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Quick Reaction: 7x08 Season 7, Time For A Wedding

Ok! So, I am once again drunk on wine and good times...

Firstly, let me just say how much I love the fact that the Winchester have an "annual sacred week in Vegas" - I don't even care that most years it doesn't fit into the timeline. I also love the fact that Dean is all pissy about Sam ditching him to go hiking. And, I love the fact that Dean is once again hitting on the smart girls. 

I also like the fact that Dean is starting to address the fact that he prepared for the worst when it came to Sam, but didn't at all prepare for the best - and that's why he's feeling so out of depth. He didn't expect Sam to be able to help himself, recover by himself, and now Dean doesn't know what his role is. Don't forget that he gave up the big brother role just in time for Sam to jump into the hole...and then when Sam came back soulless, he once again needed his big brother to 1)get his soul back, 2)keep the wall from breaking, and then 3)pick up the pieces when it did break. The fact that Sam is picking up his own pieces means that Dean really does have to face up to the fact that he doesn't need to to hyper-protective anymore, and Dean doesn't know how to live that way...

But, I'm getting WAY ahead of myself.

Sam under a love spell is adorable. I know it's all kinds of wrong, but awww...look at him.

Jensen was HILARIOUS in that wedding scene. It's true, we were robbed of the actual "I do"s, and the bride was spoiled by the THEN, but damn, if Dean's FACES weren't the funniest things. Especially after Becky leaves and he does the full body "WTF?!"

And the opening title card with the cake exploding!!! OH MAN, so funny.

You, I don't even care that this was basically another one off even though I'm getting a little desperate for plot. It was so funny. Actually, while I'm on the topic - I think this season is a tribute to season 1, because if you think about it, season 1 was a series of one offs with a "we gotta find Dad" theme, even though they didn't actually seem to be looking. And this season is a series of one offs with a "we gotta kill the Leviathans" theme, even though they don't actually seem to be trying. So, everyone who has complained that they miss the "good old days of season 1 and 2" better be shutting their trap.

Anyway, Sam is OBVIOUSLY under some sort of funky spell. I mean, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever, just like Dean says...Sam isn't the type to marry his superfan, even if she DOES know the risks.

Though, that's a brave woman for sleeping with Sam Winchester even though she knows the average life span of his romantic partners...though, as we find out, she never actually does the deed (thank goodness).

So, Sam and Becky move to Delaware...which is just funny, because all I can think of is Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World playing with the green screen "we're in Delaware! *awkward pause as they realize that there is nothing interesting in Delaware*"

But I digress...

It turns out this is all prompted by Becky's high school reunion. And hey, Becky graduated high school the same year as me! She is probably 28, that means (assuming 4 years of high school? I don't know how many years the states has). My friend had a problem with this storyline, because to her, Becky has always been confident in herself and didn't need such shenanigans - and I can understand that - at the same time, as an unemployed single person, I would never attend my high school reunion as I am, and I'm also a fairly confident person (if I had a wicked awesome job, it'd be a different story though).

The high school reunion is at the Alpen Club...which, for those filming location buffs out there was filmed at the Alpen Club.

And we meet Becky's gay BFF, who also happens to be "Wiccan"...and who is NOT WHAT HE SEEMS, and that was solely based on his reaction to seeing Sam Winchester...

I love Dean calling Bobby to get another partner, and Bobby sending in "a temp" played by DJ Qualls. I also love the fact that although he's...well, skinny and small, he's actually fairly competent. I mean, yes, he kind of goes right to the heart of the matter in the interview, but when push comes to shove, he has a tri-racial paraplegic sniper cousin who can protect the promotion-obsessed deal-victim.

I also liked the fact that Bobby warned him that Dean would be surly and PMSy towards him.

I love Becky and Sam's Investigation wall...and the way Becky is basically RPing throughout it all.

I also love the fact that Dean bought them a waffle iron.

Of course, we get our confirmation that Becky is drugging Sam. And yeah, that IS kind of bad...the last thing Sam needs is more people messing with his head...and the VERY last thing Sam needs is more people HITTING him in the head (with waffle irons.)

ETA: Oh, and I forgot to mention that I loved the moment with the diary and Sam saying it was beautiful and hugging it...oh man, hilarious.

I LOVE the tribute to Misery. Only Supernatural could work its way into a scenario where they can have a Misery scenario. And, I'm VERY glad that Becky confirms that she didn't rape Sam - if she had, I would have had to add her to my list...I still might, because roofies are NOT GOOD, BECKY....and Sam is totally right, she basically DID roofie him, and I think Sam's been raped enough, thank you.

I really hope that she at least left him with underwear.

Anyway, Becky comes though in the end, because Sam's right, and she's smarter than this... and I'm sure lots of people will be mad about how they used Becky here, but honestly, we all have our moments of weakness...and she didn't rape him, and yeah, I probably totally would have, because once you cross the roofie line, you might as well go all out (but this is the kind of thinking that...well, quite frankly, leads to very good sexy times for me...but I'm sure one of these days it will lead to trouble.) Better hung for a sheep than lamb - that's what I always say, although no one knows that expression but me and my mother.

So, the gay BFF is a crossroads demon that's been skirting the rules by having a lackey do the killings early...INTERESTING.

Becky, moment of weakness over, turns on the BFF and devil traps him with blueberry vodka...(and man, I have never had that, but I love blueberries, and I love vodka...what could go wrong?...wait I just read SuperWiki and they said it was "blue bay vodka"...is there no such thing as blueberry vodka? I'm sad now...I will have to invent it by mixing vodka and blueberry juice.) NICELY DONE BECKY AND GARTH!! Of course, the lackey shows up and ruins everything...and that's when Becky steps in for the rescue YET AGAIN! YAY! And she totally stabs that mother fucker in the mother fucking back. (pardon the language - it's the wine, I tell you! The wine!)


His speech is BRILLIANT by the way, nice way to tie in the current Wall Steet shenanigans ;)  I love the fact that Hell has more integrity than Wall Street. Brilliant.

(On a side note: Have any of you ever seen the British show "Woof"? This is essential for understanding why I use the word "Brilliant" so much.)

I love the fact that Dean actually hands the crossroads demon over to a WORSE fate than being killed. Ouch for that dude.

And Sam ends up being mad at Becky, but still giving her the "you're a great person who will one day meet a great guy" speech. Aw Sam, you really can't hold a grudge very well, for all your anger issues.

But Dean shouldn't have told Garth not to pursue Becky - I mean, how adorable would they be? SUPER adorable!

And then we get the scene by the Impala stolen mustang? What is that thing....anyway, Sam admits to still being crazy, but knowing how to navigate the crazy by himself, though that doesn't mean he doesn't need Dean. He also points out that now Dean can only worry about himself AND ISN'T THAT GREAT, DEAN?! Only Dean is like "oh shit"...because take it from someone who knows, only looking after yourself is way harder than looking after other people. Yourself sucks. Uh....myself sucks? I have issues. Ignore this. I'm just saying, that the days when I was obsessed with other people's happiness were a lot easier than these days when I realize that I'm spiraling into a pit of despair from which there is no escape. Am I making sense? Probably not.

ETA: I forgot to say that I loved the "that is the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me" exchanges...both Garth's sincere one, and Sam's joking one. It was ADORABLE. And I love Sam's smile...and I love the fact that SOMEONE hugged Dean.

And they drive off into the alley...

Ok, that was it....was that it? I feel like I've missed crucial things...like clothes. Was Dean wearing a sweater-vest?! Oh man....that boy needs cuddles. 

Ok, NOW that's it.

Just a quick vidding note before I go: My mum sent me an email yesterday that said "although I know you like to solve your own damn problems..." (I love my mum) the short story is that my mum found me a version of WMM that should work. On top of that, my bestfriend's bestfriend hooked me up with some other video editing software. (it pays to be poly amorous in friendships). So, I am once again cooking with gas! Or rather, cooking with a heat source! (because, you know, you can also make very nice meals over an open fire or on an electric stove).

ETA: So, my preliminary scan of the internet has revealed that I may in fact be one of the very few who loved this episode...so, uh, yeah...I'm surprised. I really thought it was hilarious. Anyway, if you hated it, don't bother arguing your point - I thought it was funny and enjoyed it immensely, so don't harsh my squee, bro.
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