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If Clothes Could Talk: Shirts (introduced S6 to S11)


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All shirts first seen in S6-S10 (click here for shirts first seen in S11-??)

Dean's Black Short-Sleeved Shirt with White Buttons

Dean's Dark Brown Shirt

Sam's Grey S6 Plaid "Returning" Shirt

Sam's Grey Striped Shirt

Dean's Scruffy Beige Shirt

Sam's Dark Blue Shirt

Sam's Gorgeous S6 Blue Plaid Shirt

Sam's Greyish-Greenish Silver Snap Shirt

Sam's Farmer Plaid Shirt

Sam's Blue Circle-Stripe Shirt

Sam's Blue and Yellow "Re-Soulling" Plaid Shirt

Sam's Brownish Grey and Electric Blue Plaid Shirt

Sam's Gold, Blue, and White Plaid Shirt

Sam's Western White Embroidered Shirt

Sam's Red and Black Plaid Shirt

Dean's S7 Blue Plaid

Dean's Red and Blue Plaid Shirt

Dean's S7 Blue Carhartt Shirt

Sam's Black-Buttoned Grey and Red (Purple) Plaid

Sam's S7 Light Blue Subtle Striped Shirt

Sam's Red Hunting Plaid

Sam's S7 Broad Grey Plaid

Sam's Blue/White Bright and Bold Plaid Shirt

Sam's Plain Dark Shirt

Sam's S7 Standard Blue Plaid

Sam's S7 Darker Blue Plaid

Sam's Van Seat Plaid

Sam's Tablecloth Plaid Shirt

Dean's Red Carhartt Shirt

Dean's Stolen Blue Plaid Shirt

Dean's S8 Marine Blue Shirt

Dean's S8 Army Green Shirt

Dean's Red and Yellow Plaid Shirt

Dean's S8 Tan Shirt

Sam's Blue Shirt

Sam's Muted Red and Green Plaid Shirt

Sam's Blue "Benny" Horizontal Plaid Shirt

Sam's Dense Plaid Shirt

Dean's S9 Blue Plaid

Dean's Green Bold-Stitching Shirt

Dean's S9 Grey Shirt

Dean's S9 Black Shirt

Dean's S9 Grey Shirt with Pronounced Seams

Dean's Chicago Beige Plaid

Dean's Charcoal Plaid

Sam's Loud Blue Plaid

Sam's S9 Grey-Blue Plaid

Sam's Dark Grey and Red Plaid

Sam's Mostly White Plaid

Sam's S9 Dark Blue Plaid

Sam's Dark Smudged Plaid

Sam's S9 Blue Plaid with White Snaps

Sam's Very Bright Yellow and Blue Plaid

Sam's Pastel Plaid

Sam's Chicago Blue (Plaid) Shirt

Sam's Blurry Blue and White Plaid

Sam's S10 Blue Plaid Version Eleventy

Sam's Multi-Seam Silver-Snap Shirt

Sam's Tiny Grey and White Plaid

Sam's S10 Mystery Blue Plaid

Sam's S10 Light Blue Plaid

Dean's Green Angled Pocket Shirt

Dean's Blue Double-Pointed Pocket Shirt

Dean's Soft Purple Plaid (Dean's Bisexual Plaid)

Dean's Autumn Plaid

Dean's Blood Orange Shirt (Second Murder Shirt)

Dean's Blue Hidden Plaid

Dean's Orange and Blue Plaid

Dean's Light Brown and Blue Plaid

Dean's Dark Denim Shirt

Dean's Dark Grey Shirt

Dean's Brown Western Shirt


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