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Quick Reaction: 7x06 Slash Fiction

Ok! Back from the halloween party, let's see how much of the episode I remember...

In all honesty, I was really worried that I wouldn't like this episode when I saw the promo. I thought that the episode would have them realizing that they had dopplegangers, and then having to watch as the dopplegangers slowly decimated their lives...and for some reason, although that premise is nearly the same, I can't stand when I KNOW that everything is about to fall apart, It's like those movies where they set up just everything that is going to go wrong - then I can't stand to actually watch it go wrong. 

I was therefore pretty goddamn happy that the episode STARTED with things going wrong, because then I didn't have to cringe and wait for it. 

That opening scene was pretty goddamn brutal though.

Ok, anyway, before I get too far into it: How awesome were Jared and Jensen!?!? SUPER AWESOME is the correct answer. I love how they can play different people pretending to be Sam and Dean and you KNOW they're different people pretending to be Sam and Dean. Or, just different people all together, not even bothering to pretend.

So, Bobby has the Leviathan tied up in the basement of the cottage in Montana, which he seems to have made his temporary headquarters. And so far nothing has hurt the dude. And I was pretty goddamn concerned that it was only a matter of time before the spell wore off and the Leviathan got his super strength back and killed Bobby...thankfully, that didn't happen.

Instead Sam and Dean realize they are being framed, and they take off to go hunt down the things doing it. Apparently Leviathans need only touch you to become you - or, touch something that has your DNA, and once they do, they also get YOUR BRAIN. So, uh, suspending disbelief there - or, accepting that the Supernatural universe has different science - because that should be impossible...but, I suppose Shifters could "download" Dean's thoughts way back in Skin, so it's not THAT strange. I was just surprised they could do it without actually touching the bit of Sam and Dean that was connected to their brains.

ETA: I forgot to talk about Cas...so, I thought that maybe the boss of the Leviathans was still inside Cas somewhere, this Leviathan dude seemed to have his knowledge from when HE was inside Cas....but, that still doesn't negate my theory. We'll see though....we'll see...

The friend of Bobby's who was a crazy person was hilarious. I'm sad to see the rock aliases go. I wonder if the dude also gave them new FBI badges.

And...did they really leave the Impala behind at that guy's house? I would NOT trust him with it.

I don't even like Dirty Dancing, but I loved Dean giving Swayze a pass and using the line...and then singing along with the Air Supply song... oh man. We were laughing so hard at that - especially how absolutely weirded out Sam was.

When Sheriff Mills showed up at Bobby's place, I was SUSPICIOUS. I kept thinking "Oh man, did the Leviathans get her? Is she not really the Sheriff?!!?" But...but....she was actually there! And nice! And not an evil monster! YAY! Also, she had a very nice shirt on. She's pretty. I really hope she doesn't die a gruesome death any time soon.

I also liked that she was concerned about Bobby - as much as Bobby gives Dean a hard time for worrying about everyone except himself, I think Bobby is also guilty of that.

And BORAX! There IS something that hurts them!!

I'm jumping around here, I know, but it's hard to remember the order things went in. 

When the FBI agents were at the bank scene, and I saw "Manitoc" on a sign behind them, I kept thinking "Are they just reusing old names, or is that on purpose?" Apparently, it was ON PURPOSE! The Leviathan were following their old hunts in order! Wow....

And they shot up Dean's favourite burger place! NOooooooooooo.......

ETA: Also loved the tribute to Pulp Fiction here - my friend had to point it out to me, because it's been years since I've seen that movie (but I WAS wondering why the scene seemed so familiar.)

I did like the conversation they had about how much they hate their "hosts" - how Dean thinks burgers are almost as good as sex, and Sam's salads are "like eating self-righteousness" and the Leviathan knows about the hell visions...and Dean has a "hero-complex" and...yeah...that was the great thing about Skin, (which, incidentally, was the 6th episode of S1), when the Shifter just laid Dean's problems out.

Anyway, they head off to Iowa (hookman), and get arrested. And then the dopplegangers kill the cops...and yeah, as soon as Leviathan!Dean walked into the interview room to talk to Sam, I realized that the Amy secret was going to come out whether Dean broke or not....and it did. And Sam was appropriately heartbroken and angry....and yeah....

Dean, of course, does the borax/decapitation combo. And, um, it's not usually a good sign when you find chopping off your own head "good."

So, the plan is to borax them, then decapitate them, and keep the heads separated from the bodies....interesting. 

I know I missed a TON of stuff in there...like Bobby kissing the Sheriff for spilling the soap through the floor....and then being all shy and not kissing her (on the lips) when she leaves - and instead giving her a head-in-a-box. It's a different kind of romance with Hunters, isn't it? Haha.

But, yeah, let's talk about the end. I think this was the scene that Jensen talked about in his Q&A in Chicago, where he and Jared basically rewrote it to make it more believable dialog between men. And Sam once again storms away in angry....this time, I think, for good reason...

I'm not sure how Dean is going to react to this...if it'll mean more drinking. I kind of wish I hadn't seen the next-time promo, because it kind of undercuts the tension of "oh no, what's going to happen!"

I'm also, of course, worried about Sam. It's true we haven't SEEN a petite-mal seizure or a hallucination in the past two episodes, but that hardly means that he's 100%...and the last time he flipped out he REALLY needed Dean to help him find reality again. But, yeah, next time promo sort of undercut all that tension...bah!

ETA: CROWLEY! I forgot to talk about CROWLEY! VERY interesting scene with him at the end, trying to get a deal with the Leviathans. How many ARE THERE? GEEZUS, that's another issue. Anyway - I thought it was interesting that the Leviathans said that they'd prefer to wipe out the demons than deal with them...and that led me to think about how Crowley helped the Winchesters in S5 because Lucifer hated demons. Do you think Crowley might want to team up again against the Leviathans? 

Our Leviathan count is 9 so far, I think...with 3 currently decapitated, leaving us at 6.

Ok...uh, that's much shorter than usual, so, yeah, I definitely missed a lot of stuff in there...so, let me know in comments if there's anything in particular you wanted my reaction on!

In other Supernatural news, I met a dude who worked for the show in S4 tonight at the halloween party. It's your same old "good times, great people! Jared and Jensen are awesome!" work experience. :) 
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