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My Physiotherapist Is Hot (AKA: Still More Good News Than Bad News)

Bad news:

1) My ankle bones/ligaments aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing, and I need physiotherapy twice a week for the next two weeks, and then once a week after that for an unknown length of time.

2) I cannot afford this.

Good News:

1)My physiotherapist is HOT. His name is Sam, and he's very attractive...and he really likes the new pens that he bought at Staples...and he makes adorable thinky-faces while he holds my foot against his hip and massages my ligaments.

2)I get to see him twice a week for the next two weeks and then once a week for an unknown length of time after that.

Bad News:

3)I didn't shower before my appointment.

Good News:

3) I DID shave my legs and cut my toe-nails (seriously, if you know me, you know this was a big deal)...and I also wore one of my favourite tops and put on make-up. So, you know, not bad, considering.

4) I can totally shower next week, now that I know there's something worth showering for. I can also wear my good jeans.

5) I get to have a good looking man put his good looking hands all over my ankle for the foreseeable future - this is more action than I usually see all year.

PS: Sorry for spamming you today. I haven't even done my rewatch post yet! Man, where does the time go when it's not around here?

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