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My SPN/HP Epic:
I'm a little stuck on my epic SPN/HP story. It's not a horrible stuck point, and I've seen it coming for ages...but hey, this is what I get for posting a WIP to a community. I told the people who read it that I'd aim to update it Thursday, but now I'm thinking that it might have to wait until the weekend. So, sorry about that! I WILL finish the thing though, it's just that these last few chapters are going to be hella tricky and I still have to work for a living. You know who I forgot about my love for? - Neville Longbottom. Man, I kinda wish there was a way to work him into my epic, but I alas...

Slash and Fanfic
I've noticed lately that I'm really not liking slash at all anymore. It's funny, when I was a teenager it was basically the only fanfic I read. (Probably due to sex still being somewhat of an intriguing mystery)...then in recent years, I've only liked it when it fits well with the story (or it's a first-time fic, because everyone is a sucker for the discovery of love)...but the more I get into Supernatural, the more I really only like friendship/bromance-fics.

Friendship is awesome, and the more I read slash the more it sort of feels like it is CHEAPENING friendship, rather than enhancing it, or making it more "intense" as that Tosenburger article states. Does no one appreciate friendship anymore? Just because it doesn't lead to orgasms? Orgasms are overrated anyway - I mean, the oxytocin is nice, I suppose, but that's about all they have going for them. Drugs, man...you're all addicted to drugs.

Ok...that got a bit weird.

Regionalisms of Canada:
"What're you at? I'll come where you're to."

God, I miss Newfoundland sometimes. The title of this post and the above sentence are something you would hear there. It means "What are you doing/where are you? I'll come to where you are." I had an awesome girlfriend when I was in Newfoundland. She doesn't have a very strong accent, but she would say the above sentence to me and I loved it.

Other Fic Ideas:
If anyone has been keeping track, you may have noticed that there are two fic ideas I mentioned as far back as January that I haven't written yet. I do not think I'm going to. The first idea has been overdone - ie: exploring Dean's role as parent to Sam - really, if I were to do anything with this, I would probably do some sort of meta, because it's been overdone in fic and there is far too much to say to make it poetic. It has also probably been overdone in meta too though, so I probably won't even do that.

The second idea...well I could POSSIBLY still do it. It was to be a piece about Dean's Amulet from Bobby's POV. I'm putting it on the backburner for now to think on it somemore, I guess. I think part of me is wondering if more will be revealed in time on the show about the Amulet. I mean, we know it's sentimental importance, but we don't know why Bobby told Sam that it was "real special." I'm such a stickler for canon, I guess part of me doesn't want to write something just to have it disproved or negated by the show.

Sleeping Patterns:
Mine are horrible. I really should fix this...but I like the quiet of midnight-3am...and I like naps. Man, how I love naps. Naps are my oxytocin. This does not bode well for me ever being able to hold down a regular job though...so I really SHOULD fix my sleeping patterns. Maybe when I move to Vancouver. In Vancouver, 3am would be midnight - and that's a pretty normal time to go to sleep...and 11am would be 8am, which is a pretty normal time to wake up...and my afternoon nap would be at lunch time, which is a pretty normal time to have lunch (and I guess sleep in my car or drink some tea?).
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