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Addendum to Yesterday's Post!

I forgot a couple of other WIPs of mine:

-I have completed the first 40 seconds (that's ~1/6 of the vid!). I'm pretty proud of it so far. I still have to work out some details for the middle bit, but it's coming together nicely. Of course, it's nowhere as good as my favourite vidders can make, but we all have to start somewhere (and I'm only working with Windows Movie Maker here.)
-Today I foolishly started working on it while I waited for my rice to cook. Just for the record: It is never a good idea to do anything that involves thought while you are waiting for rice to cook. My rice woefully burned.
-It takes a while to make, because I have to convert .mkv files into mp4 files, and while WMM will use .mp4 files, it takes about a half an hour for it to figure out how to use them. The .avi files are much easier to edit, but I only have them for the first 3 seasons - and sadly, a lot of the clips I need are post s3.

Event/Knowledge Timeline
-I haven't worked on this in over a month. So, I'm still slowly going through the first season. I haven't forgotten about it though! Or, at least, I do remember it from time to time.

In Other News:
-I heard from work today, and apparently my security clearance was bumped to "inactive" at some point and nobody noticed. So, they have to get it officially active again, and this will "delay things a few days." We're off to a fine start here people. *sighs heavily*
-Of course, the good news is that it gives me "a few days" to write and make vids and timelines and whatnot.

Talk to you all again very late tonight after the show!!


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Nov. 5th, 2011 01:43 am (UTC)
Good luck with the vidding! Just the slapped together clips I did last week took hours!

Also do you know spn_sceneit? You can request specific clips you don't have, and there's a master list of clips people have uploaded. You can also ask for things like "Does anyone know of a scene where Sam kicks a tree?"

*off to wait for SPN download*
Nov. 5th, 2011 06:16 am (UTC)
Oh man! No I did not know about that community. That might save me TONS OF TIME...if they can actually provide me clips. I've been downloading the episodes and then cutting them myself. It takes FOREVER.


*off to write up my reaction to the episode*
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