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Rewatch S6: Frontierland (6.18)

Frontierland! I've probably watched this episode the most out of S6. It's so much fun...plus, Jensen looks REALLY good as a cowboy...

The clothes will be VERY interesting in this...actually, I got so distracted capping the clothes, that I forgot to think critically about the episode from time to time...

Anyway, let's jump in and see how I did!

Cas really did lose his sex-hair...(sorry, distracted by THEN clips)

Man, cowboy boots are like high-heels for men. Well, I mean, technically, Jensen does have an inch heel in those things...what i'm saying is that his calves look great. (*is shallow*)

The Campbell library is super cool. I know it's kind of crazy convenient that Sam just happens to remember where it is - but, still, neato. And it SORT of follows through. I know originally, it was supposed to go Frontierland THEN My Heart Will Go On, so there was more of a direct line between Samuel's death and them raiding his library...but still, it works, I think.

"Either of you jokers ever here anything about a Pheonix?"
"River, Joaquin, or the giant flaming bird?"
*Sam laughes* 

I love this dramatized historical research. I need this soundtrack for my job. "Any of you jokers ever hear about lot #8 in reserve #2? No, just me in the room? Well, I guess I better look through more files...by myself....for hours."

"Guys! guys guys guys guys guys! Check this out: March 5th, 1961 - Sunrise, Wyoming - Gun killed a phoenix today. Left a pile of smoldering ash."
"Great. Whose gun?"
"Colt? Like-"
"Like THE Colt. From Samuel Colt's journal."
"What! That's his? Dude-"
"Let me see!"
"Get your own."
-I love how Dean and Sam both completely geek out over Colt. 

"I know where we can find one! March 5th, 1861, Sunrise Wyoming, we'll Star Trek 4 this bitch"
"I only watched Deep Space 9"
"It's like I don't even know you guys anymore. Star Trek 4: Save the whales!"
- I love how Dean constantly makes fun of Sam for being a geek, yet, Dean is the only trekkie in the family, also knows Lord of the Rings, makes more movie references than any of them...apparently knows every single Clint Eastwood movie off by heart...yeah, Sam's the geek, sure.
- I also love this sort of private shout-out to Jim Beaver's late wife, who was on Deep Space 9.

"I'm sure you're issue's very important, but Castiel is currently commanding an army, so-"
"So we get stuck with Ms. Moneypenny."
"So, you need to earn your place."
"Look, I don't know who you think you are-"
"I'm his friend."
"you think we're not."
"I think you call him when you need something. We're fighting a war-"
"We get that."
"Clearly, you don't, or you wouldn't call him every time you stub your toe, you petty, intitled, little piece-"
"Rachel, that's enough."
- So, this is where we start getting the complaint that Dean and Sam only call Castiel when they need something. And, I must admit, that I totally bought into the "Poor Castiel" sentiment when this first started, but now, not so much. I mean, think about it - if you had a friend who kept telling you that they were REALLY BUSY and ignored most of your calls. Wouldn't you only call them if it were really important and it was only them that could help you? Castiel's basically guaranteed that Dean and Sam won't just call him down for a beer anymore...and yeah, it's not his fault, but it's not something you can really blame Sam and Dean for. Also, technically, Castiel's been doing the same thing from the jump this year. Not even answering their concerns about Sam until there was an angelic weapon to be dealt with.
-Maybe Rachel thinks the definition of friendship means helping Castiel with the war more - but again, not Sam and Dean's fault...they have offered to help, and Castiel has refused. He's been keeping them at bay and not telling them very much, so what else are they supposed to do? They are just two humans and this is an angelic war.

"Um, about your plan? You only have 24 hours."
"What? Why?"
"Well, the answer to your question can best be expressed of a series of partial differential equations."
"Yeah, aim lower."
-I love how Castiel looks like he's been just standing there silently, doing partial differential equations in his head. And, yeah, while I do think that Sam and Dean fall closer towards the genius side of the intelligence spectrum, I don't think they have much math experience.

"We are going native, gotta blend in"
"No, thanks, I'm fine. I can wear this."
"And look like a spaceman?"
"Just because you're obsessed with all that wild west stuff-"
"No I'm not"
"You have a fetish,"
"Shut-up, I like old movies!"
"You can recite every clint eastwood movie of all time-"
"Even the monkey movies?"
"Yeah, especially the monkey movies."
"His name is Clyde. At least wear the damn shirt."
-I love this exchange. I love that Sam calls it a Fetish. I love that he has silently been suffering through Dean's fetish all these years. :P (Also, how come there aren't more clothing-kink fics with Dean wearing his cowboy gear? Not that I'd be interesting in that sort of thing, of course, it's not like *I* have a weird clothing fetish or anything...I mean, it's not like I spend all my free time cataloging every single thing these two guys wear and....I'll just shut-up now.)

"Stupid. I look stupid."
- I also love the "See! See what I have to put up with!" look that Sam gives Bobby here. Like finally, he can complain about this thing Dean does, because it's out in the open, rather than just something that Sam sees (and yeah, that sounds vaguely dirty, but you know what I mean!)

"Now, is it customary to wear a blanket?"
"It's called a serape, and yes, it's ah...nevermind, let's just go."
- I never knew what those things were called before I saw this episode.

"Ah damn it, come on..."
"You know what that is?"
"Yeah, it's horse sh-"
- I love it every time the boys swear properly, so I like the way they did this scene, with it being cut off, rather than sanitized.

"Nice blanket"
-Awww...and so it begins. 

"So what can I do for you boys?"
"We're looking for a man."
"I'll bet. Nice shirt."
"What's wrong with my shirt?"
"It's very clean."
"It's dirty than it looks."
-Sam and Dean Winchester: Mistaken for Gay since 1861. 
-If you want to read too much into it, you could also view this as a comment on how even today, when you see a smartly dressed guy, people tend to assume he is gay. It sucks for people like me who really like smart dressers...straight boys are basically encouraged to look like slobs, lest they catch the gay or something. It's ridiculous.

Oh yeah! I know one of the extras in this - she's a saloon girl. Look at her, being all saloon girly. Good job.

"Darla's my best girl"
"You want a kiss?"
"So much germier than I pictured."
-Of course, two goodlooking men who travel together, order each other's drinks, and then cringe away from the "best girl" in the saloon aren't doing much to advertise that they aren't gay. Haha :P

The Sheriff has an odd way of talking, where he breathes out at the end of each sentence like he's holding too much air in his lungs as he talks.

"I'll stay here, hook up with the posse. Because you know me, I'm a posse magnet. I mean, I love posse. Make that into a t-shirt."
"You done?"
- I absolutely love this whole exchange. Not only is it adorably hilarious, but Jensen just puts the cherry on top when he looks ashamed for a second, only to give himself away by looking so damn pleased with himself.  It's a great line too (and a great t-shirt.)

"I'm ok!"
"That poor horse."
-That poor horse indeed. Love it. 

"Castiel, I've been hearing things. Things I don't want to believe. Just tell me if it's true."
"If what's true."
"You know, your dirty little secret."
"I have to defeat Raphael."
"Not this way Castiel. We put our faith in you, and look what you are turning into."
"I don't have a choice."
-Part of me wonders if Castiel DOES have a choice. I mean, when he made that deal with Crowley, he was alone...but now it appears (if Rachel is to be believed) that he has followers...are they not enough? 

Rachel had the prettiest wings of them all....I think because they kind of come out blue.

"Cas, are we running or fighting?"
-Fainting angel! 

"New hat!"
"I look good."
-Yes, yes, you do Dean. I love that he says it too. I know he called the Shifter in Skin a handsome devil, but he doesn't actually comment on his good looks that much, does he? Not in my memory anyway. 

"Who's the Sheriff now?"
"Congratulations, Sheriff"
- I love the fact that Dean - who has made fun of law enforcement since the beginning of the series, is made to be law enforcement, even if it's brief.

Samuel Colt! Alcoholism is like a hunting tradition, isn't it? Wow.

"Who's there?"
"Candygram for Mongo!"
-Blazing Saddles is one of my all time favourite movies, so I absolutely loved that they put this line in there. I don't particularly like Westerns, but I love Blazing Saddles.

"Finch said he was coming back for the former Sheriff, Judge Mortimer, and you. So that's two down, one to go."
- Are the flashbacks really necessary? It was like 10 minutes ago, I think I remember.

"Unless we gank him first."
"Gank? What's gank?!"
-Customary change-of-slang joke! It's a nice one, the dude playing the deputy really sells it.

"Not a demon! Not a demon! Just a Hunter!"
"You're a what?"
"Are you Samuel Colt? My name is Sam Winchester, I'm a Hunter from the year 2011."
"Prove it."
*hands him mobile phone*
"Alright, that's it?"
"Well when you've done this job as long as I have, a giant from the future with some magic brick doesn't exactly give you the vapors."
- I love how Sam just comes right out with the truth. It reminds me of all those times they sat in the car and tried to figure out how to get a family to leave and said "we could tell them the truth? Seriously? No." Sam actually just does. 
- I also love how nonchalant Colt is about it too. 

"But you say right here-"
"Don't believe everything you read."
"But you're a hunter."
"Retired. I'm out."
"There's no getting out. For what it's worth, in my time, you're a hero."
"Yes, sir."
- It's kind of sad that there's no getting out once you are a Hunter. Also, it's kind of sad that one of Sam's heroes is currently disappointing him.

"Then if you're not coming. I need the gun."
"What gun?"
"THE gun."
"Oh, that gun. I lost it in a game of stud."
"You're lying."
"Am I? Haha, that doesn't sound like me."
"You shot two demons with it less than an hour ago."
"How do you figure?"
"Two pairs of boot prints, cabin reeks of sulpher."
"Not bad."
- Sam is Sherlock Holmes! 

"You don't want it, it's a curse, believe me."
"Great, then let me take it off your hands."
"You go put on a couple more miles and then we'll talk."
"Trust me, I've got plenty of milage."
- I wonder if there's some truth to what Colt is saying - if the gun IS cursed somehow. Though, I think Sam and Dean have decided that the whole Winchester/Campbell line is cursed, so maybe it doesn't really matter.
- Also, HA! to Colt thinking Sam doesn't have enough miles. The boys been to hell and back. Don't let age fool you, Colt.

"So what, you're going to really just sit there?"
"I've given my whole life to this. I'm done."
"So you don't care what happens?"
"No, it doesn't."
"So, everything you did, it all means nothing? Give me the gun."
-Puppy eyes work on Colt too.
-But seriously, this is another one of Sam's heroes letting him down. Sam tends to believe in the fundamental good of people, even after everything, and it always hurts to have someone disappoint him. Which, I think, is why the end of the episode means so much.

"Cas? You look like you went twelve rounds with truckasaurus, what happened?"
"I was betrayed. Rachel. Raphael, he corrupted her. She turned on me."
- Castiel kind of reminds me of my father here. He makes up this story so that he's not the bad guy, and then you kind of get the feeling that he starts to believe it himself, because it's easier to do that then to admit to himself that he's an idiot and jerk. (Father issues? I don't know what you are talking about...)

"I was wounded, I needed safety. Thank you."
- I do feel that it's significant that when Cas needed safety, he came to Bobby's house. It makes me think that maybe he would have been far better off if he had just continued to fall after S5 and not been restored to angelic status (though, still brought back to life, obviously).

"I'll heal."
"Good, because we've got less than an hour before you pick up the kids at Frontierland."
- I love that Bobby calls them "the kids" - adorable, even though it is just a joke.

"It's your soul."
"What do you want me to do? Make another deal? Seal it with a kiss?"
"I need you to let me touch it."
"Touch it?"
"The human soul, it's pure energy. If I can ciphen some of that off I might be able to bring Sam and Dean back."
-And here we get our next hint...that if one soul can give Castiel that much power...light him up so much...well, then imagine what 50,000 could do, or more!

"You haven't been late in your damn life, Sam, and now you're dragging ass."
-Note to self: Sam is always punctual. (Unlike the actor who portrays him).

"Unless you can't, just like you couldn't break those shackles when they strung you up."
*tosses nail, Finch catches it*
"Iron shackles, iron bars, iron nail. See a pattern? Don't worry, most monsters can't get it up for iron. It's a common monster problem."
-So how come Iron doesn't kill him? I guess Iron doesn't kill ghosts either though, it just makes them stay away.
-Also, Dean was relying on the fact that Finch would catch that nail. I know I wouldn't. People through things at me, my instinct is to duck out of the way.

"...this man, had her pinned in the alley..."
- I love how Finch says "man" like it's something disgusting...and in this case, it very much is.

"You sure?"
"Well, I can't just strand those idjits in Deadwood, can I?"
"The risks-"
"Just don't explode me."
-Of course, I also love the reference to Deadwood. As Jim Beaver pointed out - they do a western episode, and he doesn't even get to be in the western part!

There is something extremely hot about the way Castiel looks Bobby dead in the eye before plunging his hand into his chest.

"You gotta send us back"
"Dean, look at him. He's fried."
"I never want to do that again."
- I find this line of Castiel's very interesting...because, well, isn't this what he's trying to do? Harvest soles for energy? Or does he just not want to do it again where he has to keep the person alive? 

Package! I love the Back to the Future reference. They've now done three time travel episodes, and in the spirit of Back to the Future, their third was a Western. I thought it was a really cool tribute to include an almost exact remake of the parcel scene.

"Look, this is nuts, me and some other guys made a bet..."
*Sam looks around suspiciously*
- I love the way Sam looks past the guy out onto the porch, like "why are guys that I don't know pranking me?"

I also love that in the end Sam's hero DOES come through for him.

Good episode.

Until tomorrow, folks....

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  • Last Day

    Alright, for all my talk of having moved on mentally, I have to admit that seeing all the last-day things - the set tear downs, the goodbye messages…

  • ...hi

    I realize that basically since the show went on hiatus back in February(?), I have done nothing but post messages that say that I'm alive and that…

  • What do you mean it's already 9:30?

    See, this is what happens every day. I finish work around 2 or 3 if I'm lucky (a couple of times it's been 5 or 6). Then I think, okay, I have a…