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Fic: Damned Demented Demons 8/32 (SPN/HP)

Title: Damned Demented Demons 8/32
Author: ME!
Fandoms: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13 (for swearing)
Warnings: Spoilers for all Harry Potter books, Spoilers up to 4x10 for Supernatural.
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean belong to Kripke, Harry Potter belongs to Rowling.
A/N: I thought that the Battle of Hogwarts took place in Spring 1997...so that's what I based my timeline on. Since then I've seen that most sources have it in 1998. Ah well. In this story it's 1997.
A/N to chap 8: I combined two chapters again to give you a super long chapter 8, but this means that my buffer from what I've posted and what I'm writing is only 1.5 chapters. So, because of this, it's going to be another week before I post the next chapter (just to give myself time to get three chapters ahead again).

Summary: In which we explore family relations and have burgers.

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Harry glared at Dean and then disappeared into the small bathroom.

"I can't believe you were flirting with the man's wife, Dean," Sam said. "Do you really think that was a good idea?"

"Of course I think it was a good idea, Sam," Dean replied, the smirk he had given Harry still on his face. "We now know that Harry has a beautiful red-haired wife, and three little kiddies at home."

"I can't believe you are justifying it as research," Sam rolled his eyes. "You're ridiculous."

"Ah come on, Sammy. Don't you feel like you can trust a family man more than some strange loner."

Sam considered it for a moment. He had been treating Harry as a Hunter, but it was true that most Hunters didn't have kids.

"Because he has something to lose?" Sam wondered a loud.

Dean gave him an odd look, "Because he has people who rely on him."

Sam nodded. He figured they were both right.

"Do you know how wide their perimeter is?" Dean asked, changing the subject.

"Oh, yeah," Sam had forgotten about his reconnaissance mission this morning when he was sent out for breakfast. They hadn't had a chance to talk alone until now. "I walked to the diner about a block and a half away. The perimeter is pretty wide, but I thought I saw some shadows shifting oddly about two blocks passed the diner. I don't know how they are keeping an area that size clear in only shifts of three, but my guess is that this hotel is dead centre, with a radius of about five city blocks."

"Damn," Dean swore, "I sort of figured we were screwed when I went for my drive and could only make it about ten minutes away from the hotel before I felt..."

Dean trailed off and Sam didn't bother pressing him further. There was no way around it. They were dependent on these wizards and Sam didn't like it anymore than Dean did.

In the resulting silence, Sam heard Harry say, 'I'll be home as soon as I can, James. I love you. Be good for your mother.' muffled through the bedroom door. Sam glanced at the closed door and saw Dean do the same out of the corner of his eye. It was weird to think of Harry as a parent. He was the same age as him and Dean.

Dean cleared his throat, snapping Sam's attention back to him.

"Come on, we have reading to do," Dean said, "get the laptop and see if you can find anything from Hunters on this, anything at all. Try British sources."

Sam grabbed the laptop off the bedside table and had booted it up by the time Harry came out of the bathroom.

"So..." Dean said, smirk back in place, though Sam could tell that this time it was forced. "How are the wife and kids?"

"I can't believe you were flirting with my wife," Harry replied tersely, but then continued with a genuine answer, "and she's fine, thanks. Once I convinced her that the charming Hunters I was working with weren't going to murder me and my family."

"Whoa," Dean said, smirk fading,. "I would never...why would she even..."

"You're Hunters," Harry said, "there are stories...I believe you did threaten to 'gank' me when you heard what I was."

"He's got you there, Dean," Sam said, and smiled.

"Yeah, yeah..." Dean mumbled, and then smirked again, "You're wife really is gorgeous though, dude. You should have seen her, Sam. Kids must be adorable."

Sam shook his head at Dean, and then smiled when Harry ducked his head as if embarrassed.

"They are," Harry said, "would you, uh...like to see a picture?"

"You got one?" Dean replied. Harry nodded and picked up the shoulder bag he had thrown on the floor by the table. Sam put the computer to one side and stood to hover over Dean's shoulder, as Harry handed over a small photograph.

"Hey! It's moving!" Dean exclaimed. Sure enough, there was Harry and a pretty red-haired woman standing in front of an odd lopsided looking house....smiling and waving, and trying to keep one of the kids from running off the edge of the picture.

"Wizard photography," Harry stated, as if that explained everything. "That's my wife, Ginny...and those are the kids, obviously."

The kid that was trying to run out of the picture looked to be around four, and had red-hair like his mother. A slightly younger boy stood calmly by Harry's side, and had the same wild black hair and pure green eyes that Harry did, but no glasses. Ginny had one hand on the back of the four year-old's collar, and she held a small bundle of baby firmly in the crook of her other arm. There was also a young kid in the picture, probably around ten or eleven, who didn't look anything like Harry or his wife, and whose hair kept changing from mousy brown, to black, to red, and...was that blue?

"I thought your wife said that you guys had three kids..." Dean stated, obviously wondering the same thing as Sam.

"We do, our kids are the three youngest," Harry explained, leaning over the picture so that he could point. "James is four. He's the one that's trying to run away. Albus is three," here Harry pointed to the calm kid that was the spitting image of him, "and the baby is Lily. The eleven-year-old is my godson, Teddy. His parents were killed in the War, so I help his Grandmother look after him."

"Why is his hair doing that?" Sam asked. There was only a small pause before Harry answered.

"He's a Metamorphmagus," Harry said. "He still has trouble keeping the hair still sometimes."

"A Meta-what?" Dean said. Harry sighed, and pulled the picture back out of Dean's hands. Sam was surprised to realize that Harry seemed nervous all of a sudden.

"It doesn't matter," Harry answered. "It's not important."

"Ok...cute kids, dude," Dean replied, and Sam figured he must have picked up on Harry's reluctance to explain Teddy any further, because he went ahead and diffused the situation the only way Dean knew how, "And I believe I already mentioned how smokin' your wife is. Ginny, right?...nice name."

Harry huffed and slipped the picture away. In the small moment of silence that followed, Sam thought of walking in Dean's dream - of seeing that woman talking about picking a kid up later, the picnic all laid out.

"So, what'd you talk to Phil about?" Sam asked, decidedly derailing his own thoughts and making a point not to look at Dean.

"The damn Dementors," Harry grumbled, pulling books out of his shoulder bag, slipping back into research mode. "They're too...it can't be a coincidence they're here. Some of them followed Dean and I when we went on that drive. Either they are being ordered to stalk and kill you, or they are here because of something you two are involved in that is of benefit to them...though, how they knew to come here from Europe is beyond me."

Harry made rubbed a hand through his hair and then looked directly at Sam and Dean. His green eyes suddenly as intense as they had been the previous night.

"I need you to tell me what you two are wrapped up in," Harry stated in the professional tone that reminded Sam of his father. Sam looked nervously at Dean, whose eyes had grown hard, the line between his eyebrows growing deep.

Maybe we should tell him, Sam thought, not everything, just a little. God, not everything...

Dean caught Sam's eye and shook his head, and then answered Harry.

"Listen man, I wish we could," he said, "but we're just Hunters...killing as many evil sons of bitches as we can. I think we should stop asking why these things are here, and just figure out how to protect ourselves. Sometimes it's just random evil, and there is no answer."

"I see," Harry said, and Sam had the feeling that he really did - that he knew full well that Dean was purposefully not telling him anything. Sam bit back a sigh. If the Dementors were being controlled, then Sam had a good idea of who might be behind it, and if they could somehow use these wizards against her...at the very least, Harry might have knowledge that'd be helpful, it wasn't right to shut him out when he was trying to help them.

"Could it be a demon?" Sam heard himself say.

"Sam..." Dean dragged out his name as if it were more than one syllable.

"Could it be a demon?" Sam repeated, making a point to completely ignore the way Dean was glaring at him, the way his fists were clenched.

"Controlling the Dementors you mean?" Harry asked, and Sam could see the way his whole body was tense, ready, responding to the sudden tension in the room.

"Yeah," Sam said.

"To be honest, I don't know," Harry answered in genuine disappointment. "Like I said before, there's a possibility they aren't even being controlled, they could just choose to be here...but then, they could be here because of a demon, that's a possibility."

Sam nodded, "There's this demon - Lilith..."

"Sam!" Dean spoke in a tight voice. "Shut the hell up."

"No!" Sam's temper broke, "If it's Lilith then that means she's up to something, and if she's up to something then we've got to stop her! This could be important Dean. This could be another...you know."

"If it were, Cas would have told me!" Dean said.

"Listen," Sam said, consciously lowering his voice. "I could ask Ruby, she might now something."

"NO!" Dean started standing and throwing his arms up in frustration, "FOR FU-"

"WHY NOT?" Sam interrupted, coming to stand infront of Dean, "If Lilith sent those Dementors after you then she's planning something - or at LEAST trying to kill you - and I for one would rather see her head roll rather than yours!"

"Lilith is not behind EVERYTHING! If this were a seal, Cas would have TOLD me."

"She's still trying to kill us!"

"YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IF IT'S HER! You can't just go running into this situation blind, Sam! We've got to figure out how to protect ourselves."

"And meanwhile, more time passes when we COULD be ENDING this ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

"ENOUGH!" Sam and Dean both whipped their heads towards Harry in surprise. Sam had completely forgotten he was there, the further surprise had been the deep timbre of his voice. There was no way a voice like that came out of such a small guy.

Harry stood with his left hand raised in a halting sign, his right arm lose, but holding his wand at his side. An invisible wind had left his hair ruffled, blown back off his forehead to reveal that odd old scar. Both Sam and Dean were breathing heavily, hearts pounding from the fight and the tension in the room, but for a second time Sam was surprised to find himself obeying Harry on instinct.

"Thank you," Harry said, lowering his hand. "Sit down, please."

Sam chanced a glance at Dean, at the same moment that Dean threw him an indiscernible look, then an almost imperceptible roll of the shoulders, and Dean turned and sat back down. Sam could still see the anger in Dean's jaw, and could feel it in his own veins, but he too just pursed his lips and sank onto the edge of the bed.

"Alright," Harry continued, only then sitting down himself, "now, I agree with both of you. Our first order of business should be to find out how to protect you two against Dementors - because for whatever reason they are here, they are interested in you. So, I'm going to continue researching the advance spell books and see if I can come up with anything. Now...I also think that Sam has a point, just because umm...Cas? hasn't warned you about whatever this is, doesn't mean we should assume that it's not connected to this Lilith demon. Therefore, we should also try to find out if Dementors can be controlled by demons, or if they are allying themselves with demons. So, I'm putting you two in charge of researching any and all Dementor-Demon connections. If you need more books, or certain titles, let me know and I'll send one of my men for them."

Harry paused, leveling a significant look on both Sam and Dean. "Now, are we good?"

Sam nodded in response, and looked at Dean. Dean's response was to pick up the nearest book, level Harry with a glare, and stalk over to the other bed to read. Sam knew that Dean would most likely give him the silent treatment for the rest of the afternoon.

"Excellent," Harry mumbled, "this will be a relaxing afternoon."

Sam almost felt sorry for Harry. He was more used to Dean getting angry with him. It seemed to happen more and more since Dean got back. Hell had messed Dean up so much, Sam was mainly just worried about him. Killing Lilith as quickly as possible would mean less suffering for Dean. Sam just wished that he had been able to kill her before Dean's deal had come due, then Dean wouldn't be so broken now.

Sam picked the laptop back up and started researching. Maybe there were some UK-specific demonology books out there.


It was Dean who broke the silence as they got close to dinner.

"Your boy Ted is a Shifter, isn't he."

Harry stilled. Sam cast a nervous glance towards Dean, surprised at the sudden revelation.

"It's not the same," Harry replied calmly. "It's different for wizards."

"You were afraid to tell us," Dean continued as if Harry hadn't spoken. "Did you think we would fly to England and kill him?"

Sam realized then that Dean was offended. Mister It's-Not-Human was offended that Harry would be concerned about Dean killing a Shifter. It really was the apocalypse.

"He's like a son to me," Harry replied, looking across the room towards Dean. "Wouldn't you worry? Wouldn't you be reluctant to tell a pair of Hunters that your kid wasn't exactly normal?"

Sam kept still, but saw the glance that Dean threw at him out of the corner of his eye.

"Yeah, I would," Dean said quietly, then cleared his throat and continued in a lighter tone. "So, I take it Wizard-Shifters aren't evil, then? That's good to know, in case I ever run into one."

"Metamorphmagus," Harry corrected. "It's different."

"Gotcha," Dean said, and then turned his attention back to the book he was reading. The room fell back into silence, and Sam's attention drifted back to the laptop screen.

"Werewolves, too," Harry suddenly said, breaking the silence again.

"Come again?" Dean asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Wizard-Werewolves. They're different. It's...well, treatable," Harry answered. "Teddy's father was a werewolf. It's not the easiest life, but he managed it. Never killed anyone as far as I know...got married, had a kid..."

Sam couldn't help but think of Madison - the tear-tracks on her face, the weight of the trigger, the sound her body made when it hit the floor, her wide blank eyes.

"It's not treatable for us though, is it?" Dean asked, while Sam tried to swallow the lump in his throat, and quell his panic at the thought that he had shot her when there was another solution.

"No," Harry responded, "so, you know, don't feel bad if you've..."

"Ok," Dean cut him off, and then continued in bright voice. "Who's up for dinner?"

Sam laughed despite himself, because there were some things about Dean that never changed.

"I'll send for Phil," Harry answered, also smiling, then added, "I think I might be on to something here."

"Really?" Sam got up to peer at the mess of writing in front of Harry. It was an odd mix of Latin, runes, and odd looking equations that he had never seen before. Harry just nodded and flipped open his mirror to call for Phil.

There was a small popping noise and Phil was in the room.


"I am never going to get used to that..." Dean muttered.

"Hi Phil, in a better mood than earlier, I see?" Harry said with a laugh, "I'm disappointed."

Sam cocked and eyebrow, and watched as Phil rolled his eyes and grinned.

"Harry...do you want to tell me why I'm here?" Phil asked.

"I need you to look over this for me and tell me if I'm barking," Harry replied, pushing the mess of writing towards Phil. "Meanwhile, we're all going out for supper."

Harry stood. Unlike the other wizard, he hadn't bothered putting on his robe that day, and just wore jeans and a t-shirt. He threw on a light jacket, and made his way to the door. Sam shut the laptop and threw on his own jacket, while Dean double checked that his gun was loaded before grabbing his leather coat.

Just before they left the room, Dean turned back around and glared at Phil.

"Don't touch my stuff!"

Phil held up his hands in mock surrender, "Don't worry, I value my life."

"Good," Dean replied. Sam shook his head.


Once they were out the door and headed to the diner, Dean asked Harry what exactly Phil was looking over.

"I may have found a protection for you," Harry answered, "but don't get your hopes up. Phil's much better at wards and protection spells than I am, so we'll see what he says."

The nearby dinner wasn't crowded. Dean and Sam automatically sat themselves on one bench to face Harry on the other. Dean could see Harry try not to laugh at them hitting elbows. Dean had to hand it to the guy, he didn't seem easily intimidated. Dean and Sam practically BOTH had a foot of height on Harry, not to mention way more muscle mass, yet Harry remained confident and cool around them. It wasn't that Harry was scawny though, Dean could tell that he had muscle on him, he was just wirery and short. Dean wondered if Harry thought his magic would protect him - maybe it did.

Harry did a cursory look around, then made a hand movement under the table and muttered something. The hairs on the back of Dean's neck stood up, and he saw Sam twitch beside him.

"What'd you just do?" Dean said lowly.

"Muffling charm...so we can talk without people overhearing," Harry answered, and Dean could tell that he hadn't expected them to have noticed. Dean smiled a self-satisfied smirk, people often underestimated him. Hell, even Sam was underestimating him these days.

"I was going to ask," Harry continued, "if you guys found any information on the Demon-Dementor link."

"Your books don't have much information on them ever working together," Dean said. "Hell, they don't have very much information about demons at all..."

Harry held up a hand to halt Dean's answer, and looked up as the waitress came to take their order.

"Y'all ready to order?" she asked sweetly, and Dean smiled at her as she openly raked her eyes over him. She wasn't that bad looking. Pretty dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, a spattering of freckles over her cheeks.

"I'd like a hamburger, please," Harry said, "with ch...fries."

Dean sighed as the waitresses eyes flew over to Harry.

"Oh! You have an accent! Where' you from?"

Dean groaned as Harry blushed, blushed... it was quite obvious that Harry was as bad as Sam when it came to the ladies.

"Um, England, ma'am," Harry answered. Dean laughed at the look that crossed the waitress's face. Don't ever call a pretty girl "ma'am", Dean thought and shook his head.

"I'll have the same," Dean spoke up, with his most charming smile. He turned his head to throw a wink at Sam, and found that Sam was in the process of completing a spectacular looking eye-roll.

"Just make it three," Sam deadpanned.

"Sure thing, sugar," The waitress replied and hurried off. Dean watched her go.

"You were saying..." Harry said, causing Dean to refocus his attention.

"Oh, yeah...your books. They seem to say that demons are mainly a 'Muggle' problem," Dean answered, "but they don't say why, just that demonic possession is rare among wizards. I didn't find anything on a connection between demons and Dementors, besides the fact that they're both pretty evil sons of bitches - both considered dark creatures. Except for some reason wizards consider demons as falling under the responsibility of Hunters, while Dementor problems are handled by wizards."

"We were taught that demons have a harder time possessing wizards," Harry said. "It's to do with the magic in the blood. It can become unstable, unpredictable... I suppose we're harder to control, so they don't usually bother." Harry paused, frowning, "I didn't realize it effected the knowledge base - that wizards wouldn't research something they didn't see as a threat." He shook his head, "Typical. They never learn."

Dean furrowed his brow, wondering why it was that Harry kept jumping back and forth from speaking like he were a wizard and then speaking as though he weren't.

"I couldn't find much on the internet," Sam said. "Mind you, I've never had to look into UK Hunters before, so a lot of my time was just spent trying to figure out if the information was legit. It's different then the wizard texts, because umm...'Muggles' can't see Dementors. So I tried to look for the symptoms, you know? The weather, the chill, the sadness..."

Harry and Dean both nodded. Sam paused for a few minutes as the waitress brought over their food.

"I eventually did find some documented cases. Mostly in the late '90s," Sam continued. "A town in Scotland in the early 90s, and then all over really around '97." Harry made a motion as if to speak, but Sam cut him off before he could. "It was that war...I know. I mean, I figured that out. So, it doesn't help us, because they were in league with that Voldemort guy, right?"

"Tom Riddell, yeah...otherwise known as Voldemort," Harry confirmed.

"I could tell by the other stuff going on," Sam continued, "the disappearances, the murders..."

Harry grimaced, and Dean was thankful that Sam hadn't lost his ability to pick up on other people's moods when he cut himself off.

"Anyway," Sam said, "I tried to look for earlier stuff. I found some activity in late 70s, but that was also Voldemort, wasn't it? When your parents..."

"Yes," Harry answered. "That was the First War."

"Ok," Sam said. "Well, I can keep looking."

"We need a British version of Bobby," Dean suddenly found himself saying.

"Bobby?" Harry asked.

"A friend of ours," Sam answered. "He's a Demonology expert. You know anybody like that back home?"

"Used to," Harry mused, visibly thinking. Dean didn't have to ask what Harry meant by 'used to'.

"I'll just keep looking," Sam reiterated, and the three of them lapsed into silence while they ate.

There were a few more instances of small talk - how good the burgers were, whether Harry was enjoying his trip to the US, the fact that Harry's boy Teddy had just started Wizard school back home. Wizard school, Dean thought with a laugh, the world is so weird.

Eventually they settled the bill and made their way back to the motel room. They found Phil in the same position they had left him, only this time there was a second sheet of weird equations in even messier writing beside the one Harry had left.

"So Phil, am I completely mad?" Harry asked Phil upon entering. Phil looked up in what Dean could only gather was awed disbelief.

"You're crazy alright, Harry...but you're a crazy genius," Phil answered. Dean watched as relief and excitement flooded through Harry simultaneously, and he smiled like kid.

"You do realize what this means though, don't you?" Phil said seriously. Dean and Sam shared a look, both impatient to learn exactly what it was that Harry had figured out.

"It means..." Harry replied, a mischievous grin slowly forming, "We have to smuggle the Winchesters into the Ministry."

"Not only that," Phil answered in a serious tone, "we have to smuggle them right into the heart of the Department of Mysteries."

Chapter 9

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  • Happy Anniversary to Me!

    *Technically, the anniversary is tomorrow - but I have two other things to post tomorrow and I didn't want to overwhelm you all. DRUMROLL.... 10…

  • Computer repaired!

    Panic is over!! Thanks for the good thoughts!

  • Broken Computer :(

    I was halfway through the rewatch for today when suddenly my keyboard stopped working - so I was like "okay, I will turn this computer off and…