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So, apparently, I wrote some books...

I'm back from Seattle - yay!

While I was down there, I met up with sentra04 and her good friend, so that she could give me MY BOOKS! That's right...apparently, I've written three novels worth of demented'verse. sentra04 liked them so much, that she made the two longest stories into bound hardcover books, and she was SUPER kind and also made me copies!! And then when she met up with me, she had me sign her copy, like I was actually a legitimate author!! It was surreal and awesome, and one of my absolute favourite Christmas gifts this year.

I'm genuinely amazed by the beast this 'verse turned into. Damned Demented Demons was the first chaptered fic that I had ever written - and, actually, it was only the 2nd fanfic of any kind that I had ever written. At the time, I had planned for it to be 8 chapters at most...and now, apparently, I have written 3 novels. Anyway...yeah...before I get too mushy about my own writing (because no one wants to read that), let me show you PICTURES:

The outside of the books - on the left, is Damned Demented Demons and on the right is Vile Violent Vacations. They are SO PRETTY!

A random page from Damned Demented Demons...the books have page numbers, which I love. DDD is 336 pages. Vile Violent Vacations is 390 pages. I also love the font she used for the chapter titles! So awesome.

The title page of both books features franztastisch's lovely artwork, which I'm super happy about.

Here is a picture of the books on my bookshelf! I temporarily slipped them in next to my Deathly Hallows book (it's the only one of the Harry Potter books that I have in Vancouver, the rest are in a box at my mum's place in Ontario...well, except for an Irish Gaelic version of Philosopher's Stone, which you can see just a little hint of in the back there). I would also like to point out that the tall yellow bound thing you can see in the background is my Masters research paper. It is another thing that I am quite proud of, yet will not ever be seen by most of the world, as it seems my career as an historian will never come to be. Still, if you ever want to talk about the summer of 1916 in Ireland, I have opinions!

Then I re-arranged the shelf, because I must always sort books according to height.

Where the magic happened - now, also containing the magic. Technically, I only wrote Vile Violent Vacations while living here in Vancouver, but it still counts! (I would also like to point out that I have more books than that - but they live in large stacks at the end of my bed, because I only have the one shelf right now. )

I'm super happy. I kind of want to read my own books now - but I really shouldn't, because I'm trying to write another one (which, incidentally, I keep getting discouraged on...sigh)...but yeah, back in 2008, when I posted the following entry:
After successfully posting my first ever fic, I thought "Maybe that will be it. Maybe nothing more will come to me..." and then this afternoon, out of the blue, I started writing an HP/Supernatural crossover fic in my brain.

My only thought now is "How far down this rabbit-hole am I going to go?"

So, in the near future, look out for a slightly dorky crossover. Crossovers have always been my guilty-pleasure, I figure I might as well try my hand at them. I might just title it "Demented"...just to make a horrible pun

I really wasn't expecting ALL THIS.

Apparently, the answer to that rabbit-hole question was "pretty damn far!"

Super Happy.

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