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Quick Reaction: 7x05 Shut-Up, Dr. Phil


So, this episode was fun! And that's coming from someone who is actually NOT a Buffy fan. I know James Marsters best as Capt. John on an episode of Torchwood - and I know Charisma best as...uh, Cordelia from the very few episodes of Buffy and Angel that I have seen over the years, but still!

Oh, I should say that today's cut-text music is from Cordelia by the Tragically Hip, because it actually did come on my iPod on the walk home and I couldn't resist. Now of course, that song is referencing Cordelia from King Lear, but hey, whatever works! (And hey, at least Sam's sideburns aren't as bad as Gord Downie's in that video! Haha)

So, how did we start off? Oh yeah! Dean is sleeping. I love it when they sleep...only, Dean is dreaming (in film negative, that's gotta be disturbing), and he's dreaming about Cas dying and Sam going insane, and Dean killing Amy behind Sam's back....

And HE IS WEARING THE RED PLAID SHIRT OF ANGST! OH GOD! I WANT TO CAP IT NOOOOOWWWWW (but I won't, I will save that joy for next fall.)

And then we get the ACTUAL version of the exercise scene that Jared and Phil Sgriccia shared with us on twitter yesterday. It, of course, is far less ridiculous, but also doesn't have all the great references to Mary Lou Retton and Jane Fonda that Jensen threw in.

Oh wait, I missed talking about the hair-salon scene - that was gross! I love how Supernatural can be so disgusting without actually showing us anything. It just uses our imaginations against us, and our imaginations are HORRIBLE (or at least mine is.) I loved the hairstylist screaming though, he did that so well.

Anyway, weird deaths, so off the Winchesters go to beautiful Fort Langley! (Um, actually, I think it was Indiana, but Fort Langley happens to be my favourite small town around here and I like to drive out there on nice weekends and eat chocolate truffles and buy hats. (Ok, I only bought a hat once, but it's a very nice hat.)

Oh yeah, I also have to say that I love how Dean's search was for "Freaky accidents" - hahaha...I'm not sure "freaky" is an effective keyword, Dean.

So, interview interview...and then some other dude dies by being nailed in a port-a-potty (uh, not the sexy kind of nailing.) Again, they don't actually show us that much, but it's DISGUSTING. I also giggled at how the pot-a-potty was from "BM Disposals" haha, I'm apparently a twelve-year-old.

Eventually this all circles to Don Stark. I LOVED Dean's face when they panned back to him after Don's assistant left. Brilliant.

Sam takes off to "go to the bathroom" and instead discovers that only half the walk-in-closet is being used - save for a few left over witchy things. Ah ha! Witch! Of course, this episode was had SO MANY SPOILERS out that I already knew it was a War of the Roses deal and that Don was a witch too (warlock, whatever)...but it was still fun to watch despite knowing that twist.

I thought James Marsters and Charisma were fun to watch. Good job, them.

Of course, this whole time Dean is drinking...and Sam is worried and disapproving while trying not to piss Dean off, which is getting harder and harder. 

Oh, also this whole time that Leviathan dude is following them...and uh, having very odd musical taste.

So, i won't go into the whole plot, because for the life of me I can't remember what happened when - but I loved Sam setting off the car alarm and then saying "sorry, restless leg syndrome" and the girl with the beating hearts in her cupcakes! Oh man, it's not often they ACTUALLY rescue someone. Seeing the aftermath was hilarious. 

I love after they see the bust get destroyed and Dean has that line about "Killing his mistress is one thing, but destroying the man's commemorative bust? That's low." Or whatever the line was exactly.

I loved how disgusted they were by the chicken feet that had gone off.

I also love Dean calling Bobby and saying, "Hey Bobby, it's Dean. *pause* Winchester!! *pause* ha ha very funny."

Bobby really should have given those directions to Sam.

And finally, I love Sam and Dean trying to play therapist in order to not be killed. Dean, I think, probably goes a little too far into the Savage Love realm of relationship therapy. 

The bees were a little TOO fake looking, especially on the long shot, but whatever - I'll forgive the show it's low budget for VFX.

And finally, I love that they don't kill the witches. Hopefully no one complains about that, because it isn't the first time they've HAD to let a witch go...and each time it's been an 800+ year old witch that was just too powerful for them to defeat.

Oh, little historian quibble - by the 1400s, everyone knew that the world was round...at least, anyone half-way educated. That's a common myth about Columbus - he wasn't laughed at for thinking the world was round, he was laughed at for thinking that it was much smaller than it is. If he hadn't found Central America, he and his whole crew would have starved to death.

Anyway, I also love the fact that Don Stark saves them at the end. When the Leviathan showed up, I was like "Oh shit! How are they going to get out of this one!" and then bam! Haha, witch to the rescue! They should befriend him and keep him around - handy. I also loved his line of "Ewww, what's that?!" and Sam/Dean saying "I guess we better find out."

So, a witch saves their lives not once, but twice in quick succession! And then gives them a leviathan to throw into a bottomless pit somewhere...so they're going to take it to Bobby, because apparently he might have something like that? I have no idea. I think they should keep it in the trunk, not the backseat, myself.

Finally, I like Sam trying to get Dean to talk at the end. I love Dean's line "The lindburgh baby, my fault! No jobs - my bad!" Haha, oh Dean, you break my heart yet make me laugh. 

I love how the parallel monster story to Sam and Dean's story this week is about a marriage with poor communication. Homoerotic undertones again there boys...and they're not so much undertones.

I loved Sam's "I want to strangle him so bad right now" look at the very end.

But yeah, Sam and Dean are going to have to have it out soon, or Dean's going to give himself cirrhosis.

All in all, and amusing MOTW with nice tidbits of the myth-arc. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I'm sure I missed talking about a ton! So let me know if there's anything vital that you want to talk about in comments!! 
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