty? Terrorists? Why? That part I didn't get. She was playing Sherlock...only, not very well.

And I KNEW when we overheard that bit of Mycroft's conversation that it would be important, but then I was all dazzled and I forgot about it!

Sherlock was indeed played, and it hurt his feelings...but then he got the upper-hand as always. Nicely done. I also love how in the end it's Sherlock who gets the dominatrix to beg. 

I also like Mycroft trying to spare Sherlock's feelings...I like that John and him are partners in caring for Sherlock. I also like the fact that Sherlock LETS them. John is a horrible liar, by the way.

I also love that before Sherlock wanted to be a detective, he wanted to be a pirate! SO CUTE! 

Also - how the hell did Sherlock get to the middle-east and infiltrate a terrorist cell? Who cares! That was awesome!

I like the end "The Woman...THE Woman."

I love the fact Sherlock's sexuality is still an unanswered question. He obviously is *stimulated* by Irene, but it's intellectual. I have the feeling though, that no woman will ever measure up to Irene, so that's probably it for him for the female gender. 

Of course, I also think that Irene's sexuality is a larger unanswered question - as it should be. I did believe her when she said she was gay. Which, by the way, I loved that exchange between John and Irene. I love how Irene tells John flat out that it doesn't matter whether he's gay or not, he and Sherlock are a couple. I think that's how partnerships SHOULD work, nevermind the labels or what people do or do not do in the bedrooms.

I should say something about the cinematography and direction.....it was GORGEOUS. I love the way this show is shot - I really do. I love the use of slow motion, and the text on the screen when people use computers/phones...lovely...it's just a visually stunning show, as well as being amazingly well written and well acted.

I think what I loved about this episode - and I touched on it earlier - is that we got to see domesticity as much as we got to see action and adventure. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is great and all, but the very heart of the story is this odd domestic partnership between these two men.

I'm sure there's TONS more for me to talk about - I have a feeling I'll be watching this episode all again this evening, even though I spend the entire day on it. Seriously. Woke up at 10 so that I could try to watch it at 12...didn't work at 12, so I napped until 2pm...took me 2.5 hours to watch it, due to load times and internet disruptions....now I'm typing this up while I'm on the phone, hoping that my typing  isn't obnoxious enough for the person on the other end of the line to notice...so, it's taking me a bit longer...

So, I'm still not quite sure what to make of Irene...but I liked her overall. I like that she's not a clear-cut criminal, though, yeah, I'd wish I understood her motivations...

Again, I love the domesticity and the fact that we get to see what Sherlock's relationships are like. In the first series, he was very isolated - but now we get to see the intricate relationships he does have. I loved LOVED seeing more of him and Mycroft together.

Anyway...yeah...superb. LOVELY show. And I will watch it again and again and again....

Let me know if there's anything I missed that you desperately want to talk about.

For non-Sherlock fans, who follow me for Supernatural: Last night I had a dream that Sam was possessed by Ellen (though she wasn't a demon, so I don't know how that worked) and it was hilarious and awesome...also, Sam needed reading glasses. He was adorable.

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  • Last Day

    Alright, for all my talk of having moved on mentally, I have to admit that seeing all the last-day things - the set tear downs, the goodbye messages…

  • ...hi

    I realize that basically since the show went on hiatus back in February(?), I have done nothing but post messages that say that I'm alive and that…

  • What do you mean it's already 9:30?

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