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So frustrated...

Is it so hard for people to just put .avi files on the internet of the logoless versions of the new episodes?! 


I can't do the .rar thing, it doesn't work. Also, people don't frickin' SAY in their descriptions whether its a logo-less version or not, and I do not have the time nor the patience to be trying every download under the sun.

So, yeah, my video is going to have the goddamn CW logo, because I can't be bothered to search the internet anymore.

This is just me venting. For some reason, I'm not in the mood to write this weekend - I'm in the mood to work on my vid. I've got it up to a minute now! So, let's hope nothing else goes wrong. Only three minutes left to go! 

All this could be avoided if they just distributed TV shows the way they SHOULD. (but that's a whole other rant.)

I really should write - writing does not make me this frustrated. Well, sometimes it does...but at least it's my own fault.

And I AM frustrated right now, but I have to say that if I just had all the episodes in good quality that I needed, this vid would be really fun to make and I would do more of it! (although, this is my only vid idea that's really worth putting an effort into.)
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