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Season 6 Clothes COMPLETE!

I have now posted ALL CLOTHING FROM S6* for my If Clothes Could Talk project.

The S6 pie graph is almost identical to the S5 pie graph - which means that our Winchester clothing ratios do not change, even when they spend a year apart and Dean domesticates himself.

Sam total=43, Dean total=29

Does Dean buy more new clothes when he isn't hunting?

Only a little bit. Dean bought 6 new articles of clothing in S6. Sam, meanwhile, bought 14.

I don't know about you, but if I were Sam in 6x12, I would be wondering why Dean had bought me 12 new shirts and 2 new jackets while I had been trapped in the cage....and why they were already broken in so well...I think that should have been his first clue that maybe there was more to his resurrection than Dean was telling him.

Finally, we get a breakdown by type:

This is interesting in comparison to other seasons, because way back in S1, it was Sam who had the unique t-shirts. Now, Dean suddenly has 2, and Sam has none. My theory: only civilians buy unique t-shirts. ;)

Also, Sam REALLY likes shirts, you guys.

That's all the charts and graphs that I have for now. Many months ago, I was brainstorming new and complicated graphs for this project, so if I can find my notes on those, then I might come up with more graphs. In the meantime, this will have to tide you over.

I'm also thinking of maybe doing a graph that breaks down the shirt category...haven't you wondered just how many plaid shirts Sam owns? What percentage do up with snaps? What percentage are western-cut? (No? Just me then....not surprised. ;) )

*excluding costumes, jeans, generic t-shirts, suits, and shoes, all of which, I do not keep track of (though I may eventually add ties into the mix, we'll see.)
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