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End of Year Fic Retrospect Meme 2011

I thought I would go ahead and repeat the meme I did at the end of last year, because it was fun!

But first...

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! May your 2012 be 10x better than your 2011! 

My favorite story this year (of my own):

It's a really hard question. I absolutely love writing Nate, so at first I wanted to pick his stories...but then, well, I wanted to pick The Switches, for a reason that I'll explain below...but I think, when it comes right down to it. I have to pick The Letter - just because I made so many people cry. *grins evilly*

My best story this year: 

Again, I'm not sure I can really judge. Maybe, I'll say Seers, Souls, and Scandinavians - just because I think it's my masterpiece in terms of being simulataneously canon and AU.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: 

I never feel that people appreciate just how hard it is to juggle more than 3 characters in a scene at a time - let alone more than one universe...so, with that in mind, I'd pick my Sherlock/Supernatural/Harry Potter crossovers. Superlock Potter?

That being said, I REALLY like my version of Irene. (I'm really nervous about the BBC's version of Irene, because I never liked her as a true villain...but, I guess I'll find out very very soon what they've done with her.)

I also expected to get more comments on Were It Not That I Have Bad Dreams than I did, but that could have been for all kinds of reasons - one of which being, of course, that perhaps it's just not that good.

Most fun story: 
I REALLY like writing Nate and Teddy in the demented'verse. I could happily write them 24/7, just doing mundane things, like homework. So, for that reason, I'd probably say the most fun story I wrote was Tiger and Wolf, which really set up part of the reason Nate and Teddy became so closely bonded between The Letter and The Most Noble.../The Day After

Most suspenseful story: 

I don't really write suspense. I guess, maybe, The Day After? The Switches? I really can't say.

Story with single sexiest moment: 

I wrote another anonymous porny kinkmeme fill. Unlike last year's, which was wrong on every single level - this one was only wrong on a couple of levels, and it actually turned out pretty damn sweet in my opinion. It also marked the second time I wrote sex, and judging by the comments I got, I seemed to do it effectively. I'm half tempted to actually put my name to it and post it properly, mainly because I've got an idea for a PWP epilogue that would point out my pet peeves with the use of butt-plugs in slash fic...(in my opinion, no one uses them to their full potential). On the other hand, my mother reads this journal sometimes...and yeah...that'd be awkward. Mind you, she may have just read this explanation, including the part where I mention butt-plugs, so it's already awkward. (Hi Mum!)

Story with single sweetest moment: 

Again, I think my anonymous kinkmeme fill was pretty sweet, but out of stories that people KNOW I wrote? Hmm... The Many Adventures of Sam and Scorpious on the Floor is pretty damn adorable. I also adore the scene in The Day After with Teddy and Nate being boys and grossing out the girls during lunch.

Most unintentionally *telling* story: 

Well, I wouldn't say it was unintentional, because I knew what I was doing as I was doing it - but the answer to this question is The Switches.

"Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: 

Again, I'd have to go with my kinkmeme fill - though, technically, it's really actually not that *wrong* at all.

Most disappointing story: 

I wasn't disappointed by any of my published fics this year. I guess that's because I don't publish the ones that are disappointing to me. I have another demented'verse timestamp sitting on my computer that I'll probably never publish because it just...doesn't do it for me.

Hardest story to write: 

Two winners for this one:
2. To Being Half A Person... - the whole time I was writing this, I really couldn't tell if it was good or bad. I published it anyway, and people liked it! Yay! I'm really oddly proud of this one, because, for the life of me, I STILL can't tell if it's good or bad - but I'm really happy with the positive response and the fact that I took a chance at showing it to the world.

Easiest story to write: 

I actually think, when it comes right down to it, that The Letter was the easiest to write - it flowed the best. I mean, the Nate and Teddy stuff is also pretty damn easy for me to write, but it's sort of in a class on it's own.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: 

Good question. I think this years theme is: Alix likes cuddling far too much. The story that demonstrates it most is any of my Nate and Teddy stories, any of my Sherlock stories, and well, if you are a frequenter of the kinkmeme, you can probably pick out the story I wrote, even though I did my best to disguise it with spelling mistakes and continuity errors.

Love to you all! :)
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