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More Good News and Bad News

Bad News:

1) After years of opening plastic cheese packages by stabbing them with a knife - I finally slipped and stabbed a finger instead.

Good News:

1) Because I donated to his Ride to Conquer Cancer, Kevin Parks (1st AD on Supernatural) had sent me bandages and alcohol wipes in the mail in August. So, thanks to Kevin Parks, I was able to sterilize AND bandage my wound. :)

2) I have a 5 month work contract for Nov. 1st! So, yay! I will be employed and making money again! (for 5 months)

Bad News:

2) The work contract is with the old company, that frequently jerked me around on hours, and makes me wait a month and a half for my paycheques - so I won't actually see any money until January, and there's no telling how much money it'll actually be.

Good News:

3) I think my ankle is getting better without physiotherapy. So, that'll save me some time and money. My doctor said not to do anything that hurt, but I remember when I pulled a tendon in my shoulder as a kid, they told me that I had to keep moving my arm even if it hurt, or else I'd lose movement. So, I've been basically been doing the opposite of my doctor's advice, and it seems to be working. Perhaps I am insane, but *shrug*.

4) It's a gorgeous weekend here in Vancouver. :) 
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